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50 Years Of Bultaco


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Does that mean in some strange way we are all funding the contents of the batcave ? ;)

Now there's a valid point, I think this warrants a proper government styleee investigation, ie what's in it for me!!! As nationalised assets, I'll have the Bultos and a Matchless, Paul you can take your pick afterwards. I think we'd have to follow giudance and return them to proper ownership once conditions are more favourable....I'll get my learned friend Mr Brown to advise us on this one, (I've written to him this week already so another letter won't take long...I know his address!!!!) :rotfl:

Not at all...the Batcave is privately funded, all bought and paid for.... you are merely supporting my current employer!

Big John

Yup, we knew the shareholders would protest but you will get a minimal return even though your response and salvage plan were Virgin on the rediculous........ you can still look at the pictures..... :moon::P

Obviously OTF and I will expect delivery at your earliest opportunity, failing that we'll see you in Kinlochleven

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Hi all

New to trials central would just like to add pics of my newly restored 199a was a nail when i bought her. It as taken me 2 years to rebuild her not exactly as she left factory but the way i like .Every part refurbed or replaced done about 8 trials since pictures taken



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