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  1. It reminds me of driving with a BMW or Audi behind me.
  2. I saw you filming, did you get a recording of Bou's hissy fit?
  3. Sort of reminds me of a mash up between paperboy and spyhunter from the 80s.
  4. Maybe a bit late, but for somewhere to stay there is a travel Inn at the end of the arena car park. Unfortunately I was late with booking this year, so I'm at the premier Inn which is about a 20 minute walk away as the one on the car park was fully booked. Not complaining though, TGI Fridays right next door so I can still stuff my face.
  5. But what about the trade unions, I'm sure they weren't so innocent in all of this?
  6. Hmmm, I think my joke got lost somewhere
  7. Funerals celebrate life. And a state funeral because, I imagine, she was a Member of Parliament, not a Member of the Co-Operative.
  8. I'm not debating that, I'm debating if its right or wrong to 'celebrate' the death of what was, at the end of the day, a retired old woman. It must be an awful thought for her family that her death had caused joy to some. Although I'm guessing I'm talking about an absolute minority here, most of which probably weren't around during the Thatcher era. Out of interest, what do people think of the unions during these times?
  9. It all seems very bizarre to me that anyone would celebrate someone dying to the point of street parties. It's great we have the freedom to do that, but whatever she's done - surely it can't be morally right?
  10. Afternoon, A rather shameless plug - myself and 6 other colleagues will be taking part in a bike ride in order to raise money for Children in Need. As part of the Bosch group we have a target to raise
  11. Is Jason Finn still riding these days? Has he ever appeared at sheffield? Although I guess most of the World Championship lads can already do most of the things he does...
  12. I cannot link to another forum, I think it's against the rules... But for reference...
  13. As a regular on Trials Forum I was well aware that Danny would not be riding the event; a couple of days before Sheffield. I was very suprised that no additional riders were drafted in at short notice. Agreed Dabill was on form, it's the first time I've ever seen him ride and I was very impressed. Also this is the first time I've seen the indoor round; I was disappointed to see Lampkin and Fujinami have to leave the competiton - as my two heroes from my actual riding days it was great to finally see them both in action...a shame it was cut short. The FIM have made a very bad choice with this new system; an attempt to keep the audience more entertained has gone in the opposite direction. A guy and his young kid were sat behind me, I heard him talking to this son trying to explain the new system and I recall hearing him being disapppointed that his favourite rider was eliminated. I expect a dramatically reduced crowd at Sheffield next year if this system remains in place. The problem with this is that it can reflect badly on the event organisers - people 'not in the know' about this system will leave confused, bored and probably believing that the organisers were to blame for the chaos. Fair play to the riders for protesting the next round; especially Toni Bou.
  14. Although the scoring system is somewhat confusing, it was an entertaining night - however I agree with the Centrally Speaking column that the majority of the crowd lost interest in the event, which is a shame as they did a fantastic job in organising it. I went with the missus, she's never seen trials before and really enjoyed it. I recieved information on the parking arrangements and parked in the Parkway along the A630, hardly anyone on there, but had to pay