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  1. BSA frame identification.

    That's nice. Try the BSA Otter site, Charlie the site owner is very helpful and has a wealth of knowledge and archives he refers to
  2. Is it just me?

    This topic is killing me. I recently attempted to get tickets for a friend and his wife to whatch 90 minutes of Newcastle playing Tottingham at Wembley stadium and the tikets, if I could have got them, were £87.00 each. I really think that's to do with Brexit too!!!!
  3. Anyone know about this?

    Brilliant achievement to finish The SSDT
  4. Anyone know about this?

    Your entries shouldn't be affected, It's not a football tournament Scotland have been in since 1998
  5. 4RT mudguard grills

    carefully apply a soldering iron to edge of the grille and it will melt a small amount of Mudguard plastic to it
  6. WOW- What a bike !!

    4rt interest free at the Dealers
  7. Montesa 4rt ht coil

  8. 4rt improvement underway. Any thoughts ?

    Mitani exhaust is a massive saving on weight, seems to run a little smoother and looks great. Will you need two? It might not be such a good idea to do everything at once, if something isn't working for your riding style you won't know what it is. Think i would rather put new Michelin's on the back more often than put a big bore kit on. Titanium hollow spindles, now they are great when you fall off you can see right through them.
  9. Toby Martin to a Montesa?

    He isn't going to Montesa, He looks to be getting Eddie Karlson's ride on a Montesa at RG
  10. Too old to rockn roll.

    Monty Wise One, are you saying you only have one bike, not two?
  11. New Van Trials Chocks

    Depending on your van. You can place front tyre against bulkhead, put bike in 1st and use ratchet ties from each side of handlebar. You can also put bike on lock with front wheel in a corner and tie down from both sides of handlebar. I built a metal frame from box section steel that slots in and out and it takes 3 bikes and spare wheels and leaves the front of the van clean to change in (Transit) idea pinched from Bill Pye, thanks Bill! These work well https://www.amazon.co.uk/Motorbike-WHEEL-CHOCK-Motorcycle-Anchor/dp/B00KRDO0LU/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_263_lp_img_3/260-9675505-0768500?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=S1A6E3KAD630YQ54A66D
  12. New Cota 348 Owner

    The 348 had frame tubes under the engine. The frame in your pic is a 349 the later model. Bultaco is a different make of spanish trials bike. Google Montesa 349 you should find plenty info
  13. Icmtr Pre 65 Trials Rules

    So you would allow tubeless rims and tyres! There is no mention of electronic ignition, I doubt you'd find many machines still with points.
  14. Bantam Forks For Scottish Pre65

    Charlie That film has obviously cast a spell on your ability to read and digest what this thread is about. The title gives you a clue. bantam forks for pre 65 Scottish!!!!! Ady then said my Dad wants to ride the pre 65 scottish in 2015 Willie in his very comprehensive reply said IF you are building for Scotland No one has to enter scotland, but everyone wants to, otherwise there wouldnt be so many bitter grumpy moaners about
  15. What Terrain Is Local To You?

    If you don't mind travelling and staying overnight you should consider Scotland.as well Some brilliant two day events, and you know you've been in a trial when you've ridden a couple of 20 mile laps, offroad, each day. Hospitality is excellent too, you'd be made very welcome