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Ty175 won't run


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Hi al

Got a TY175 recently and nice looking bike. Starts OK but will only run for a few minutes then bogs down after riding for a few minutes.   When you let the clutch out when pulling away, doesn't want to go, bogs down and have to give it a lot of revs, but then eventually it dies and won't start again then.  

Any ideas?   I think carb related as repalced spark plug and air filter is clean. 


Many thanks! 


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3 hours ago, guy53 said:

Exhaust blocked ? Does it stall if you let it idle for a while ? How does it sound when it run?


It will idle OK. I took the exhaust baffle out and replaced it with a new one. Old one was totally choked up and oil sparking from it when running.  Still doing same though ?‍♂️ problem seems to be when you let the clutch out it just bogs down after running a while.  Then tops completely until the engine cools down. 

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Sounds possibly like the sparks system breaking down with heat, it is like 40 odd years old, suggest confirm bared ht lead (no cap just end of lead after removing cap)  to engine metal test when it's broken, see if it can make 5mm gap when being kicked, if not suggest get electronic ignition kit.

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Runs for a few minutes?  Is it running out of gas in the float bowl?  The reason I ask, it looks like a Sammy Miller gas tank-seat.  Fiberglass.  Fiberglass and some fuels just don't get along.  The fiberglass gets soft and  mixes in the tank and can clog thinks up.  Pull the fuel line off of the carb.  It should pour out.  if it drips, well you know.  Also..if that is a fiberglass tank, it should be coated to prevent it from being ruined by the fuel.  BTW   good looking bike.

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