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  1. 4rt repsol. Dropping engine speed

    Thats a very good question, factory specs it to be 1800rpm. Wondering how much oil your motor is blowing out the breather, possibly rings worn out ?? Hope you get her sorted soon.
  2. Was having a similar water pump seal problem with my sherco, would only last a couple months of minimal use. Problem solved by sourcing seals from a different oem dealer. Found that the shoddy seals looked exactly the same as the good ones but the material was crap, when removed they had zero elasticity against the brand new impeller shaft. I have found the quality seals to last many years easily on my bikes. Good luck on your fix
  3. Spark arrestor

    Looks good on your Vertigo, Sprinter. That is the Mini vipor that Lewisport sells. Mountain motorcycles here in B.C is now offering some good quality units of their own too but I think they are the slip inside the pipe style.
  4. Idlling ideas

  5. Idlling ideas

    Barfy, I do not recommend removing the jet block...only as a last resort after finding you have a leakage problem with it. It can be a pain to seal...and Keihin do not sell the seals/gaskets individually, they tell you to buy a whole new carb . Looks like a little detonation there, air leak, jetting, fuel. how much oil in fuel...too much and it gets lean...fuel displaced by oil....Good luck
  6. Idlling ideas

    The pwk is a great carb, but problems can be had if contaminants get into the very small orifices beneath the ''never remove'' jet block (has two tamper proof screws) can often purge out from slide side and mixture adjust screw hole. Sometimes the jetblock gasket (special multi piece oring) leaks due to bad fuel damage or being dismantled too many times and not making a perfect seal any more, which causes MAJOR tuning problems. Hope you can get her sorted soon
  7. Idlling ideas

    Does this bike have the Keihin carb or Dellorto?
  8. Sherco 250 Fuel starvation?

    Try a brand new spark plug, a failing plug can cause weird running issues.....if that does not solve problems, might want to investigate crank seals condition...pressure test?
  9. 290 shock identification

    Sherco used Olle units, looks like the one that was in my 2005. older units used 22mm, newer 26mm.... Be best to check with splatshop guys to be sure or other knowledge source . Best of luck
  10. Silencer repack

    Here is info on an operation done on a GG (obviously the SY internals are a different animal as mentioned previously) http://www.motomerlin.co.uk/blog/?p=735
  11. Silencer repack

    Be interesting to see the set of photos of this modification... The internals of the oem muffler are such that it would be impossible to cut a window/hatch out of one side to repack the whole thing as its constructed like a big sandwich. There is no internal pipe with perforations with packing wrapped around it. Its got the exterior walls with two layers of perforated thin aluminum sheet that is stamped to have a passage for exhaust to pass down the middle with packing on both sides...and then welded together with the tail pipe bung on the end. ..one other option for you, Ya might want to look into adapting a silencer from a small mx bike that is repackable in place of the original? or one from an older GG?
  12. Silencer repack

    The silencer was very dented in on my Sons bike, I cut it open along top and bottom seams and 2/3 across front from tail pipe. straightened out, did partial repack and tig welded back together and is much better looking & sounding. If your gonna open it up, I suggest you take the extra time and effort to open it completely and clean it out fully as the remaining sludge and oil will get hot and ''gas'' on you and can make welding up a pain.
  13. monty wont start

    Or as previously asked, double check to make absolute sure you have reassembled the carb correctly. Good luck
  14. monty wont start

    Sounds like your carb fuel inlet valve, aka: needle/seat is either sticking closed or plugged
  15. 4T Carb Tuning

    you must have seen these factory specs in this forum..