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  1. Big J, I have found with mine that the fuel tap goes forward when riding normally and when you drop the bugger you turn the tap towards the back which let's fuel run freely in to the carb. Well mate 5 days to go and it will be RSM retired can't wait and we should be in Fort Bill by mid September. Aye
  2. Now, that's what I call a Tree Hugger. (Nice Boy)
  3. OTH, I have just wet my pants, answer that Pie Man (New Name for GIZZA5) Aye Aye Aye
  4. Motoxleo, If you are intrested I have a 07 Beta 50 six speed that has only been used 6 times. If you are intrested PM me. I am happy to deliver half way. Aye Army Man
  5. Well Big J & HL, I have always had a policy, that, on a monday morning if a soldier is in the sh-t from the weekend, he should be stood outside my office at 0800hrs ready to confess to the crime and take the punishment. If not and I find out secound hand, then I rip his/her head of and Sh-t down their neck from a great height and they go staight to the pockie (Jail) for some corrective training. I can make myself avalable when required. Aye The RSM
  6. Well Folks, I am not saying what phil has done is right, but has any one spoke with this man. It is very easy for us to sit behind a computer screen and type away, give him his right to answer or at least speak with the club, my be he might have already(Highland lassie ?) We have to remember there are people out there that have taken bigger trophies at this great event and they did not hand them back for doing the same thing. I don't belive what has happened is right, but at least let him make amends for a mistake that will be with him for a long time. Aye P.S. On the fuel front don't give up on the Army yet I am still working on it even though I am retiring shortly.
  7. Eiger, Dont worry about Scotland, it's a one off, See you and the boy's at Scottish. Aye Sandy
  8. Tony, Great photo's of the late Ted. The RAF Team looks so professonial in the photo's. It is sad that more effort is put into the Enduro side of riding these days in the Army and this is where all the monies go to (ISDEs) I keep saying to those that be when you can ride a trials bike properly you will make a far better enduro rider, you just need to look at the results of the top boys. The Scottish is the only compitition civilin wise that has a Service trophy to compete for. (any way that is me getting on my soap box) But has I said in the last post I am up for the Tri-Service Team so get the name in to me. GIZZA5 it may be 20ish but it will be a long time before its 13 in a row mucker. (Make that 14) Aye The Big Yin
  9. Well Folks, As the new Manager/Rider of the Army Team and Sgt Vince Mackintosh taking the rains as captain this year. I am now going on to my 14th Scottish (and completed every One) it would be great to see a Senior Service Team (Navy) on the starting blocks. The last 13 years have been Police and Army with the the Royal Air Force running a full team last year, it would be great to maybe have a team next year with a rider from each Service, yes, even though they say never voulenter for anything, I would be quite happy to get the ball rolling and do a bit off bullying (Did I say Bullying, I ment perswasion) of senior officers to get service personnel released along with some funds for the event. GIZZA5 at 43 I dont think I can be called a young one and correct me if I am wrong but 13 starts and 13 finishes has not been done by any service rider before and that includes carrying that Bl--dy 311 mont down of the Ben on my back to get to the finish on saturday. Big John your the man with the stats on this one. Any way any Service rider out there or anybody out there nows a service rider get in touch. Aye
  10. Ishy, I have a Army of about ninty thousand ish and we have your address. Aye Ya bugger
  11. Well Markie Boy, You started a "Good One There" I will let some of you fellow trials rider out there know what us serving soldiers think, having know spent probably 4 1/2 years out of 22 years service on operations, but i must watch what I say, because we don't do political Sh-t in the Forces or I might need one of you civi's to give me a job (
  12. Mark, That's not very nice what perce said about you, I think I will bring my GUN with me this year, being sniper trianed would not take long to pick off poeple who slag you mate.
  13. After 12 SSDT's I would say it is best to carry a camel pack, this will keep you going with fluids all day and hold's your tools and energy bar as well. remember, "Pain is only a Sensation" Aye
  14. As I am the Man that sorts out the Army refuelling for the club, we do not charge the club for the kit and equipment that is needed and used for the week. Go and get a hire price for one 12000 ltr fuel tanker (by the way we supply 2) Some people need to look at the ISDE entry fee,
  15. Gentlemen, It makes me feel good to read all this, as the Regimental Sergeant Major of the army Foundation College Harrogate I have the pleasure of over seeing the training and discipline of 1500 Junior Soldiers (16-17) They are a joy to work with, don't let any one tell you the youth of today has gone wrong, they just need some direction with a little discipline throwen in. I have riding for the Army for the last 12 years at the Scottish Six Day Trial, but next year will be my last as I will have completed my 22 years service to Queen and country, it has been a privalage and hounour. The Army has had some great people sponsour the team over the years. Malcom and Rhoda have looked after us for the last 7 years and long may it continue. One day Andy Huddleston might retire so we can get our hand on the Service trophy again. I have been lucky that I have been in the Army team twice and won the Service Trophy, it would be great to win the trophy at my last SSDT before I retire, so if anybody knows Andy's Inspector please ask him do put him on shift that week. The shall grow not old as we that are left grow old, Age shall not wear them, nor the years condem, at the giong down of the sun and in the morning, "WE WILL REMEMBER THEM"