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Help selecting first trials bike


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Wanting to get into trials and purchased a used bike


in my price range, looking for 2000-2010 roughly, between sherco, gas gas, beta and montesa(315r)


which is the best bike to fit the criteria? Which of them had significant updates if any that separated them (new tech, new frame, etc) 

not looking for a p****** match between brands, just looking for good information about the realities of each brand and what they do better than the others, etc

Thanks for the Help!




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As none of the bikes on your shortlist are 4T you’ve swerved one of the biggest sources of debate/disagreement. The other one is capacity. I would say definitely 250, unless you can find a good Beta 200. 125s are meant for youth riders and seem to be very buzzy (I confess I haven’t ridden one). Conversely 280/290/300 are intended for experts and tuned accordingly. There ability to throw you at bits of scenery goes far beyond the extra few cc.

Make really doesn’t matter, except that a good local dealer for one make might swing you that way. Just buy something that is in good condition and well maintained.

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Gas Gas introduced their ultra lightweight 'Pro' model in 2002, which is fantastic to ride, but it was too early, by about 2004, 2005 had ironed out the issues. Curiously the TXT model just prior to that, and for a year or so in parallel are great mechanically just a little heavier.

2009 Beta introduced their 'Evo' model, which did have some frame issues in the first year if ridden hard. The previous Rev model is great, a tidy one would make a great first bike, all Betas up to 2015 can suffer stator issue, but the fixes are well documented here in TC.

At that age the life and ownership it has had more important than anything.

Can't go wrong with any 250.

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From what has been said in the past I would think availability in your part of the world is the first problem to overcome, so find your nearest dealer and seek some advice or better still join a club, bikes often move by word of mouth.

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A trials bike is a special beast but like all motorcycle, if it does not feel right at first you won't enjoy it. Don't let yourself influence by the guys telling you a 270,280... bike is fine ( or for real men ) many of them are thinking about selling the one they in the shed. Better wait for the right one a bit and enjoy it for a long time.


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I’ve an Evo 300. Even with a slow throttle it can get lairy if you try things above your skill level, it’s fine plodding about but anything a bit more exciting and it’s too much for me. Before it I had an Ossa TR280i. Superb bike, really easy to ride but rare and if you broke anything game over so avoid!!! Before the Ossa I had a rev3 200. It was superb. I found I could try/attempt more adventurous stuff without damage to the bike or bleeding. The 300 holds me back as I’m only very part time trials. I ride enduro more than anything else so the 300 was a bad choice. 

I’m thinking of trading it for a tidy 125. The 125 should only teach you good habits and revving all weeners to get them going is good fun. 

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