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  1. A generous offer but this course will be closed to general riding other than checkers getting to their sections if they are local. No Ossa's competing
  2. Copey you keep your yard pretty nice....but I didn't know you gave up and started driving 4x4s and side by sides lol
  3. Motul 300 V full synthetic is excellent
  4. Please refer to the other thread on this and try Amsoil super shift
  5. I would say it is very similar. I was a bit worried about what oil to use and could find the Elf anywhere. So I was quite relieved to know that using the Amsoil supershift has not changed anything in the way the clutch works at all
  6. Its a you really need to ask this? ha ha
  7. great thank you
  8. I am using Amsoil Super Shift in my 300rr and the clutch works exactly the same as it did brand new with the Elf oil in it. its very affordable and easy to find
  9. I am extremely excited to announce that we have arranged to have James Dabill and Jack Price to come to Ioco BC on August 5-6 to host a 2 day trial school. This is the weekend after the TrialGP event in Arizona USA. This is a chance of a lifetime to have 2 riders of this caliber in our backyard to train with and ride with. All the details will be available soon on the club website where riders can book their spot. They wont last long so I advise to jump at it right away.
  10. I knew that your fulltime coverage of all the events was done but thought maybe one last trip to the USA might have been in the cards :-)
  11. All flights and accomdations been booked for some time. Cant wait. Will you be making the trip Andy? Vegas is just an hour away
  12. John thank you so much for all your incredible video. You do such a great job with this and it really feels like we the viewer are actually there.. what a treat for you with the weather this year.
  13. Great picture Andy. I knew all of them were riding except one....Lonny Halstead!! Its worth noting he hasn't ridden for quite some time and its great to see him back!! Good luck to all.
  14. where is that pic from? Not San Ysidro....
  15. All sorted Dan you were right. should be all good now