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Garage alarm

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On 18/02/2018 at 8:18 AM, Andy said:

I've recently got into home automation and although I've already got an alarm, if I was starting from scratch on security, the home automation route would be the way I'd go. Buy a garage alarm and it's just that - an alarm for the garage. Spend a little more initially and you have the foundation for a load of other uses that's modular and easily expanded.

Start with a hub (I'm using the Samsung Smartthings one) and add to it as you want. Can add all manner of sensors, switches, lights, sirens etc (velcro a vibration sensor onto the bike?) and it's very easy to set up and manage with notifications to your phone if something happens.

Everything apart from the hub (which lives in the house next to your internet router) is battery operated so no dicking about with cables and because it uses Z-Wave and ZigBee wireless comms there's a multitude of compatible third party devices out there at not a huge cost. You can link devices together so, for example, a motion sensor covering the approach to the garage detects motion. That turns on a floodlight, but can also turn on lights in the house to make it look like someone is up and about and turn on the lights inside the garage. Thieving scum don't like light. if they then persist into the garage, detectors there can act like a normal alarm and sound sirens etc. Bonus is you can expand it to other areas like security for the house and heating/lighting/appliance control just by adding the right gadgets (and I like gadgets).

Me too. I went down the Devolo (z-wave) route and as well as having the boiler and rads controlled I have also controlled a vent fan in my workshop via a Devolo SmartPlug...........but I agree with Andy you can extend these system to cover all manner of alarms, lighting etc etc and there's no reason this can't be into the garage and onto the bikes.

Downside you need to be a bit geeky if you want get the most out of them, i.e. to get functionality thats not out of the box you need to write 'rules'.


Ian. (yes I'm still around!)

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