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Attn All Tc Riders


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If you are a TC regular and are riding this years SSDT or you want to see a TC regular on film this year I need to know names and rider numbers. I know some folks by name and have met a few at previous events but I don't know you all by real names.

If you let me have your number I'll try and make sure you make the 2009 video.



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its not a question of being mad enough! I spent all the money I saved in a spiral of SSDT rejection depression! anyone want to sponsor me? :blink:


Get lost !!

you have just been offered a place in the SSDT and your talking about cashflow

credit card ? Bank Loan ? sell your car sell your house whatever

c'mon tom get ya finger out

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Hello John,

Please can you grab some footage of Ian Braithwaite, he's a Cumbrian lad who lives in NZ and is number 170, taken over another lad's entry who had pulled out, I'm pretty sure he is the only "Kiwi" riding this year.

Thanks, PeterB.

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Number 31 riding a visa/mastercard/halifax/bank of scotland/mams piggy bank/Gas Gas

get number 30 as well

there are no prizes for getting either of us with our feet down, any muppet with camera can catch that shot :huh:

Agree! I want one totally trashed!

Best of luck Baldi! :blink:

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