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If It Ain't Broke....?


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What happened to pages 2-9. Did I miss another rant to set Sting in motion. He started off really good, somewhere, someone, or something ruined his day. For some reason six hours of riding does not set well with some people! By the way, check out the mototrial us website on friday the 1st of march for a new USA website!

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I'd like to nominate "Sting32" to run the NATC

Sure, but I think some people wont like it, what ya think?

I rant on, because I spend quite a bit of time trying to argue the 40 or so posts, in one post. The old dogs, think no stop is the answer, that has been proven since before the 90's that it was WORST time in trials judging history.

you have to take away the "I dunno, I think he didnt stop" out of the judges descretion, because if I ride the section, he knows who I am, and hates what I posted here, he'll "judgement" that I get a 5, meanwhile Belair, whom is loved by all, will get the clean.

It is totally bull snipe. FIM wont take long to figure it out, meanwhile we have to find a way to make non "professional" let alone paid Observers, try to get a "handle" on, "oh shoot, is that a stop, or was that a stop?" can you imagine how many hours the movie will have to be, to even attempt to show even 1/10th of the possibilities an observer might see in a trials today?

Watch this one, 10 minutes of your life "training" aint bad,


I didnt watch the whole thing yet.... But seems to have what, about 5 -10 different, of "thousands" needed examples. PS use a stop watch, I did on the first 3 "examples, It changed the short ride time by .5 seconds max... "insert toilet flushing sound effects" yep, them queues are emptying by themselves aint they.... :popcorn:

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What happened to pages 2-9. Did I miss another rant to set Sting in motion. He started off really good, somewhere, someone, or something ruined his day. For some reason six hours of riding does not set well with some people! By the way, check out the mototrial us website on friday the 1st of march for a new USA website!

Nope Lineaway, I have 2 post in this thread (well now 3) and they all show.

Reading your post, about missing pages, I'm wondering if people got all upset, with how I put it? using Martin as an example of "those on that side" from now on Ill just refer to a "non existing" entity called 'oldfanatic&martinnor anyone_elsewontstop' instead.

Apologies to Martin, and others, if he/they felt I desecrated him, where I felt I was just being illustrative without repeating 5 or more member's that are parroting the same side of this debate... I guess I watch too much MSNBC, lol. But I'm not here to report the news of this debacle, I was here to shout out my opinion of this debacle.

I have to admit, I am preetty much "not on the fence" about no-stop, if you cant tell. It is frustration that gets me to type badly.

I miss the "H E Double toothpicks" out of Lane not posting, & Ringo, I guess that is why I'll get on here a few times a week, and flame on. I think it gives people a chance to raise this to a fevered pitch that people will be tuning in to see what will be said next, maybe even stir the pots everywhere. This is because I still visit many web-forums, that have been around longer than this, and well, you know we can get preeeety raunchy beating up on each other... I'll try to tone that down a notch.

HOWEVER, for 5 or more years, since they kicked (what the heck was his hande on here (lane Leavitt?) this site was BOORING as heck, now we got some fire or glow, back on the topics' lists.... Monty Python's "I'd like to have an arguement please" skit, is my cell ring back ring tone as well.

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Anyone else miss Lane and Ringo?

Sorry those guys left while I was away from the board.

I'll put my .000002 cents in.

Trials isn't an American sport.


So is 2 guys in a cage beating the snot out of each other.

Quads are very popular (no discussion of no-stop there!)

Off-road motorcycles?

Travis Pastrana!

There's no point in expressing my opinion about whether trials should move in the direction of the above, but as long as we value finesse over big crashes, Trials will own a very small slice of the motorcycle pie.

I guess there's value in trying to improve the size of the slice and spread the trials gospel...I sure do...I just converted an Enduro guy, but he can't find a bike within 50 miles!

I love trials so much, I start thinking it's like ice cream...if you've never had it, you're GUARANTEED to love it...how could you not?

Guess what...most people don't.

Where's the seat?

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If we could get some actual Brick and Mortar dealerships with bikes on hand that may help with exposure.

Think of Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, etc.. There is a dealership relatively close to just about anybody. Or it is "well known" enough that people would travel to it. You can buy one of the bikes that are right there in stock. right now if you want a trials bike, it gets ordered, and we wait for it to be imported and wait and wait and wait and wait.............

GasGas and Beta are making good Enduro bikes as well as the trials machines. Have seen both around. Most trials manufacturers do have a range of other bikes available. So if some of these established dealers would pick up a new brand or two that would help and then have a trials bike parked alongside the enduro machines etc.......

but which one of the established dealers wants to be the first to take the risk?

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I'm gonna sound like a pyramid scam here but if each of us gets another person involved in trials each year we will grow. The difference is that its not a scam you're selling.... its fun... I can't count the number of people that I have taken under my wing. Ask your self.... who is your guy/gal? Who have you mentored? Who have you lent a bike to? Have you ever dropped off flyers at that brick and mortar bike shop who has only "heard" about trials? What are you doing differently today? It takes 10 seconds to put a flyer up at your local grocery while you're there.

I challenge every one who reads this post to try 1 thing this week to get another person involved.


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There have been several discussions recently on web forums about trials that got me thinking and I would like to share an idea, get some feedback, and if others think it is a viable idea, help make it happen. Here's the thing: I enjoy going for dual-sport rides and I enjoy trials competition, so, if I could do both at the same time, that would be great and if there were organized events, I could. The basic idea is to create a new (new in the USA anyway) form of trials competition (Trial-Sport) that is road-based instead of on a closed course. The stage is already set and it would take very little work to make it happen--I think anyway. What I'm thinking is we could run trials events in conjunction with established Dual-Sport and/or Adventure rides on street legal motorcycles. The observed sections would be in the off-road areas along the route. There could be classes for all sizes of motorcycles and skill levels (three motorcycle weight classes and three skill levels within each weight class) so anyone currently riding in these events could compete in the trials portion of the event if they desired or just ride the route if that's what they want to do.

To the best of my knowledge, we have never had road-based trials events in the USA--there may have been one or two somewhere along the line--I don't know for sure. Anyway, our current trials events and the bikes have evolved on a closed course system. This has made the motorcycles very specialized to the point they aren't much good for anything but trials competition. That's fine and I don't want to change that--I really enjoy my 4RT. For road-based events however, the bikes will have to be street legal, somewhat comfortable to ride, and could be used for other purposes. All the Dual-Sport and Adventure bikes could compete and the newest generation of extended ride trials bikes (maybe we could start calling them Trial-Sport bikes) would have a purpose in life too. And if someone wanted to ride their street legal trials bike for 100+ miles, they could.

There are of course many other things to cover, but as I said, the stage is set, the events are there, the bikes are there, and we can make it happen if there is enough interest--let's talk about it. This is basically our opportunity to take trials back to its roots, change the direction a bit and let it evolve.

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You could be on to something there. I know dual sport rides in Wisconsin generally max out their allowed sign up numbers often well over 100 riders and many to all of the riders have off road competition history ,so yeah in some of the hero sections have scoring done most likely in peer groups and have some separate awards. Maybe just a few age group categories at first. I will contact people I know to see what they think.

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A buddy of mine and me have been discussing doing this for a couple of years,have a great loop possible right around where I live,but I have been dragging ass on getting my Kawasaki Super Sherpa running right(doesn't help I went out and bought a KLX250s) and he sold his Sherpa.I think gearing the events towards Super Sherpa/XT225/XT250 bikes will work good,some sort of detriment to the Reflex guys would be required I think,maybe 30 miles Interstate right in the middle?Separate class for Reflex/plated TY250's? Require Kenda 270 type tires?

Probably have to ride in groups and self-score.Maybe carry markers and set up the sections on the fly.

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Allright then--let's get this party started. The idea is to run these events in conjunction with Dual-Sport and/or Adventure rides to maximize participation and to add an element of competition to these rides. The sections would need to be layed out with these types of motorcycles in mind and designed to be challenging and safe. I have a rough plan for class structure and section layout, but, the first thing to do is to find a club willing to take on the first event. If there is anyone out there willing to help get Trial-Sport up and running, let me know and I'll help however I can.

There are any number of ways to handle scoring and it really depends on the stature of the event on how casual or structured the scoring is. For a casual club event peer scoring would be fine; however, for a national level event there should be checkers at each section. This can all be worked out later.

northernorm, please let us know what your friends think.

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