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  1. I run my ossa on 50ml of oil to 5 lits of fuel
  2. didnt they used to fit them as standard on the TY250 rear mono shock suspension ?
  3. I always fit a grease nipple into the head stock of bikes I have, then after washing a quick pump with a grease gun till I see the old grease coming back out
  4. contact Dominik on the email below and he will sort you out
  5. brilliant thanks
  6. so is the power supply already there ? Ossabc63 can you post a photo of your set up ?
  7. I think there is a level sensor in the tank on the rear brake side near the throttle body, but I think the wires just end up behind the light, you could buy a small light to act as a low level sensor but I dont know how it worked
  8. Well I'd be in the line for another one, I love mine parts are still available in the uk, and if your struggling Joa Hindren has a good supply in Finland
  9. I had a go on a std 280 over the weekend and it rode really nice
  10. mine came with all the o rings in place as per my drawing and then a bag with the spares in, the 90 deg zerk did come fitted but to the front shaft up behind the bash plate so I've moved it to the middle bolt, but I've not had time to finnsh building it back up so I'm hoping once I get it all back together there will be some clearance for the zerk in the middle bolt
  11. yes that's great thanks, mine came with o rings fitted on both sides of the dogbones which I have managed to get on and in, but like you say you cant see if they have been crushed or not. I did also get a full new spare set in the kit
  12. sorry for all the questions and the poor drawing, but where had you added the shim, and are you adding it to extend the centre bolt slightly to give it a bit more play ?
  13. I've found out there a m6 x 0.75mm thread which I've manage to track down and order some spares
  14. no thats ok, is the 90d nipple close to the frame ?
  15. lotus54 my rear end has come this week did you think of a better way to describe the shimming, and if possible a photo of the 90d zerk fitting in place as it looks like mine is going to catch on the frame behind the foot rests