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  1. I use Picasa to host my photos and then embed the pic with a link from there. Click on the image tag above the reply box and paste the link in the box that opens.
  3. Yes
  4. It's on the 26th August this year. Well worth a visit if you are planning a trip.
  5. Click on "s'abonner" at the top of the page, then choose either the printed magazine option and "Republique Tcheque" on the "pays de livraison" box, or choose the "numerique" option and read it on your computer. Moto Verte is probably the best bike mag in France (in my opinion)
  6. Cheers, he's always worth watching! Here's another of Adam Raga, with Toni Bou watching in the background
  7. Taken at the Cahors Trial Yesterday. He's a great rider and showman, always smiling!
  8. Apparently the hole in the ozone layer was a good thing
  9. Doesn't like Firefox, but works with Internet Explorer Oop's should learn to type faster!
  10. To be fair to Thesolidman, his info has already been posted; info on the 4RT on the Montesa Honda site is still showing the 2009 bikes at "special" price, the pound is worth 1.10euros
  11. Pic's of the four stroke;
  13. He's got a knee injury.
  14. Any one from Alabama?