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  1. Vertigo Protection Parts

    I didnt realize I was going to have to protect the protectors I've hard carbon bits from other please and they have lasted ok
  2. Vertigo Protection Parts

    has anyone else got any of these Kelly Carbon guards fitted ? just I've had mine since early Feb and ridden 6 times and there already starting to wear through to the fibre layer
  3. Swingarm removal

    I've had mine stripped down this weekend and once you get stripping it down it all comes apart really well and goes back together just as well. I found if I angled the swinging arm up to the mudguard it all lined up to get the red axle sleeves back in. I did find my chain had just started to wear through the swinging arm chain guide so there's a new one due tomorrow.
  4. Riding Land

    Morning All, a small piece of disused railway embankment has come up for sale near to me and I was wondering is it just as simple as buying it and riding on it ? I'm looking at getting a few of lads that ride to all chip in and buy it as a group so we wouldnt be charging anyone for using it and we'd all sign disclaimers against injury
  5. Bluetooth ECU

    I'm just wondering if anyone has got there hands on the new bluetooth ecu set up, and fitted it yet and if it fits the older bikes ok, and if its worth the money ?
  6. Vertigo Protection Parts

    My parts have come from Kelley carbon and there top notch
  7. Rear wheel spacers

    I think so but you may be better checking on the bike
  8. Vertigo Protection Parts

    you'll still be able to see the fuel level even with triangle filled in looking at this photo, may be he's left that area filled in to protect the tank from damage ?
  9. Vertigo Protection Parts

    Andy Kelley has vertigo protection parts shown on his website http://www.kelleycarbon.com/
  10. Braktec rubber

    its a bit poor on the part of braktec, I'll have had one brake and one clutch rubber in the space of 8 months on a brand new bike
  11. Braktec rubber

    Does anyone know anywhere I can buy the rubber seal/boot that fits under the front brake master cylinder cap ??? I’ve found the cap and the seal as a pair but I only wanted the seal
  12. Hello From Yorkshire

    Most local trials shops will offer a fitting service when you buy tyres from them it starts getting expensive if they have to remove the wheel from the bike. the nearest to you would be B & B - Barnsley Trials UK - Horsforth RAS Sport - Brighouse Pennine Trialsport - Ripponden
  13. Guards?

    Try here http://www.kelleycarbon.com/
  14. Milky oil

    Turns out that clutch casing bolts where starting to come loose and letting water in the casing, it’s all sorted now
  15. Vertigo Protection Parts

    It’s something for the round sections of the frame I’m looking for