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  1. thanks I shall have a look at mine next time I get it out
  2. can you up load a photo of the area of the bike its located on ?
  3. not sure about places over near you, but Parkwood off road at Tong, Bradford is open for practise this Saturday 9.30 - 3.30 which is worth the trip out its where they have just had the world round this weekend
  4. its not as easy as that there is the light switch, mapping switch, map light, temp light and vertigio have said not to remove any wiring
  5. whats everyone done number board wise on there bikes ? (to hold you riding number) I rode this weekend with it gaffer taped on but it was a bit held on with a wing and a prayer. I know Vertigo are looking at getting one sorted but just wondered what anyone else had done
  6. fdb, you can also get plastic/nylon m5 bolts to replace the ones that fasten the seat base on to the frame, off ebay
  7. Give this guy a try, that's where my last rear mudguard and seat unit came from
  8. I've just been and collected my new bike, the photos dont do it justice !!!!
  9. the new factory replica bike is called a combat but the ice hell model has been used as the base of the bike
  10. thanks evo boy, I just cant make my mind up weather to have one or wait for the 18 ice hell's ?
  11. no but I know someone that's contacted them on friday and they said all the details would be out the start of this week, I would have thought there would have been a head line on on this page with the photos and details
  12. still no sign of a price or a spec on these factory bikes ?
  13. sorry I stand corrected its coming in 250 & 300
  14. shame looks like its only coming in the 300 version
  15. its howards glory hole !!!!