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  1. Hi All Looking to sell my 2011 Raga, it is registered as a 300cc but I have had fitted recently a new 250 Barrel, Piston and Head Insert. Runs great and so much less tiring to ride. Do you think I should put it back to 300cc to sell or just sell as a 250 but as long as I state it's registered as a 300cc should I be ok. Cheers
  2. Some years back I had water leaking from just below the water pump housing, I thought it was head gasket and had it changed but still leaking turned out to be the outer water pump seal which leaks into a cavity between the inner and outer seals and come out through a special hole to prevent water entering the cylinder
  3. I needed a new air box fastening countersunk screw for the gasser so looked on dealer websites and they are £1.20 plus postage each. Screwfix have stainless steel ones for £2.65 for a bag of 50. Is there something special about the originals or am I missing something. I like to give the business to the dealers but this is taking the p a bit.
  4. Once again a great trial well organised and supported, has anyone got any photo's to post or share?
  5. Cheers bilks, just ordered a full set, I have had stuff from zone trial in the past but they are out of stock.
  6. Hi All Anyone know where I can get a full set of 2011 Raga decals, time to freshen the old girl up a bit. I really would like to keep standard look but if I have to I would go for later years. Cheers
  7. Air box and rear mudguard Gas Gas
  8. Anyone know if and when it's happening in Manchester this year?
  9. No I still have it to put back to original state when I eventually sell it
  10. I've just done the opposite to a 2011 300 Gas Gas and just changed barrel, piston and head insert it's really straight forward so going your way should be no problem
  11. Not in the SSDT - spares only what he can carry - and only rider to work on the bike
  12. Thanks will get one
  13. Hi All Looking for opinions, want to get a trials top to wear over my normal riding shirt when its a bit nippy but wearing my proper jacket will be too warm and sweaty. Any trials specific options or I have seen a Berghaus micro fleece in go outdoors. what do you think. Cheers
  14. Thanks 84 it is then, nice spot on the bike era and it's great how you can tell from those extra special gloves he's wearing I thought you may have come up with it because it was probably the last time it was sunny up there and not raining.