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  1. Evo 4t Carb

    Yes, that decomposed rubber cap will make your bike run crappy and its a common part to fail. That plugged pipe is for equalizing pressure on street bikes with multiple carbs and not used in your application. Should be able to find one in a automotive parts supply store...hopefully better quality. Good luck
  2. Beta 4t in Trial 2

    I concur, get a better carb with an accelerator pump on there and they will have something.....or hang a larger wiring harness on it and install efi
  3. Oil seal

    Judging by your photo, I would say that that oil seal is the wrong size. The seal has too large of I.D hole for the shaft size, should not have that large of a gap..the outer dust lip of the seal should even be in contact with the shift shaft. Try source a slightly smaller I.D seal, will fix your leak
  4. 2004 Sherco 250 Pivot Bearing Replacement

    Pretty straightforward job, but be careful with main pivot bolt/pin as its aluminum and threads can get damaged quite easily, may need to loosen engine mounting bolts to facilitate alignment
  5. clutch sticking

    Try cleaning out the glue/cr*p out from between the friction pads on your plates, just like in Dans Beta clutch fix as it much improves the problem you are having on your worn plates.
  6. Struggle to start Sherco when it is warm

    The standard lever is already very short. Have you tried put bike in gear, roll back to get piston on compression and then kick..?
  7. Struggle to start Sherco when it is warm

    You mentioned that you are having trouble kick starting due to strength issues....Possibly buy a Sherco 3.2 lever which is a little longer and install, will give you a little more leverage?? Just a thought?
  8. Which one would you buy?

    A question that gets asked repeatedly on here....Do your research on bikes and the pros and cons of each, and then go to some demo test days or try some bikes at events/clubs if possible, this is very best way to know. Or if you can afford it, just buy and flip until you find one that you like. Best of luck
  9. a smoky TR280i

    Its your bike, you are perfectly welcome to install a seal backwards if you choose to. Good luck
  10. a smoky TR280i

    Pressure is on crankcase side, tension spring side of the seal faces inboard towards conrod
  11. Scorpa sy 250 fuel tank

    I believe all 2000-2008...9? SY250 tanks are interchangable, only color/graphics differ. 2004 should bolt right onto your 2002.
  12. 2019

    I wonder if the new improved crank bearings they have gone to are the fully sealed ones like sherco/scorpa...and they can be changed without splitting the motor in half?
  13. 4rt repsol. Dropping engine speed

    Thats a very good question, factory specs it to be 1800rpm. Wondering how much oil your motor is blowing out the breather, possibly rings worn out ?? Hope you get her sorted soon.
  14. Was having a similar water pump seal problem with my sherco, would only last a couple months of minimal use. Problem solved by sourcing seals from a different oem dealer. Found that the shoddy seals looked exactly the same as the good ones but the material was crap, when removed they had zero elasticity against the brand new impeller shaft. I have found the quality seals to last many years easily on my bikes. Good luck on your fix
  15. Spark arrestor

    Looks good on your Vertigo, Sprinter. That is the Mini vipor that Lewisport sells. Mountain motorcycles here in B.C is now offering some good quality units of their own too but I think they are the slip inside the pipe style.