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  1. Some US events require them and some don't. Its best you contact the organizer. You can find info at www.mototrials,com
  2. Hi Jay. Yes to ride in Donner you will need the Natc requirements for number plate and jersey. This is a US National that is counting towards the FIM-NA championship.
  3. Hi Biff: This is something we ( the CMA- TAC and the Natc/Ama ) have discussed as far back as last year. It is being worked on! As for the FIM-NA designated events this year, all US riders can enter the Canadian event and use their AMA license with no need to hold a CMA license. The same will apply for Canadian riders who will be riding the event in the Donner area. It should also be noted for riders on both sides of the border that there will be a full complement of classes for all to ride and compete for the FIM-NA crown, not just the top Pro and Expert riders. I will have more info soon and will post the classes available. Steve
  4. Sounds good Jay. It is a pretty cool opportunity for riders on both sides of the border to ride and compete in two of the most iconic trials areas in North America on back to back weekends. There will be classes for everyone and of course the chance to see the best Pro riders in action. Much more details will be coming out in Jan. Hopefully you know that all you need is your CMA competition license which can be used for both the Canadian and US Rounds. Steve
  5. not surprised at all how the trials community has always been strong and vigilant. Glad to hear things have been righted
  6. Exactly my point.
  7. are we talking trials bike or motorcycle/off road?
  8. It is probably a fairer comparison between the 300rr Montesa and the Beta 4t as the displacement is comparable.I have spent a fair amount of time on the Beta 4t and now own a 300rr. Both are good bikes and I wouldn't want to come off as bad mouthing one over the other. You can direct message me if you would like some input.
  9. Its not run by amateurs anymore.....Trial is the last of the FIM disciplines to be run by a professional promoter. I think you should do a little research and ask some questions. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend an FIM meeting at the TrialGP event in the USA and the Jake was in attendance as well. He gave a clear vison and the amount of work they have done with such short notice this year I think is to be commended.
  10. Its too bad really... I really do believe though that this new format and TrialGP is on the right track. I hope the factories can see that being a partner and supporting more riders is better for the sport long term and them as well.
  11. You cant be serious right? When are people going to wake up? White supremists and Nazis are OK now. Good lord
  12. check out Seith Myers late night show....he regularly shreds Trump
  13. Wish I knew you were one of the checkers...I was right there both days up against the tape. The blue line on day 2 was almost as entertaining as the TrialGP line. First lap I saw Bou, Busto and Mr. James Dabill clean it. On lap 2 only Bou and Jeroni got up it. None of the video I took gave a real perspective as to how big and how difficult most of the stuff was.