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  1. Heya mate welcome too the forum. I had one when I was younger and it always happened with me. The problems we found was that the crank used to fill with fuel d thats why its such a b*tch to start. Like you said hold the throttle open kick a good few times and always eventually starts, thats what we had to do every bloody time lol. But thats there only dawn fall. hope that helps
  2. alex

    My Honda Rtl

    Thats a minter
  3. Thank-you buddy. Bit off topic but I read Stephan Murray's Blog this evening, and I know its no where near as bad, but it has inspired me to get back out there and make an impact. http://www.myspace.com/murraystrong http://www.lat34.com/bmx/stephen_murray_updates and his song dedicated to him. http://collect.myspace.com/music/popup.cfm...dAWqR19o3/lC1xU YDpYMXptXOgcz cDNwlGGgfCl DJ2f7vG39BlA==d=MzIxODk4ODgzXjEyMDcxNDI1ODU= Check it out.
  4. lol sorry, it's not easy typing with a cast on lol
  5. cheers for the advice Its just that my confidence has gone out the door and I had 10 weeks in plaster for my leg and now this But shall think about it after I come out of plaster, but also im just not interested anymore which is the saddest thing because I used to love my trials, but I donno lol
  6. game. Thursday night me and a few friends where out playing football and my mate kicked the ball good high, anyway being a rugby player I went to catch it. Too cut a long story short, ive broken my thumb. Im now possibly considering quiting trials dew to I have my exams in a few weeks and will be starting work and after breaking my leg ive lost interest. So not sure what too do at the moment. So im out for a further 4 weeks, soo keep your eyes open western centre riders for a new observer lol. cheers Alex
  7. As title says ^^^ Can you kind people post pics up of your Scorpa's?? And has anybody got any nice pics of a well modded 175cc??
  8. ALEX HALL :D:D:D only joking
  9. a cheers for the information
  10. Has anyone got any photos of Alexz Wigg on his new montesa TRW machine???
  11. alex

    Yes Finally

    YYYEEEEESSSSSSS Had the cast off monday and all is looking good
  12. alex

    Yes Finally

    Cheers mate, well I hope that it all goes well for myself lol
  13. alex

    Yes Finally

    Yes finally some light!! Hopefully my cast comes off on Monday after having The bad news off my Leg being in cast for a further 3 weeks after being iin cast for 6 weeks!! Hopeing to be riding the Hurran Trial on the 13th on the eassy route (gunna build my confidence back up to the top and be riding against my mates again on the expert route ) Fingers crossed
  14. Well not nesaseraly This topic has every right as does other topics As you can see there are pictures out there of Dougie on his new beta and all he wanted to know is where could he find the pics
  15. Mr. R2W i'll give you a call when im out of cast and maybe we could go out practicing so I can get my confidence back And get some serious "snaps" (pics)
  16. I used to ride, but not competivly just around town and up the local quarry:D
  17. Ive got some filthy pics but I think they wouldn't be suitabe for this forum
  18. Sounds good kinell I wish I did Na I got a laptop instead lol ummmm mak sure you get some pics up of him ridin it soon
  19. Has anyone got a pic of the GasGas or Beta trucks?
  20. That looks like a cracking piece of land
  21. HAHAHAHAHA Heath sounds as if you gettin ripped hehe Camp mama thanks for the pics
  22. You scare me r2w hahahahaha Im going to the NEC tomorrow for the international bike show in a wheel chair hehehe
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