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Tyre Choice


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Time for a new rear on the 225 Pro, I've used the usual X11 and its well past its due date, just wondered whether Its worth going for the X Light version at a 10er more? I ride badly on the clubman route, mostly in muddy woodland sections, very rarely rocks if that makes and difference. Thought about the IRC as theyre meant to be better in mud?? But apparently they wear quicker than the x11 and I'm quite tight.. Any opinions ?

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X lite great grip, but like gj said poor side walls removed mine due to all the punctures, but we do have lots of rocks in the north might not be a problem for you.

IRC never used anything else on my 04 gasser grip well even after losing the edge, but on the 2011 the bloody thing wont stay up when riding, had to fit a tube.

I will be going for a X11 next time unless the IRCs get sorted.

Hope this helps a little. I'm a very average clubman rider who just gets out to have fun on a bike with the lads and flat tyres tend to ruin that.

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I think the X light is great for our Welsh hillsides/woodlands, it's far more grippier than my old x11. Not had any rim slip issues on mine [2012 txt] - they are soft though and no doubt i'll get a puncture after hyping them up :stoned:^_^

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The issue is not with IRC but is with the actual rims used is what I've heard from a few people .

The tyres are the same as they have always been.

I always use IRC but have a X-Lite on atm (come on bike as new) and will look to put an IRC on when it needs changing

IRC : great grip, good wear, unbeatable in mud

X-Lite : feels like it's spinning and losing grip but actually keeps gripping. Feels like its moving around too much (IMO)

X11 : good all round choice if you have a new Gasser rim that the IRC wont sit on.

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The new IRC is 4mm larger in diameter. A friend bought a new one n measured it against the old one and new X11.

Absolute rubbish about rims, X11 n Dunlop all are ok but IRC seat n stay up until you impact them. Dealer told me mate it would be ok on his rim yet he took it back as it went flat twice at a trial.

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