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  1. Ossa TR300i 2013 fan won’t start, boils

    Not uncommon to find a tiny crack in O-ring groove at back of cylinder head on earlier machines...swing arm can impact pipe on full travel and force is directed to bracket and rear head brace Best of luck sorting
  2. Clutch bite point keeps moving?

    Is the transmission breather vent open and operational??
  3. 320 Engine lock

    Will the rear wheel turn freely without resistance while in neutral..?
  4. Spark arrestor

    Spark arrestors are required here in Canada now and if one wants to ride without getting a hefty $$ fine you need to comply..
  5. Spark arrestor

    Hey anachronism, I got the regular viper and the screen is removable, I did not install it on a Vertigo but I think it has a similar curved aluminum muffler exit as my older Sherco. It probably was not necessary but I did a slight trim on my pipe tip to square it up so the arrestor would slide on fully and once grub screw is tightened it is nice and solid.
  6. Jitsie 173 Rear Brake Material?

    Never had a problem with mine being noisey ..
  7. Jitsie 173 Rear Brake Material?

    They are made by Goldfren and they call them ''metal/ceramic''. Have been working fine with no issues here.
  8. Looking for info on a 2007 250

    If you decide to use the motor oil..Dont use automotive motor oil as it has friction modifiers etc added, needs to be wet clutch specific motorcycle grade, MA, MA2.
  9. Looking for info on a 2007 250

    Looks like your fuel valve is off in pic, down is on. https://www.lewisportusa.com/manuals/09sherco/2009_2T_owners.pdf Bike looks to like its in nice shape from pic
  10. 2016 scorpa 250 running issues

    I am not trying to be a smart ass here by asking this and please dont take this the wrong way,.. have you been mixing oil with your fuel?
  11. 2016 scorpa 250 running issues

    You have already tried a new spark plug?...
  12. Spark arrestor

    Ordered and received a Spanishfly arrestor directly from his website and also the one of the models that Lewisport sells and can say that they are both Very nice high quality units.
  13. SY250R Heatshield

    Great write up and pics of the new shield I wonder if the stainless clamps could be fastened to the backside of the shield with a few short rivets on each and still secure effectively...and then silicone wrap between clamp and pipe??
  14. Spark arrestor

    Interesting info, Thanks betablocker. Sprinter , if you have not already, you might want to check with Dave at mototrialswest, good guy to deal with and local.
  15. Spark arrestor

    Did not imply that you personally are gonna make.....silly hacky homemade crap''... I am sure some people will try to get by with some chicken wire and a band clamp....and this will eventually bring the hammer and costs down on us even more