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  1. Dont know if it works , I heard some 4RT owners in cold climates install knitted ''Tea cozies'' on the cylinder/head to aid cold starting... Good to hear you got sorted, Keep your feet on the pegs
  2. Pretty hard to beat the SKF, seem pricey but kit includes stainless clip, Wiper seal and oil seal.
  3. Did the folks at the shop show you that the 4rt is not designed to be kicked over too fast...more of a steady push through with kick lever, booting it over too fast.. just does not work.
  4. Just to clarify.. Is this a new bike or new-demo bike that you got from the shop?
  5. Lots of Beta owners around here and several Rev4s now and past, never heard of issues like this. Just a thought here, no offence or finger pointing intended: Do you stab at your kick lever before letting them ''Mesh together'' completely? This method is big killer of any kickstart assembly, especially the cogs in a light weight trials motor. Hope you can get sorted soon and back on the pegs.
  6. Maybe you can shoehorn a cr500 motor into the Rev4 frame....then your off to the races
  7. Sherco sells lengths of Regina chain with the half link already riveted into it, comes in 99 and 101 lengths...Dont worry, no one will ever know you got Sherco chain on your GG
  8. Bold New Graphics....
  9. Yes, just fill rad to top and ride (monitor fluid level)
  10. Not trying to be insulting to any owners of '10-'15 Sherco owners....but this fuel hose labyrinth model is famous for issues already..adding yet more hose etc would just compound potential...problems....Maybe use the Aux tank as the main, gravity feeding the carb and have the original tank pump contents to Aux, with overflow line back to said original...eliminating restrictor valves, ''tee's'' and other configuration issues of original set ups
  11. Great to see Cabestany still in the mix, great pilot....kinda surprised to see him, Paxau and rest of Sherco originals leave or get purged from company circle. Was there some new partner or financial support that moved in over there that kicked the table??
  12. You would be doing yourself a great favor by ordering a new oil seal now if you have not done so already. Transmission oil milky and an oil seal with a definite flaw in pump is pretty much self explanatory.
  13. Its also a good idea to not leave it laying on the floor or ground if there are dogs present..
  14. The Courier..a.k.a Discovery is the same sole as the Zero, but they screwed on a metal toe cap (which can be removed if so desired). They are water resistant and have extra foot lever pads added....good boot...I hear they are now discontinued...
  15. You know what I heard?...''.Ossa's rarely need parts''...I think you should go for it.......