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  1. But they couldn't back then!!! & we all had access to a Yamaha..
  2. Its def a 349 prob an 81yr model, released as celebration of their 1980 world championship. As already mentioned pretty much all of the bits are available for them but the motors are a law unto themselves.
  3. Hmm as jon said the Hondas were good & the grimecas on the fantics/beta etc weren't bad though not like the Hondas.
  4. And roughly the same stopping distance in anything but Saharan weather conditions!!!!!
  5. yes showas both ends
  6. Pretty sure Chris Koch has had one for a while,must be something like it or he would,nt keep it on!!
  7. TRS rr is cheaper than GG gp.
  8. Unless you have a gun held to your or your families heads ,no one is going to force you to ride anything you don't want too. END OF... If you want to wrap yourself in cotton wool and add every protection device known to man to your riding attire, help yourselves, apart from a bit of p*** taking nobody will mind OR CARE. Leave trials alone we are quite happy as we are thanks,We don't need any more bureaucracy.....
  9. We spread the entry by class throughout the sections, but even doing that after half a lap or so there are competitors on all secs so the issue as you find it remains.
  10. Don't be shy, shout loud enough & they will move , & if they don't then your perfectly entitled to claim a baulk to the observer & have a re run.
  11. Isnt riding a trial a voluntary exercise???? if theres something you don't like or think is too dangerous then don't do it.... Please don't turn the sport into a Nanny State... Work 6days a week is bad enough now, couldn't stand sunday morns listening to a "method statement" before doing something I & thousands of others have been doing for donkeys years in blissful unawareness to the dangers involved!!!!!!!!
  12. However that "poll" results mimics very closely the ages of our local competitors & the numbers of them!!!!!
  13. H and D Racing here in the uk usually have several types/varieties in stock, or maybe try a mitani stockist your side of the pond.
  14. Difference is barely measureable while riding. Both make more than enough for 99.99% of us mortals..
  15. I would buy a used mont 4rt , you will lose less in depreciation, the mont will be far more reliable, is much better built & is competition ready when you are!!!!.