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Creaking rear end


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So my 2014 GasGas has developed a  very annoying creaking noise which is very difficult to locate precisely. Even the slightest movement pushing down on the footrest makes it creak. It's definitely not a squeak and sounds more like dry plastic rubbing than anything else 

I've taken the rear shock out and the swinging arm moves up and down smoothly with no noise. Similarly the dog bones move freely with no noise. Thinking it could be the shock itself I've removed the spring but the piston shaft moves freely (with a firm push) with no noise (also had it refurbished about 2 years ago with little use since).

What on earth could it be? Open to trying anything as its very loud and annoying.


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It could still be the swing arm or linkage bearings, without the shock fitted they aren't under any load which could affect any noise coming from them. Cleaning and greasing them is just routine maintenance anyway so nothing to lose from doing it.

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Sometimes the airbox can creak when you jump on the pegs, probably from the frame flexing a little. But it doesnt really sound like what you are describing.

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It's not the airbox as it was doing it even with that removed.

So I checked the linkage bearings and re-greased everything just to be sure. Couldn't get the swinging arm bolt undone so will spray and leave with penetrating spray for a while and try again (once I get some).

Put everything back having checked chain tensioner and anything else I could and there's still a creaking. I'm now 99% sure it's the swinging arm bearings as there's also very slight movement if I move it side to side. Doesn't make any noise when not connected to the shock but does under load.

I have a feeling getting the swinging arm off is going to be a mission but it needs to be done. Fingers crossed once the nut frees up the rest will be simple. Are there any tools that I can get to help with bearing replacement?

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20 hours ago, lineaway said:

Remember you have to loosen the rear engine mount bolts to get the shaft out.

Yep, spotted that thanks.

13 hours ago, zippy said:

I had some slop in the rear of my GasGas at the swingarm pivot.

ended up the swing arm axle was badly worn.  You may also need a new swing arm axle.

Bearing kit I've ordered comes with a new shaft so should be good.

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Consider the spherical bearings on the shock ends; they're a metal-to-metal interface which could squeak if dry. Carefully punch out the bushings/guides and then you can force grease into the ball track.

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