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Where Do You Keep Your Car Keys?


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I have to say i am paranoid about losing my car keys whilst out riding. Up to now they usually get left by the wheel of my car but looking at brightly coloured dry bags and lanyards. Any other suggestions or am i the only one that worries about this?

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After hiding my wallet, mobile phone, iPad and Rolex in the glove box, I put the key above the sun visor, last place people would look. Then when I am finished it's a simple code 1234 to deactivate the tracker and I'm off home.

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Either fanny pack if I am wearing it, or the pocket on my riding pants. I do not have any dedicated trials gear yet (other than helmet) so my MSR enduro pants have a cargo pockets I use. If I crash on that leg I am sure I will regret that lol. 

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