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  1. Its the same brass button and 3 legged spider as on the others.
  2. There's no real adjustment beyond the cable, the springs are held in by pins locating in the pressure plate, which is a weak cast item and prone to failure,which caused drag.Hopefully your issue is down to incorrect oil, Ive tried a few but found Putoline light gear oil to work best.
  3. Yes anywhere between that and 200cc's, 10weight can be a bit slow especially when its cold,if so go to 7.5 weight
  4. You can use ATF in the clutch , but for best results use a straight 30 grade oil like Morris golden film.Fill to the level screw in the casing. And as above for the gearbox,80 or 90 is fine
  5. It looks like a 1971 / 72 Mk 3 to me, the last year of the bulbous tank and right hand gear change but with the small hubs and newer forks.I had a 73/74 Mk4b back in the day which was a fantastic bike, revved its nuts off!and lefthand gear change. Quite a few people used to turn the fins off the hubs to save a bit of weight / easier to clean,so i dont think yours are anything too special, but it does look a genuine bike,have fun restoring/riding it!
  6. Hi all,its probably been asked already,but can anyone give me the correct jetting for a 300 pro? Just aquired one,and its running a bit rough,got no info,so a starting point would be appreciated. Cheers
  7. Nope , your not missing anything,how you describe it is how it goes.Origionaly the small hole in the top of the triangular metal peice would have attatched to a stud moulded into the fibreglass tank,however most just rot away / pull out.I just drilled the tank and put a nice stainless dome head allen bolt through to hold it all in place.
  8. The MH350 has a metal vin plate riveted to the head stock,any signs of 4 small holes on the lefthand side of the headstock on yours? Has the frame got bolt on engine steady's to the rear of the engine? (indicating an earlier 349 which would be pre 81)or a full frame with is either a montesa 349-4(82) or an MH350?(83-84)
  9. Theres a place in staffordshire called fitforks.Havent used them yet,but a telephone enquiry revealed that its
  10. Just to add ,I have one of these and it is the right air box,and every time i take the side off my hearts in my mouth in case it snaps while im wriggling it out from behind the frame!It helps if you slacken the nut on the opposite side of the airbox that holds the long rod in place to allow you to prize the rod out of the hole in the side panel.Good luck!
  11. Best of luck with that!! I would say new old stock is virtualy non existent,best bet would be a breaker,although most end up breakers because the kickstart gear breaks!!!You could try Jared at SouthWest Montesa?There may be some stock still in the States.
  12. Steve,I have fitted a steel liner,matched to a mahle 238 bultaco piston from dave renham,just had to drill two holes in the piston to match the transfer slots as per the origional piston.No problems with ring pins as they missed the ports. Cheers,Paul.
  13. Try Kevin breedon Racing,he has these listed as in stock.
  14. steve goode motorcyles up in welshpool have got one,it is an aftermarket product,its usually on ebay,and im sure he would be glad to sell it you!
  15. The 242 is a 60mm stroke wich is the same as the 247 cota of which there were lots produced.The rods are the same for both bikes and should be available from In Motion or sammy Miller,or try a guy I use in Spain who has lots of NOS,his name is Fancesc,his english is OK and his email address is has an ebay shop by the same name,but has a lot more stuff than he advertises. Good luck,do it up and ride it!