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2016 Jotagas


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Kinda like celebrities who continue to change their names in an effort to redefine themselves. 



you mean like prince who is now known as the artist formally known as prince. I have refrained from using P!$$ in front of artist but to be quite honest he was known to be a pain in the ass.

maybe he should team up with jotagas or the artists formally known as jotagas .

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After an agonising 9 month wait, I collected my bike from the airport last week. I was disappointed to see the formula front brakes and Dellorto carb, this was supposed to be the racing model.

I have just climbed off my 2014 Gas Gas racing and was ready to hate this bike, problem is, this bike is a lot better....




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Who would hold stocks of spares? Want something in August? Got a warranty item need doing whose going to help with that?


I see the point about importers but there is a case for there need to.


In my opinion in the trials scene a factory should be able to take care of that. The factory has the parts (or else the importer doesnt get them aswell). Warranty issues can be dealed with by an agent from the factory. Most things can be solved trough the web, and couriers can take stuff within days. Its a different setup, but I think importers are not needed if you got dealers. I would say have importers for USA etc, and see europe as one ''area'' with dealers in each country. (I even dont need a dealer, if I can get the parts online straight from the factory).


But if you have almost more people working in the pipeline from factory to costumer, than produced bikes, the system doesnt work imo. 1st step is get them bikes!

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