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  1. Jeff B

    Ty175 won't run

    Runs for a few minutes? Is it running out of gas in the float bowl? The reason I ask, it looks like a Sammy Miller gas tank-seat. Fiberglass. Fiberglass and some fuels just don't get along. The fiberglass gets soft and mixes in the tank and can clog thinks up. Pull the fuel line off of the carb. It should pour out. if it drips, well you know. Also..if that is a fiberglass tank, it should be coated to prevent it from being ruined by the fuel. BTW good looking bike.
  2. Adjust the idle so it is smooth and does not die. If it is too fast, it will pull you faster than you want to go. Too low idle, you will fight to keep it running. It needs to be very low to verify and adjust jetting, but after that you can set the idle where ever woks for you. If it is jetted properly, set the idle low and ride it. You will find a place it works best.
  3. Jeff B

    Exhaust pipe pop

    I also had pipe bang. By all means start with the air screw. It is free and you don't take the carb off. I had to richen my mixture. If you can't improve with the air screw, then take the carb off. You have not put fuel in it yet? I have found these bikes need a fairly high octane fuel. I am running 102 octane and 80 / 1 Oil mix. Adjust the carb after you buy the fuel you intend to use. Have fun.
  4. I have a 2017 250 Contact. I have had zero problems. It needed jetting for my location. Still using the same 2 year old plug after it was jetted. Other than the seat being crap. It is a great seat as long as the trail is pavement smooth and you weigh as much as a 12 year old girl. Do not use it. It will break where it mounts in the back. I think it has the current 2017 engine as the TXT. So, parts can be found for a long time. Jeff
  5. We have trials events that offer a class called exhibition, no points, any line you wish. You just ride without a score. Look up ITSA Trials. Maybe your club could add that in.
  6. Unless you have very good skills to balance the crank, I would let a pro do it. Your 125 spins a bunch more RPM compared to the BSA. I'm not saying you don't have the skills.
  7. you should enjoy the Contact. I have a 2017 also. There was information all over the place, but that has kind of dried up a bit. I found that 102 octane runs the best with very minor jetting.
  8. Jeff B

    Ty175 piston

    They are correct. Measure. That being said, I have a 175. With a fresh piston and fresh bore, they rattle a little. Don't know why. To save my cylinder from future wear, I had the cylinder nikasil plated. The piston will wear out before the cylinder. I am using Wiesco Pistons. I think they a for the DT series as some original TY 175 pistons are hard to find. B & J racing in Tennessee is the leading go to for vintage trials in the USA.
  9. Jeff B

    Bing Carb problem

    Take the floats out and shake them. You can feel the gas shaking in the floats if it is in there. If there is a hole, that would be a problem. I have had this happen.
  10. XR valves are bigger which might hurt low end torque. Bigger valves can make an engine more suited to top end. Kind of like installing a larger carb to make an engine rev more. You might check if it has been done and the results.
  11. If you looked at my post, I was not referring to your post. The quote is from Section Swept post. He stated that it is recommended to go up in main jet sizes 15 % to start. I was asking if this is correct. My jetting experience has been to not go richer, but leaner, because of less air density at higher elevation. Is Section Swept correct? I did not see his current jetting.
  12. I found that out on my bike. It runs great now. But, the person from Colorado purchased a bike jetted for sea level. He needs jetting for his elevation. It was suggested he go to bigger jetting? Is this correct is what I am wondering.
  13. If a bike is jetted for sea level.....would you not lean out the jetting for higher elevation? Higher elevation=less air? It was stated "if your current idle jet is a 35 then you might try a 45". I haven't worked with a Dellorto much. I have a 17 Contact 250. It was a little lean on the pilot. Went up 2 sizes for winter and 1 size up for summer. I think the bigger the number , the bigger the jet...Right?
  14. The key may not be that big of a deal. Most mfg use a keyway for fast assembly. A lot of after market ignitions do not use a key. You set the timing and tighten the nut on the tapered shaft and you are good to go. My vintage Husky has an ignition that does not key. I am saying just in case the key slot is screwed up. Jeff
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