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Vodka to de-funk a helmet?

dan williams

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My latest experiment. Read it on-line (so you know it’s true). Spray helmet with vodka after a ride. So far it seems to work. Doesn’t degrade the foam and is readily available. No information yet if  expensive vodka works better or if flavored makes for a better smelling helmet. Lemon might be nice.

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On those two day events where an evening campfire is the norm, make sure you store the helmet well away from the fire.


I wonder if there is something particular to vodka that does this or if it is just the alcohol killing smelly things?

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Or sampling destroying my sense of smell? It’s mostly ethanol and water. Actually took a few outings to really reduce the stink but it is noticeably better. Something various detergents  didn’t do. It’s a real pain to get lab grade ethanol and the denatured stuff usually has acetone and other mystery stuff that can’t be good for styrofoam.

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