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A Blast From The Past, 1982 Scottish 6 Day Trial Pictures.


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Deep breath, here goes...

1 No. 95 - could be the model 198B 250cc Bultaco of Walter Dalton?

2 No image!

3 Bernie Schreiber SWM

4 Giles Burgat 212 Fantic

5 Charles Coutard 340 Bultaco

6 Bernie Schreiber again!

7 Yrjo Vesterinen 340 Bultaco

8 Eddie Lejeune 360 Honda

9 As caption!

10 As caption

11 Colin Sagar (Uncle of Tom Sagar) 320 Majesty Yamaha

12 Mark Holland - Fantic

13 Martin Lampkin 280 SWM

14 Alan "Sid" Lampkin 280 SWM

15 John Lampkin 310 CCM

16 John Lampkin again!

17 A.N. Gardner South Liverpool 125 Fantic

18 Steve saunders (I think) 340 Bultaco

19 Malcolm Rathmell 349 Montesa

20 Nigel Birkett 240 Fantic

21 Ady Morrison 156 Fantic

22 Martin Lampkin having a spot of bovver!

23 Bloke on a Gori, definately NOT Dave Hooke or John Hulme

24 Eddie Lejeune again!

25 Steve Saunders 340 Bultaco

26 John Reynolds 349 Montesa

27 A.N Gardner again!

28 Repeat of 27

29 Malcolm Rathmell again!

31 Could be Coutard again?

Hope this helps!

All very clever Big John but can you name all the locations?

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GORI 1982:

No.16 Paul Sagar?

No. 26 A Puckrose

No31 Tony Calvert (def. not him)

No. 127 J. Kelly

John Hulme rode No. 213 but its deffo not him..

224 Frank McMullen, seriously not him!

249 was Hooky

Big John

As we all know SSDT programmes are not an infallible guide to rider/bike identity. Could the Gori man be a very young Sandy Mack? I seem to remember the Services using Gori at one point.

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1 West end Car Park........

2 Not Certain

3 Kentallen

4 Ben Nevis

5 Kentallen

6 Achlain Farm (not certain)

7 Kentallen

8 Kentallen

9 West end Car Park........

10 West end Car Park........

11 Ben Nevis

12 don't know where that's taken

13 Achlain Farm

14 Ben Nevis

15 Achlain Farm

16 Ben Nevis

17 West end Car Park........

18 Achlain Farm

19 Achlain Farm

20 Achlain Farm

21 Kentallen

22 Kentallen

23 Achlain Farm

24 Achlain Farm

25 Achlain Farm

26 Ben Nevis

27 Ben Nevis

28 Ben Nevis

29 Kentallen

30 Ben Nevis

31 Ben Nevis

Might be wrong but its a fair stab..... murder when all you have to go on is geology

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Now then, this is one for Snr. Greeves, look at that Bultaco that bike is now in the possession of a certain AGB!

The carb is a big give-away, its a mark 2 Amal, that's a 250cc Bultaco Model 198B, very few of those made!! I believe that it is currently not for sale, may swap for a nice 340 maybe?

Big John

I didn't realise the 198b was so rare.I had one,twice.Sold it then bought it back the sold it again.It resides in East Kilbride at the moment I think.

It had a mk2 amal,box section swing arm and frame rear rails stop at the mudguards and don't join up behind the seat.Am I right enough in thinking it was A 198b John?

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Paul Sagar


I'd go for that no 'phone a friend' (cus I don't have any) ... final answer ... yes get the farq on with it....

Not sure - doesn't look like him. Pauls only about 43 or 44 now isn't he? So would have been about 19 then, unless he's been lying to me. Looks older than that on the photo. If he's in tomorrow I'll nip over, lives across the road.

Mind you, Colin doesn't look like him either, but I can just about picture him in there :shutup:

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