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  1. Yes they were loose. I was paranoid about tightening the bolt into the swingarm spindle and over tightening. Looking at the photo of the end of the spindle in the frame, should I have maybe tapped it in further before tightening up everything? It seemed to have an end point when I tapped it in ?
  2. Here are some photos showing the gap. Note it is only on one side nearest the frame.
  3. Just reassembled my swingarm after greasing all the linkages etc. I'm just wondering if I'm either missing a part or have put it in the wrong sequence. On the left sprocket side of the swingarm I can see a small 2mm gap between the edge of the swingarm and the frame and can see the swingarm bolt. There is no sideways play in the swingarm. On the gasgas parts diagram I downloaded there is a bush. When I took the bike apart this white plastic bush was seated in the frame I.e. It would be inserted onto the swingsrm bolt before the bolt is put through the frame and swing arm. Is this correct or should this bushing be on the swingarm side of the frame ? Or is this 2mm gap supposed to be there between swingarm and frame ? Your help would be appreciated. Gareth
  4. I'm going to buy a bolt to help align my swing arm bolt. I see you made up one. I measured the bolt which inserts into the spindle as m14 but I'm unsure as to the pitch. Is it 1.5 or 2.0 ? Regards Gareth
  5. Hi kev Finally got some time to spend on the bike. Stripped carb, cleaned and reassembled with clean air filter. Needle type and position was as you described. Unscrewed fuel screw half a turn and engine now sounds sweet. Thanks ever so much for your advice. Gareth
  6. Thanks for all the responses. I'll do two single pipes. Are they breather or overflow pipes ?
  7. Thanks for that. I thought it was missing something.
  8. Just removed my carb for a strip and rebuild on my 08 250 txt pro. Its got an overflow / breather pipe in the choke side about 2" long. On the other side is a spiggot which looks like a pipe should be on it but there isn't. Should there be a pipe or not. I'm worried water etc could enter the carb if the pipe isn't on the other side. Any ideas ?
  9. I had a rtx 125. I bought it new in 1997 for £999. I can still remember it arriving in a van. I thought it handled better than my ty175 which it replaced. But the engine was not great. There was an odd little clutch adjuster cover cap which always use to ping off. I would try and keep it original. If it keeps your kids interested then even better !!
  10. Yes I saw that. They are not in the UK. I'm not paying £20.00 postage for a plug costing £3.00. Cant see any uk sellers
  11. Well I never. I had no idea rim plugs existed. Cant seem to buy them in the UK. Anybody know where I can get them from here ?
  12. Just picked up a 2008 gas gas 250. Delighted to see old owner had kindly fitted a new X11. Gutted then to see that he had also drilled the rim and fitted a rim lock and tube. I'm guessing he had leaky rim tape and couldn't be bothered to fix it. I want to go back to tubeless as I find tubed tyres a real faff. But I'm left with a hole in the rim. I could try a chemical metal repair (pb weld) but I'm wondering if rim flex would just ping it off ? Or I could put a 2nd valve in the hole to replace the rim lock. Any suggestions ? Also where do you find the rim tape for tubless rear wheels which hasn't got the built in valve? Seems dapht to spend £25 on a built in valve and rim tape if I then have to put another hole in I for the second valve.
  13. Hi kev Oh I see. So I need to screw the fuel screw it in to the end point and then unscrew half a turn. Is that right ? Gareth
  14. It is a dellorto. Will try the air screw and needle position over the weekend. Thanks for all your help. Hope it works. Gareth
  15. Nice one. Thanks. If its the other carb what should that one be ? I'm in work sadly so cant check.
  16. Thanks for that. I will give it a go. Bike seems totally standard. What about the needle position? I'm in Cardiff so no altitude.
  17. Yes there is a lot of clutch chatter which disappears with lever pulled in. But this noise is not that.
  18. Thanks for your reply. That was my thought. I'm going to strip the carb and clean the air filter. What is the rough air screw and needle position for this bike ?
  19. Just picked up this bike. Seems to have a knocking / plonking sound when the revs fall after it has been revved. It doesn't get it at idle or on the increase of revs. It appears just before the revs fall close to idle after high revs. Just put new petrol in and drained old petrol out of tank. I'm just going through the bike before I take it out for its first spin. Any ideas what this knocking is ? Air mixture? Air leak ? Or mechanical noise ?
  20. Hi there I severed my acl, pcl and mcl simultaneously whilst on my trials bike. IM also a theatre nurse who works in orthopaedics. I wear the donjoy armour brace when i ride. Brace gives great protection to collateral and crucia ligaments. It gives me great confidence to ride as i wouldn't want to go through 3 knee reconstructions again. I would pay £120 and see an orthopaedic consultant privately. You will hop the queue quicker. Don't bother with glucosamine as there is no evidence to prove that taking it orally will get into your knee. Save your money.
  21. I never had any success with caustic soda. I used to throw the front pipe of my rev 3 on the fire outside. Burnt out all the carbon beutifully. Wouldn't risk it on my evo as the mid section is integral.
  22. Sounds like a faulty fuel cap. Mine did exactly the same. I bought the billet racing tap from beta and problem sorted. There is a little spring valve in the standard cap which can either jam open and leak or jam shut and not allow gas flow. Hope this helps.
  23. Maybe njb sent you the wrong bushes to match your bike. I recently restored a mh123 and had the same problem. In motion sent me new bushes. Could also be the powder coat is too thick. I had to sand down my lugs post coating to get the bushes to fit.
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