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  1. you'll still be able to see the fuel level even with triangle filled in looking at this photo, may be he's left that area filled in to protect the tank from damage ?
  2. Andy Kelley has vertigo protection parts shown on his website
  3. its a bit poor on the part of braktec, I'll have had one brake and one clutch rubber in the space of 8 months on a brand new bike
  4. Does anyone know anywhere I can buy the rubber seal/boot that fits under the front brake master cylinder cap ??? I’ve found the cap and the seal as a pair but I only wanted the seal
  5. Most local trials shops will offer a fitting service when you buy tyres from them it starts getting expensive if they have to remove the wheel from the bike. the nearest to you would be B & B - Barnsley Trials UK - Horsforth RAS Sport - Brighouse Pennine Trialsport - Ripponden
  6. Try here
  7. Turns out that clutch casing bolts where starting to come loose and letting water in the casing, it’s all sorted now
  8. It’s something for the round sections of the frame I’m looking for
  9. No not on mine it has a rubber tube that comes from the back of the gearbox as a breather
  10. its coming out tonight, Vertigo have said it may take a few oil changes to get it back to normal
  11. so this is the result from yesterdays ride, rode for about 3 hours stopped on the way home and washed it off, ran it at home for about 30 mins whilst I dried it off, it looks to me like condensation on the inside of the sight glass ?
  12. Has anyone started making carbon frame guards yet ?
  13. I’ve also noticed that the rubber O ring on the air filter tube was a bit big and seemed to squash up at one point and not seal properly so I’ve fitted one that’s a better fit so I’ll keep an eye on the oil colour and see what happens
  14. This is what I’ve got which will just stop there being an open pipe near where water can get in. can anyone also tell me that if my output seal was leaking would it be doing it all the time or just when the oil is hot or under loading, as I’ve had the sprocket off all week and it’s not leaked at all ?
  15. if I can blow and suck though the one I have that will let the air to the gearbox flow ??? wont it