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  1. Struggling

    Yes, but he says he is riding the easiest courses, so not likely to be any undercut rocks there. .
  2. Rev 3 poor running

    Don't know if you want to take the head off again, but that ring of carbon at the top of the cylinder could be glowing, and causing the pinking... Or is the fuel very old or of low octane rating..? Also, is there a specific way of getting the coolant back into the cylinder once you have taken the head off..? Maybe you have an air-lock, causing overheating...? .
  3. Struggling

    I don't think I have ever heard of anyone 'lifting the back wheel'... Lifting the front wheel, yes. Then wait for the rear wheel to slam into the rock, which will give lots of grip, and as long as you have enough power on, the bike will get over the step. Always watch where the contact patch of the front wheel is going, you can almost forget about the rear tyre. .
  4. Rev 3 poor running

    I think you have changed so many things, it's not the same bike... Just off tick-over is in the carburettor range of the slide cut away, and to a lesser extent upon the needle position in the slide. You could try moving the needle up a notch, but maybe the answer is to get a slide with less cut away, to make it richer in the transition. I assume the previous owner has not put the High Compression head on it, which would need higher octane fuel...?

    Slightly off topic, but if you have ever ridden down some of the continental hills with lots of corners on a push-bike, you soon learn that the entry to the corner should be done with the front brake, and the corner and exit with the rear brake. This is because the front brake is most efficient, but will cause your front wheel to step out... widening the corner. Whereas the rear brake makes the rear wheel semi-slide and causes you to steepen the turn radius... Which is good if you want to avoid going over the Armco. .Have fun and ride as many real trials as possible..
  6. Needing practice

    Nice photo… Call me a pessimist, but I would not ride on those stones if I was on my own... Consider what might happen... Ride on the slippery rocks, fall off bike, bike lands on top of your leg... Breaks Femur... Tide comes in, and washes you out to sea. Somebody finds your Rev 3 and wins next trial on it.... .
  7. Beta rev 3 bash plate

    Best of luck with the hammer. I tried to increase the bend in an Evo 300 plate, to get the mounting holes to line up. Even with my biggest sledge-hammer it just went boooong and bounced back. Also if you do decide to hit it, wear some ear defenders...! .
  8. Ossa Mar exhaust down-pipe

    Some re-chromers don't like doing used exhaust pipes, because the carbon and oils get into their chemical baths. .
  9. Whistles for Stopping

    Really the Whistle would be a good thing even in no-stop trials, as it lets the rider know he has fived, and so should exit as soon as possible. There are many reasons why he might have been given the five, not just going backwards. It could be he has missed the section markers. Maybe each Observer should bring their own Whistle, for hygienic reasons. .
  10. Whistles for Stopping

    I recently rode a 'Stopping Allowed' trial, and was a bit peeved by having to wait whilst the previous riders juggled their bikes back and fro in the section. Each of these riders had to my idea of the rules gone backwards several times, but were conning the observer into thinking they were still moving. If the Observer had a Whistle, then the rider would know when to give up and leave the section. There were so many riders still attempting the section, after what I saw as their back wheel having gone backwards. Clubs should issue Whistles to all Observers at Stopping Allowed trials, so that there is no fudging of the rules.
  11. Trials Bike Repairs

    I don't know any repairers over there, and not too many here, as I do all my own engineering. You must have done something really drastic for your clutch basket to need replacing. Have you damaged any of the casings? .
  12. Fitting out a van

    I suppose it has got tie-down anchor points, so you will need some Ratchet Straps. Just use two straps, one on each handlebar, and compress the suspension about half travel. Put the strap clips into the anchor points. Once you have found the correct length of the straps, you don't ever need to alter that setting. I use a rock behind the back wheel, to stop the bike moving back and fro. Add some boxes for tools, and helmet, and you will most likely find a space for your boots and fuel. .
  13. Sherpa 199a tank change

    The old trick for long distance events was to hide a couple of spare tins of fuel behind trees along the route. That was if you had no support crew. If you are allowed a helper, then arrange to have re-fueling stops with them every 30 miles. .
  14. Snow

    Two things I remember about one Welsh Trial about 40 years ago, was that we had to ride down a hill on one road, but half way down the ditch was overflowing and water was crossing the road. This had frozen and was a solid sheet of ice.for 200 yards downhill. I slid with all feet out, onto the grassy bank to get some grip. Then when arriving at the next sections, I found it difficult to straighten my elbows from their 90 degree bend, as my overalls were solid ice. We all learn from our experiences, and I don't really want to ride in those sort of conditions ever again. .

    Hi Matt, look forward to your video. I think it might slow down quick enough, if you shut the throttle when going up a long hill. .