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  1. Dan you should contact Dale Malasek........he is going to be the importer for these bikes
  2. Did you know that the bike you have was built and ridden by Tony Scarlett in the World Rounds in Canada and the US?
  3. Steve: How are you? its been many years. I was wondering if you have any contact Info for Graham? He was still working at the Tryals Shop in Florida when I was at TMI in Tennessee and he was always very good to me. I know he moved to TN shortly after I came back to Canada.
  4. Class! :-)
  5. I have a 125 Hodaka trials bike in a Challenger or Wassel frame here. It ran when I bought it some years ago. If you know of anyone looking for one?
  6. Just stumbled onto this post while browsing. I would suggest contacting Billy T through the forum on here. Over the years, both my son and I have received invaluable advise on carb setup on our Beta:s. especially the 4t Beta. Billy knows that carb inside and out and when I was riding a Beta 4t he really helped me transform the bike into what I wanted it to do. It was a huge help/ Steve
  7. Bob: Thanks for your feedback. I was fortunate enough to not only meet your friend but have some really great meanngfull dialogue. It was very important and I enjoyed it. Perhaps you should talk to him to find out the scope of the what the TAC is doing and our mandate. I find it quite interesting that anytime questions are raised about the legitimacy of WTc and its motives, its classified as bashing. As an importer of trials bikes, of course the smart thing for you to do is associate with both entities. Thats business. The TAC is about the Sport, in Canada. Feedback is always good, but doesnt offer the same benefits of actually doing something.
  8. What I am saying ( and you dont seem to see it or answer my questions) is that any club in Canada does not NEED anyone, until such point that they want to say host a National, have riders who desire to ride Internationally or aspire to ride for their country on the Tdn team. If you do, then you will have to be a CMA member. I am also saying that a strong National Federation is good for anyone who desires to do what I have layed out. Some clubs realize this and support by affiliation. You have been told by the CMA ( a non profit organization) that money raised for trials will go towards trials. You did not answer me about if you have a membership card or proof of being a member of WTC. YOu have also admitted that you do not use their insurance, so I do not understand what you say about being apart of some people who give you advice and rules etc. In my experience, this is an unwritten code of all trials clubs and organizations accross North America. Nothing new. The WTC will not get bigger...... I find it interesting that you assume the WTC is a National body. Not only is it recognized by anyone, the FIM does not know of its existence. Approximately 90 percent of the World of Trials is under the FIM umbrella. You also didn't answer my questions raised about that and your supposed free membership. I know all the parties involved, and the inside chatter that you may not have been included in. Unfortunately I believe you are not privy to all of it and with your young group it doesn't matter to them. It is in its nature very dis-honest and troubling.
  9. We just returned from Canadian Nationals and the TRS my son has been riding is completely stock other that Boyesen Carbon Tech Reeds. The bike has been running flawlessly so far and he has had NO issues at all. It just seems to run perfect. About geometry, its interesting the feedback he gave me after this weekend where there were many steep descents in the trial. He said hes has never ridden a bike where the geometry was so noticeable. Not only the way it goes up stuff when hitting big things, but how confidence inspiring it is going downhills where now he never feels like the front end will ever tuck in like other bikes he has ridden. (GG and Beta). The bike has been ridden hard from day one so far (Champ class) and its performs like a champ! I am pretty impressed for a totally new bike, but not surprised from what I know about Jordi Tarres.
  10. Comparing what you are doing in NS and the trials scene there is not at all a good comparison to what is going on in the rest of the country, or North America. You are just starting out so many of your analagies do not apply. Its just apples and oranges. Nothing wrong with it, just different. So in that light we are coming at this from completely different angles and it may be impossible to agree on anything. Thats OK. How YOU see the WTC is not what I asked. What is the goal of the WTC? What is the point? Also, do you have a membership card, or anything that indicates you are a member of the WTC? My club, the CPTA club and others do NOT belong to the CMA to have insurance supplied. This whole thing about supplying insurance is irrelevent to the conversation ( for our American friends) it works different here and clubs obtain really good insurance through private insurance companies at a very reasonable price. Free membership? Free rulebook? Helpful people? Getting a say in rules etc. You cant be serious? This is what you see as a contribution? These are all things that can be done through your club. The TAC is the engine that can now do all of this as i have stated many times before. The model you seem to refer back to no longer exists. Although no one you get direction from within the WTC seems to want to be honest about it, if they were successful in the bid to obtain the FIM affiliation, do you suppose you would still have free membership???? This was dicussed many years ago and I know the answer already but just wanted you to think about it. You would be right back where we already are. You and your club do not need anyone to hold trials in NS. That is the fact. I explained also many times how our clubs work and the entry fees how they support new riders encourage people to join etc. There is NO organization needed to help you with that. You are doing just fine. I am sure because of your geographical location and the newness of the club that you would love to have more events. Out West here we already have too many events and there is always a struggle to find free weekends to you cant use your own scenario as a case study. Apologies to not replying quick enough for you. We supported Canadian trials by driving from Vancouver Island to Saskatchewan for the Nationals. We left Sask Sunday after the trial and I arrived home on the island at 10:15pm last night. Steve
  11. still dont think you have answered any of my questions
  12. While i continue to applaud your enthusiasm and willingness to help grow the sport. Please understand that their are certain criteria in order to be classified as an "organization".. The WTC has none of them. A website, self appointed championships, and what is if for?? What is the end goal here. YOu have asked many questions of me and what our committee's goals and intent is and I have answered open and honestly. What is the point of the WTC? This topic was raised and started to be discussed on a Canadian website, then the forum deleted as some people realized there is no point what so ever to it. There are already more than enough events, easy entry to the sport ( that's what clubs are for) ample opportunities to advance ( The TAC is extremely motivated and a main goal). Everything is already in place as I see it. Strong clubs, who could all work together with the National Federation building a strong sport for all.
  13. What I am sure of is anyone who reads the Canada forum is sick and tired of what appears to be you and I going back and forth endlessly about the same things that have been discussed over and over and over. Your stats from the internet are false also. Just because one trial is a CMA event does not mean the rest are assumed to be WTC sanctioned. For example again, club trials from my club and the CPTA have been deemed "WTC sanctioned". They were not, the clubs gave permission for their existing club trials to be counted towards someones series, but then you read that there were "40 riders at another successful WTC event". Its kinda rediculous. Facts are though that people involved have slowly eliminated any source of outside feedback or comments that cannot be filtered to look favourable. Also making false or mis-leading statements with no recourse for anyone to comment about it. Welcome to the internet. Its 2016, time to move on.
  14. Michael I would love to have an actual example how you think that without the WTC, alot of events would not be held? You have a club, almost all events in Canada are held by clubs. Since there is no membership,no fees or anything, tell me how you think WTC is promoting events accross Canada? There is absolutely no reason why any club in Canada needs "WTC" and it does nothing. For example. Here in BC there are two main clubs. One on Vancouver Island ( VMC) and on the mainland we have the CPTA. Neither of which need anyone to host many trials year round. There is a good group of trials guys in the interior of our province who do not have a club at all. They have expressed the idea of forming a club ( but have been told by someone within the "WTC" its stupid. I have been always open with you and explained the model we are working on to build a strong National Federation. The reality is, I am not saying ever that every club in Canada needs to join the CMA. Some clubs find great merit in it for the insurance. But, most clubs (trials) are affiliating now to contribute. We all need to to our part and a strong National Federation is only beneficial to the riders. There is no goal, there is no fees, no members, no nothing with the WTC, as it was formed by two people with the goal to try to get the FIM affilition for Canada. It is completly pointless and serves no purpose.