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  1. Me too. I went down the Devolo (z-wave) route and as well as having the boiler and rads controlled I have also controlled a vent fan in my workshop via a Devolo SmartPlug...........but I agree with Andy you can extend these system to cover all manner of alarms, lighting etc etc and there's no reason this can't be into the garage and onto the bikes. Downside you need to be a bit geeky if you want get the most out of them, i.e. to get functionality thats not out of the box you need to write 'rules'. Ian. (yes I'm still around!)
  2. ianj

    The 1954 Ssdt

    Love the Ferodo van in the background. Ian.
  3. Hi all, So sad to hear about this.............don't the FIM monitor the organization of their events? Beggars belief.......and yes, very sad to see our sport messed up. Ian.
  4. Hi all, The BBC have updated the article heading........now says........"West Yorkshire Police chase off-road biker" My work here is done. Ian.
  5. Hi all, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-24273552 Funny looking trials bike..........Oooooh it doesn't half p&ss me off when the media get it wrong. Email sent. Ian.
  6. http://www.trialscentral.com/user_photos/andy/2012/2012_FIM_World_Trial_Championship/Round_2_Australia/Day_1/ Who took these photos?......very impressed. Love the attention to DOF. Ian.
  7. Wouldnae last 5 minutes in Scotland......that bling would be turned into jewellery and on sale doon the Barras before you could say Och Aye The Noo! How do Billy? Ian.
  8. Hi all, I'm sure the FIM make hoops of all shapes and sizes for any prospective WTC event organizer to jump through.....a combination of Euro rubbish and a seemingly unwillingness to adapt to lean times, so therein lies the first problem. Second, and despite the great venue I always thought that Fort William was just that bit too far up the beaten track to attract big numbers in terms of spectators. However, you have to give 10 out of 10 to L&M for taking on the challenge....that's business! Just a few years ago there were huge numbers at Hawkstone........one wonders if we'll ever see the like again, even there! Who do I blame?..............the bloomin' politicians that's who, it all comes back to them and how they are knackering Britain & the rest of Europe. Ian.
  9. I fully enjoyed the trial, the sections were great even better than last year. The weather held off for the most part and to my mind the late in the day drizzle only helped to add a bit of spice into the action. Yes there were the odd complaints floating around, but the trial itself on Sunday more than made up for anything that may have existed. L&M put on a great trial it has to be said, the severity was spot on and I actually thought the 1 or 2 long sections that were iffy at 90secs were a good mix to the norm also. Bou had his work cut out for himself and not surprising he never won, even walking the sections on the sunny/dry Saturday I felt a lot of the rocks etc were slippy. For that, what it was like to ride 2nd lap Sunday heck only knows! And I suppose it's a tale of what-ifs.......what if Doug had been fit he'd likely have made the podium again. Good point made by somebody about turning the weekend into a holiday and seeing Scotland as an excuse to make the long trip north, even Italy's foremost trials photog Mario Candellone who spent a good few days in Scotland, was telling me things about the Battle of Bannochburn that I never knew.....and I'm Scottish! The Saturday fun element of the event clearly displayed in the pic below, Steve Saunders getting "guided" through section 14 by Steve Colley...... Ian.
  10. Ref. Andy's pic.........this is the kind of photo I like as it's thoroughly unusual. Well done! Ian.
  11. Hi, I've used Go-Pro & Contour helmet cams for karting (not to mention in model planes, but thats another story!). Probably prefer the Contour range.......and can be had for £150 on Ebay. As with any camera the quality of the output is all about the lens. You'll be disappointed if you go ultra cheap. Ian.
  12. Awesome video. Back in Tarres's day we all thought he was god on a bike......but Bou and co take it to a new level that we previously thought unheard of.............so begs the question, what will they be doing in another 10 years?................the same but on the front wheel! My opinion, look the to pushbike trials guys for the future. Ian.
  13. ...............and a celebration of a fantastic life's achievement. Well done Eric, looking forward to seeing the book. Ian. Addingham Moorside 2003, Eric takes 5 minutes out the sun:- The Mackenzie Trial 2004:-
  14. I remember in the early days of camcorders and the WTC I often saw the whole weekend in B&W...........:-)
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