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  1. A Few Photos From Ssdt 2016

    Same here….. 404.That’s an error. The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know. .
  2. Practice area!

    Have you tried riding down the steps..? On the 1 it will be Ok, but on the 2, 3, and 4 you will need to aviate the front wheel, and land first on the rear wheel. The reason for this will become clear to you if you manually push the bike over the 3 logs... As the front wheel hits the ground, it will try to go on to full lock, and unless you are a Yorkshire-man you will not have the strength to stop it...!
  3. Misc Model191 Questions

    Hi, remember there are two separate end floats in the little end, and each needs to be independent of the other... 1. The needle roller cage needs to be free within the little end, as the cage needs to move ( it rocks at half the speed of the rollers.) In the above photo, it's 19.5mm within the 20mm eye, = 0.5mm slack. 2. Then the little end eye and spacers need some slack on the piston gudgeon pin, maybe 1 or 2 mm, but this might be specified somewhere. .
  4. Clutch slipping on Beta rev3 2002 200

    You say you have tested it on a stand, does this mean you have not tried riding it...? Maybe your bite point is out of adjustment... Have you re-assembled the push rods and mushroom correctly...? Aren't two of the plates thicker, and need to be put on the outer and inner of the clutch pack... You did put the springs back in..??? .
  5. Spark plug oily !

    You could check the heat range of the plug, to see if it is the correct one. Or maybe even try one grade hotter plug. Trials bikes take a bit of a battering as they very rarely run under power for more than a minute or so before you are queueing for the next section, and never get to run flat out for an hour or so, like road bikes. As long as the plug does not foul up and stop working, you should have nothing to worry about. .
  6. New member, bought an old Sherco

    Some bikes ( in 1970's grass-track ) were required to have no tick-over at all, so needed the throttle stop screw to be well unscrewed. (I am not too sure of the current ACU regulations.) So you could try that to see if the engine goes to idle sooner. For Trials you can set whatever tick-over speed you require, some riders even adjust it for particular sections. Get to see what is the correct method of setting your tick-over mixture and speed. It is usual to adjust the mixture screw for a peak in revs, then back off the throttle stop screw to reduce the revs to whatever you require... I usually err 1/8 turn on the rich side of peak, to avoid a lean cut when accelerating. .
  7. New to trials from canada

    Hi Brian, I know nothing about the Canadian Trials scene, but best of luck, and hope you find the organised events near you. The 300 may just suit you, but just because you have one bike, does not stop you from getting a few more... ;)) We are lucky here in North Wales, just this week there were 3 events within 40 miles of home, and lots of the easy sections that I now prefer. .
  8. New member Wirral area

    Ok Chris, I have never known any trials to be held on the Wirral, so you will need to travel into the Llangollen / Oswestry area, or Macclefield which are all in the Cheshire and North Wales ACU Centre. I don't know what happens the other side of the Mersey, but maybe not many trials. Check out these web sites... http://www.cnwtrials.org.uk/wordpress1/ http://gresfordclassic.co.uk/our-club.html Best of luck...
  9. New member Wirral area

    You could try riding the Gresford Classic evening trial on 13 June, they will have some very easy sections at Springfield lane at the rear of Marford Hill, get there before 17:30 to arrange your formalities.. Also there are some practice venues in the Wrexham area.. Kynerston's at Trevor, and My Llangollen Club has an area for club members near Pontcysylltyll, (next to the MAN Truck Garage.) where the lads meet informally on Thursday evenings. .
  10. Weird engine noise from clutch side

    Listened to the video, do you mean that TATATATATA sound..? That seems to be occurring at crankshaft speed. If it was in the gear-box it would be 3.5 times slower, TA.......…. TA...….…. TA...….. because of the primary gear reduction. Had a Honda 125 that was making a very slow knocking noise, that turned out to be some rollers missing from the timing chain, a reduction of about 6 to 1. ( length of chain divided by size of cog.) So it could be something with the Piston.. loose small-end.? or broken ring ? Or maybe something in the induction system.. Noisy reeds.? carb slide worn..? It might get better with use, but it might get worse.... ! .
  11. 2014 coolant temperature

    Also depends a lot on OAT ( Outside Air Temperature.), which will be lower at altitude, but it is Summer... .
  12. Chain Tension & Wheel Alignment

    I think you need to get a spoke-spanner. The one I have looks like a very big washer, with all the nipple sizes from push-bike to motor car spokes. Only do two at a time, and do them in a balanced way... Half a turn Off one then half a turn On the opposite side. That way the total tension remains constant. Remember that even when the rim is true, the tyre may not be, if it has been fitted incorrectly. .
  13. Chain Tension & Wheel Alignment

    Well from new it's not supposed to rub on the chainguard, so it needs adjusting to miss. If you can't do that by adjusting the wheel spindle cams (and keeping the wheel almost in line.) Then you will need to offset the rim by a few mm. This is done by loosening the chain side spoke nipples by half a turn, and tightening the other side nipples by the same half turn. If the rim has any wobble in it, then that requires a lot more spoke tweaking. I would think that an old bike is always going to be a bit out of alignment, things wear and frames bend over time. The worst I ever had was a BSA C15, where the wheels were not vertically aligned, and a Bultaco 350 that used to leave two separate tyre tracks.
  14. ACU licence in Italy

    I think you need the FIM licence, which can be obtained from the ACU, for 30 pounds... https://www.acu.org.uk/Uploaded/1/Documents/2018 Licence Forms/2018 Enduro Licence Application Form.pdf
  15. Softening a Vertigo

    It was highly modified....