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  1. where is that pic from? Not San Ysidro....
  2. All sorted Dan you were right. should be all good now
  3. Cheers Dan I will check ha ah
  4. PST trial ?
  5. where?
  6. Best post on this topic to date. Good for you
  7. What decade are we in Copey?? Wow
  8. GG rear wheel fits right in with no mods
  9. Dan you can direct message me and I can give you some info
  10. Donald its great to hear from you mate...all good here. I think you have hit the nail on he head there with this post about democracy and politicians.... the world is a changing...and apparently I am getting old cuz I don't like it at all.
  11. In Canada by and large Trump is viewed as ignorant, a massive liar, sexist, bigot, and a bully among many other traits he has displayed. Most of us cannot believe he is still in power considering all the fumbles he and his administration have made so far. He thinks pretty highly of himself yet lacks any kind of substance.
  12. Its a Cota 349. White Wonder....unless it has been painted those colors
  13. NO one is looking for an old Scorpa..... Take it down to the closet dispensary to you and put it out front with a for sale sign on it... surely you can sell it to some hippy over there in that Island.... ha ha.
  14. Yo Pear...... I thought the Mass went electric? You need a soup sponsor....endless cans then
  15. Masso go to your corner store and buy a can of Campbell said soup, then re-apply a NEW empty soup can to the end of your muffler....