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  1. Power to HT lead but no spark

    I have not tried this myself but if the unit toast, why not give it a try? Best of luck
  2. BOOTS!

    Have a pair of Sidi Zero's and find they are a very good boot, feet do get wet quickly if ground is moist though. Also have a newer pair of Gaerne Balance oiled that I find are slightly more comfortable and are water resistant, which has gotten even more resistant due to the fact I occasionally rub them down with Dubbin.Both excellent boots, would not hesitate to to purchase either or both again in the future. Good luck
  3. foot pegs

    I am pretty sure most any decent 2 part automotive paint and primer/sealer after light sanding and dewax silicone wipe would work well on the Scorpa tank...
  4. foot pegs

    Yes, the aluminum hard rocks fit right onto the SY (did have to slightly adjust with a file to obtain proper angle).
  5. Lighter clutch

    Have you looked at going with a different of modified lever with a shorter distance between pivot and plunger pin? You will get a little less overall throw but will make lever pull easier...might not notice but will make clutch action bit quicker too.
  6. Sy250 Carb. Help!

  7. Scorpa SY Engine case protectors

    Good humour
  8. Scorpa SY Engine case protectors

    When bike versus big rock...do you really want plastic wrap? Probably get kicked out of the pageant if its leaking coolant and oil all over the place
  9. Sherco footpegs strange position

    Have a look at the pivot bolts for wear and bolt holes in frame for sloppyness, does not take much wear here for limp pegs....paulmac's weld bead solution would be a good fine tuning fix for your condition.
  10. Scorpa SY Engine case protectors

    Here is how we protected the kids bike with some aluminum rod and a spool gun and its way tougher than thin plastic. Cheap too
  11. Small Feet Back brake

    Not trying to be nitpicky here but...It could really get you hurt if the...welds on that extension let go in a nasty downhill section . One more point one might want to check that the little pivot pin is in good condition as its gonna have a little extra twisting force on it, and they do wear out over time
  12. 4ride 4rt capacitator/condenser

    Just a thought as something to look into....Does the 4ride have the same unpopular Bank angle sensor as the Cota/Repsol?
  13. Beta evo linkage

    I would say that is the delta link to swing arm bearings in there..
  14. Throttle Probem sherco st 300 2017

    Check to see if there is no molding ridge on the new plastic throttle tube at the pint were rests at off position against the clamp...right were the cable end fits...may need to clean up with a knife..
  15. Taming a 300??

    Generally, gearing up (Larger countershaft or smaller rear) does not help on a 300, in fact it makes it worse because they got so much torque....and stuff just happens faster. There is always the large bore stickers on a smaller cc machine option...for visual appeal when transporting through town??