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  1. Hi, looking at possibly using this setup and just want to confirm that you mean you have the same bak rak/DC bike rack setup as the original poster and it works fine with a trials bike, cheers
  2. Generally the spokes will never be airtight. It is all about fitting the rim tape properly. The video in the link below should be of help http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sAD6l0ORVg
  3. Scorpa I would presume is the brand in question.
  4. paddyrfc

    Rear Tyre

    I had the same problem. I cleaned the rim to within an inch of its life and fitted the new tape using plenty of soapy water and problem solved. I have added two links which I found useful. My link My link
  5. Haventrialsport Good website, just cross check some prices if they seem high.
  6. Trials Ireland Cover the Southern Ireland trials scene more so than the North but still a good place to gather info on whats happening with posts from north and south
  7. I always take a few turns that are not needed when I am close to home just incase, only adds about two mins onto the trip home but a very easy way to see if you have any company.
  8. I always rock mine back and forth in top gear with the clutch disengaged to seperate the clutch plates before riding. I was use 10w oil in the gearbox and everything works perfectly.
  9. Im not sure about the Model but the brand is Gaerne. I would say all of the online shops would stock them that or Ebay. http://www.gaerne.com/
  10. I had the same problem. I found the problem was with the master cylinder. The bore that the piston sits in had little grooves worn into it so it wouldnt seal or push the fluid down fully to the slave cylinder. It was weeping at the rubber boot on the cylinder. I replaced the unit and problem solved. I use gasgas gear oil by Rock Oil in the gear box and find it works very well. As cheap as ATF aswell. Hope you get sorted soon.
  11. Cant find it listed as been on Live. Where did see the listing. Thanks
  12. I removed it, but not on purpose
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