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Bought a new 17' factory 300! What does it need?


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6 hours ago, evoalien said:

If your in the States Beta trials support from Beta U.S.A is terrible!!!! Unless you ride A Beta enduro bike. I have been on Beta trials bikes since The Rev came out in 2000 and thought they were the best bikes out there, (not without their flaws). My last 2014 factory 300 was fantastic best bike I've ever ridden, however after waiting for a factory rear fender for over 6 months and waiting for several other items I could no longer put up with Beta U.S.a lack of caring. TRS is my new ride and if I break something Jim Snell has everything you need and it ships same day. Maybe Beta usa should take a note

Well I would have have to disagree with your assessment of the parts availabilty for Beta trials bikes in the US. In fact, I'm usually surprised that no matter what I order, they almost always have it in stock. Plus, the prices are usually quite reasonable on most items (OEM parts, NOT accessories. They do gouge on accessories). Even when I ordered a real oddball item that had to come from Italy, it arrived pretty quickly. I'm not sure what your specific situation was, but if the part is backordered from the factory, that's not the importer's fault, nor is there much they can do about it. I have also heard of Beta USA going above and beyond to help out customers or warranty something they didn't HAVE to. 

Regarding the fenders, I found they were brittle on the 2011 and earlier models, but I have yet to break one on the years since, and yes I have had my bike straight up and down, and the fender bent past 90 degrees, multiple times, and low and behold, they didn't break. Are they as flexible as the other brands? NO. Have they gotten better in recent years? I believe so based on my experiences.

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On 1/9/2018 at 7:17 PM, stpauls said:

My 2014 Evo had three new rear fenders (and a couple of fronts) in the year that I had it.  Expensive game.

On my Sherco, you can bend the rear fender into a loop without it breaking!  Same fender for 2 years now!

so are you saying the sherco is more crash friendly ?

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Been awhile since I've been on here!

I really think the fender thing is temperature dependent. Myself and two teenage boys all ride Evo's in Southern California and we haven't broken a fender in a few years. Plus I'm a dealer and I just don't hardly sell any fenders. Now if we rode where the temp was usually below 60 it might be an issue?

As for Beta USA and parts, if a part like a certain fender is back ordered with Italy not much they can do. I have seen it with a certain fender taking awhile. Beta kinda shoots them self in the foot  with each year being different and fenders coming with stickers. In those cases I just looked up what other year looked similar and went with that. Not perfect or ideal, but not a huge issue

Only had issues with stuff like that. Every other part that makes the bike go they always have! And I order parts a few times a week for customers. 

Beyond that ride and enjoy your 300! You can put whatever guards on you like. That's more of a personal thing. I would say just check the fender and muffler bolts often. 

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Chances are your rear fender won't survive a fall.  Almost every one in our club who riders Evos has broken their rear fender. They are made of just too hard of plastic.  Bosi makes a flexible rear replacement, which is also about $100, but then you'll have to buy new stickers if you want it to match.  I bought one, but since I put in a break away hinge on the original fender, my rear fender has survived two falls that simply broke the zip ties.  Works like a champ, looks good and can save you forking out $100+ for a new fender.  Some guys may get lucky and not break one, but most won't.  I chose to be a little proactive.


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Why don't you do what i did, turn the 2 piece fender into a one piece, then zap tie it on so it pops off rather than break off. I'm still on my 2013 fender on my 2016 evo 3004T, and i crash a lot. Remove the five bolts that hold the fender and airbox lid to the bike. Put two screw's, sideways into the hole of the airbox lid, (this makes it a one piece unit) make sure to trim about 4-5 mm off the bottom of the hole so the fender fits flush. You will need to use a shorter, lower bolt for the rear of the plastic lid that holds the air filter in place. Carry a 6 zap ties in your gear bag. I use one zap tie on the front holes, and can get one zap tie thru the rear hole beside the muffler (4t and 2T) Airbox is too close to the frame to slip one thru on the other side.  So in the end you have the 3 zap ties and under the fender the lip also helps hold it on. I also melt some hot glue into the top of the hole to prevent water dribbling in thru to the filter, (remember you had to cut the bottom of the airbox lid to go over that rear filter retaining bolt)

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I have a 2016 Factory that spends more time upside down bouncing down ravines than it does on it's wheels, and so far no mudguard issues.

Actually the first time I dropped it was at the top of a 50 foot embankment and the rear mudguard hooked under a tree root and stopped it near the bottom. Didn't break but was bent back 180 degrees.

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Thanks for all the replies!

I rode the bike the past 3 days. Here in in Western Wa we have some incredibly tight singletrack that I always knew a trials bike would be great on...and it was!

But I broke my front fender on a tree branch. The structural part attached to the fork tubes is fine just the front part of the fender tore off. I guess I'll go for a gas gas fenders based on everyone's recommendation. Where do you buy parts from for these machines? I can't find the "Rocky MTN atvmc" website of the trials world so I was just gonna go through the dealer...is there anywhere else to buy this stuff?

Thanks for all the info!!

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I agree about the fragility of the integrated plastic front fender brace, mine has cracked/sheared around both bolt holes on one side. This was only after a very minimal crash too! What worries me is that it now has pretty much zero structural effect in terms of keeping the forks together. Rather than buying a replacement Beta fender, I'm really interested in the Gas Gas replacement which has the aluminium brace but which model/year of Gas Gas fits please?

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Actually, I've just thought, considering that the actual fender itself is not broken,,,why not just fabricate a brace out of sheet aluminium to fit under the existing plastic brace? Or, even easier, would the Gas Gas brace fit under the Beta fender?

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The silly moulded plastic brace part of my '17 Beta front mudguard completely failed recently.

Deciding it was faster to self-repair rather than get parts in, I designed a 3mm sheet aluminium brace to go into the existing Beta guard. It took 3 revisions to get it close enough to right, but seems good now. I neglected to take photos of the part before mounting it, so here are some mounted.

I used a Dremel to cut out the remnants of the plastic brace (I was unimpressed how thin the plastic was at the joint to the white guard). Took a bit of adjustment of the design to get the angles correct so the back of the guard clears the exhaust/radiator correctly.

I can upload a PDF of the flat pattern and bend angles if anyone is interested - it's on my other PC. If I did another I'd add a little metal to keep the brake hose a bit closer to the fork - minor but would be an improvement. I'd also use just two M4 bolts to mount the guard - the 3 x M5 was a hangover from my first version brace, still need to get some button head screws to improve appearances.

All in all a very simple part to make.



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