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  1. thinking about it one of my mates has just got a milling machine I might give him one to copy
  2. anyone got any of these kicking about or where to get some from, I have found them somewhere but at £8.38 each I think there a bit steep, I only want the square nut if anyone no's what the technical term for them would be.
  3. I've used the S3 rim tapes on my ossa frame and its worked a treat get it really hot and it bends round corners and its as tough as old boots
  4. lotus54 I've bit the bullet and ordered my suspension kit this morning can you send me a photo of what you mean by "I'd also recommend shimming and locktiting that middle pin, to make sure it doesn't come loose."
  5. I've just had a price on one of these kits @ 600 euros plus 15 euros p & p which is about £538 not sure I can justify that at the moment
  6. so its well worth the money then ? I do worry that I dont grease my linkages enough do to a lack of time and the quick spray of WD40 is going to come round and bite my in the a*** one day
  7. Lotus54 just wondered how you are finding this new rear end set up after having a few months to ride with it
  8. Sorry Peter I wouldnt know where to start, even with your instructions, only option I have is to take it to the local dealer and they send the gearbox up to Nigel Birket for him to press the bush in and out. I have the breather mod on my bike and run on 450ml of nano tech what oil is everyone using ?
  9. He said he had some Castro edge oil as n stock but he hadn't tried in an ossa yet, I'm using putoline nano tech which he recommend but he thinks it may be a bit thin
  10. I've spoken to Nigel Birket today and the noise is coming from a bush on the kick start side which holds something to do with second gear in the gearbox it can be replaced but its not going to harm anything, he has said try a thicker oil which may help it. but all in all nothing to worry about
  11. Right I've just emptied out the coolant and there was no bitsin it from the drain hole, I've taken the water pump off but cant seem to get the circip off to have alook at the impella ?
  12. wouldnt the waterpump do it all the time ?
  13. No that's with it in second gear and the clutch on and off biting point, the coolant level was ok and looked ok
  14. it wont let me add the video so the link to it is here
  15. I'm planning i on getting a video later today