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Where Do You Keep Your Car Keys?


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In my zipped pants pocket,


If you google 'magnetic key box' for a few quid you can buy a magnetic box that you put keys in.


Alternatively attach a small hook to your keys and hang them off the suspension coil behind a wheel.


A problem with leaving them in the car i.e. under the seat, is that if for some unknown reason your central locking decides to lock itself you are stuffed

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After hiding my wallet, mobile phone, iPad and Rolex in the glove box, I put the key above the sun visor, last place people would look. Then when I am finished it's a simple code 1234 to deactivate the tracker and I'm off home.


What could possibly go wrong

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I have painstakenly created a vehicle of terror and placed all of my worldly posessions in the middle. unfortunately more times than not one of my vehicles or its enabling devices end up in a womans restroom or hanging from a tree so it realy never pans out for me.


PS. Keep your ride away from the pranksters.

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I shove mine up under my 4WD somewhere, like hanging off a shackle grease nipple, exhaust mount bolt, under the bullbar, something like that.  That said, I highly doubt anyone would touch my vehicle at an event without a lot of people noticing.

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