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  1. Thanks for that. Will get a new one.
  2. Whenever I ride my bike fuel is escaping from the breather pipe and down through the cable tidy rubber onto the crank cases. What can i do to prevent it ? The evo cap looks a similar design to my rev 3 and 4 cap and they never did this. I read a previous post and someone suggested a one way valve. Ive looked and because the inner diameter of the breather pipe is 3mm no valve ive seen is small enough. Its going to ruin the paint on my engine if it persists. Could the cap be faulty ? Would a longer pipe with a higher loop above the cap prevent this ? Could i even run a longer pipe down to near the swing arm where the carb overflows exit or would this cause syphoning ? I see beta sell a billet cap with an upwards rather than side exiting breather. Anybody know what diameter pipe fits on these. You can buy one way nipples for off road bikes but they fit 6mm hose. Any ideas ?
  3. Hi there Evo has equal spacers. At least mine does.
  4. Been speaking to one of my trials mates who says the 09 models suffered from caliper failure. The symptoms of which sound exactly like mine i.e. Gradual loss of braking during the ride. Lampkins typically replaced his.
  5. Anybody know what size torque socket fits the two bolts on the rear calliper ? Ive just ordered some torque keys and am just hoping one of them fits. Why aren't they just hex head ?
  6. Oh my god. Just priced up the cost of caliper kit and master cylinder kit and it is £45.
  7. Hi there. Yes it is tight between the bearings.
  8. I think the same. Will do just that. Thanks
  9. Thanks for that information. Pedal was set correctly and plenty of space left in resevoir so I'm not sure its that. What do you think about the pistons ? Should they retract equally into the caliper ?
  10. When I torque the rear axle to the recommend torque the wheel on my 09 250 evo just seems too tight and doesn't spin free. I read somewhere that sometimes the inner spacer between the bearings is often too big. Would this possibly be the case with mine ? When I slacken off the torque it spins fine. Any ideas ?
  11. Been having trouble with my rear brake on my 09 250. It just seems to lose braking power the longer I ride. Ive cleaned the disc, pads don't seem contaminated and have 3mm depth. Wheel won't even lock despite it doing so at the start of the ride. I re bled the brake. New fluid. Piston on right side of calliper doesn't seem to want to compress all the way back into calliper when compressed. Left one compresses almost flush with face of inner calliper. Is this normal or should they both slide back into the calliper equally? Disc sits between pads well but it looks like its the left side that's doing most of the work. Any ideas ?
  12. For anybody who is interested, the elf oil is Elf Htx 740 75w. Apparently its very good.
  13. Still nobody has said which elf oil it is. Anybody know?
  14. Thanks for the info. Mine is an 09
  15. I had spent well over an hour searching this topic before posting. I wish I had more time to do so. Couldn't find the answer I wanted regarding elf so I subsequently posted.Does anybody know which elf oil it is ?
  16. Bought my 250 evo 2t a month ago. Clutch and gears were working sweetly until I did my first oil change. Now gear selection is a nightmare. I don't know what oil was in there but it was clearly a lot better than what ive put in. I put in Putolene 75w light gear oil and i'm thinking this could be the root of my problem. I filled the oil to the middle of the sight glass. I've been told that Elf oil is very good in Beta Evo's. Does anybody know which Elf oil this is ? I haven't done any clutch fix mod and I don't see the need to do so either if it is working well on the previous oil.
  17. Furthermore, you will be helping me fit the new frame when it does crack. Your garage has more space. Tell your wife I like my tea strong.
  18. ZacMany thanks for that info. Very helpfull.
  19. I've warned you before Galvin. My dog has sharp teeth!
  20. Just bought myself a 2009 Evo. Bike has hardly been ridden and is on original tyres and sprockets. Checked with lampkins and it is still on the original frame. Lampkins reassured me that they would still replace frame if it did crack as they would the swing arm too. Due to recent injury (I thought I wouldnt ride again to be honest) this bike will have very light use from me. Was just wondering how high is the chance of my frame being faulty and where did the frames use to break ? I read an old post which suggested that it was mainly the top riders who are heavy on their bikes that had the problems but others suggest it was more common. Just wanted to know peoples thoughts. I know people are going to say why not just buy a 2010 or newer but this bike is like new and was just too good to turn down for the money. Gareth
  21. It hasn't broken off. It looks like it's been removed. From my memory of my other betas, the nipple swivels and probably has a collar or flange at the bottom. Mine must have been pulled off. You can see the spring loaded bit from the top. The guy who had my bike previously had not been a good owner.
  22. Thanks for the information. Very helpful and well explained. I've only got deionized water as coolant at the moment. It does look like two stroke but I can't understand why there is so much of it. I'm sure my problem is my inability to set up the dellorto carb. I'm use to Mikuni and amal carbs with air screws. I may drain the coolant and look if its contaminated. I'm wondering if deionized water evaporates quicker than proper coolant and that is why I have minimal loss in the coolant. Any ideas?
  23. Thanks for that information
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