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250 Rev3


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Hi to all 

I am new to Trials and even though I have been riding for 40 plus years, road, MX and enduro have never owned a trials bike before.

I am going to look at a Beta Rev3 250, So here we go what am I looking for as far as mechanical stuff. It has sat for a while, all the normal 

stuff I am able to spot but is there anything bike specific that I need to be looking at. This bike is 14 years old so there is bound to be somthing

I may stumble on ? any advice will be appreciated.


Oh yeah I am am 6 foot and 16 stone will it carry me ?





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250 should have plenty of power. I think that any water pump issues would have occurred by now and been dealt with - I got a 2007 270 a couple of years ago and it was clear that it had a new casing - looked newer than the surrounding components. I'm sure any water ingress would cause a milky appearance in the window. Good luck with it - they seem quite robust bikes and certainly good enough for a beginner like me and even if bits go wrong there are many spares around.

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Here is the new toy, It looks to be in very good nick for its age engine is smooth, no rattles, has all the gears and has the water pump 

problem sorted. I cant believe my luck for a nice little bike to come up on my doorstep. The seller is a local advanced motorcycle instructor he lives less

than a mile from me. Funnily enough I new the guy but had no idea he had a trials bike, he has uesd it twice in two years apparently.

Looking forward to having a play on it.



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8 hours ago, Bigusdickus said:

Hi lineaway not sure what you mean about the bars they seem comfortable enough. Are they a wrong bend or not high enough.


Set back too far but that could just be a quirk of the photo. You’ll probably end up moving them and the levers to a more comfortable operating position for standing up all the while....it’s a Trials thing. A lot of riders have the handlebars (part that you hold), in line over the fork tubes. This puts you weight over the front and gives more control when turning left or right. Have a good look at some other trials bikes and some riding training dvds/videos will show you how to set up your bike. 

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Hi to all, Firstly can any one confirm that the handle bars are set up incorectly on my beta as mentioned earlier if so what is the best place to set them.

Second question is a bit more complicated, the Beta was sold to me as a 2004 I have been looking for a spare back mudguard for it preferably second hand so I can

save the good one on the bike. After looking at a few on the net 2004 had an air box lid for easier access to the filter? My bike does not have this so I am assuming it's an 

older modle. The last part of the vin is 5071 this makes it 2001 ? apparently could any one confirm this for me.




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I would also suggest moving the levers up more toward level.  If they are too far down- you can’t reach them well when getting back over the rear.  It is a little unusual at first to have them fairly level- but you get used to it.

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As for your other question, what year it is , I use this link for reference:


Yours looks more like a 2002

Is your airbox on the side?

Bear in mind the color test isn't always accurate as people may have replaced the plastic with different year/color

Can you post a pic from the other side of the bike? we would see the side air box cover if so


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