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  1. Sheffield indoor video

    Great job
  2. Win No11 for Dougie

    Yeah, how dare they protect their work and income. But anyway, well done Dougie!
  3. Ross Noble

    Looks more like Bill Bailey...
  4. Kenny The Rooster - Contains Adult Humour

  5. Trials DVDs

    Does anyone know where I can buy Dvds of the world championships? I've checked the usual Duke, amazon etc but I can't seem to find much beyond 2012 or so... In the UK ideally!
  6. Close racing

    It reminds me of driving with a BMW or Audi behind me.
  7. Sheffield X Trial

    I saw you filming, did you get a recording of Bou's hissy fit?
  8. Doug's Wheelie

    Sort of reminds me of a mash up between paperboy and spyhunter from the 80s.
  9. Sheffield Indoor 2015

    Maybe a bit late, but for somewhere to stay there is a travel Inn at the end of the arena car park. Unfortunately I was late with booking this year, so I'm at the premier Inn which is about a 20 minute walk away as the one on the car park was fully booked. Not complaining though, TGI Fridays right next door so I can still stuff my face.
  10. Condolences For Margaret ...

    But what about the trade unions, I'm sure they weren't so innocent in all of this?
  11. Condolences For Margaret ...

    Hmmm, I think my joke got lost somewhere
  12. Condolences For Margaret ...

    Funerals celebrate life. And a state funeral because, I imagine, she was a Member of Parliament, not a Member of the Co-Operative.
  13. Condolences For Margaret ...

    I'm not debating that, I'm debating if its right or wrong to 'celebrate' the death of what was, at the end of the day, a retired old woman. It must be an awful thought for her family that her death had caused joy to some. Although I'm guessing I'm talking about an absolute minority here, most of which probably weren't around during the Thatcher era. Out of interest, what do people think of the unions during these times?
  14. Condolences For Margaret ...

    It all seems very bizarre to me that anyone would celebrate someone dying to the point of street parties. It's great we have the freedom to do that, but whatever she's done - surely it can't be morally right?