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  1. RL250 Assembly problem

    Thanks to Jim Evans at the Beamish site for directing me as to where the part went. Yep, it goes INSIDE the cases - the same ones I'd already assembled.... so, after splitting the cases again and breaking the right side one beyond repair, most of the motor is back together and so far appears correct. Some good has come of all this trouble - frozen case bolts that had to be drilled out, center cases that broke my case puller as they had never been apart, pieces I couldn't figure where to place, flywheels that didn't want to come off..... but now I must say I feel pretty comfortable working with the cases split. This bike has to be something special. It just has to. So many obstacles and still moving forward with the goal of riding vintage class on it. Will post again when done.
  2. RL250 Assembly problem

    You be right, Doug.... Rode the 321 Sunday - took a newbie and let him ride the TL125. Three hours later he was having trouble walking upright and said his legs, back, shoulders, and arms hurt. I have golf league matches on Tuesday and Wednesday this summer. Yeah, I know - Golf, but I usually win some money and that keeps parts on the old junkers and the 321. What's up next? Striders for Riders, then Sidell, Illinois?
  3. RL250 Assembly problem

    It's part #16
  4. RL250 Assembly problem

    Wow, hate to admit to this but I really need some help. I disassembled my RL back in the fall and made ready for seal / bearing replacements. All went as well as expected and I have the center cases back together. As I waited so long to complete, I took my time reassembling the clutch side outer case items. The small arm with the wheel - I think is called a shift drum follower? It has a tiny spring that anchors to the little stub at the 8 o'clock position of the shift drum. The bolt is a banjo type. Anyway, I simply cannot figure out how it attaches. I've looked at it as well as the schematic from the Beamish site and maybe it's my old age but I'm stuck. Anyone have a photo of this daggone thing that might help? Thanks!
  5. Wes Alloy Clubfoot

    Almost there. I was ready to install the new tank and found that the petcock mounting is different than the stocker. This one has a two screw install instead of the single unit found on the stock tank. I assume In Motion sells these? Anyway, so far; I powder coated the shock springs and footpegs mainly because I could. They look pretty good.
  6. Wes Alloy Clubfoot

    Got mine in the mail today. I haven't spent much time fiddling with the 199 or the RL due to hip replacement surgery, but now i am cleared to return to my activities. Trying to regain strength in the legs and plan my first outing since November on my little TL125. I have managed to install the electronic ignition and OKO carb, repainted the frame to a pretty close color, picked up a new tank and fenders, and swapped the flywheel for a 250 unit per Steve B's advice. Most of this work began before the surgery. The WES is the capper, though. Will post pics once I get it on!
  7. Model 199 Flywheel Swap

    Hello all- I got a tip from a fellow 199 rider about swapping out the stock flywheel on my 350 for a 250 flywheel. Is there a model year reference that will work? I see several flywheels from early 1970's for model 49's. Thanks, Herman
  8. Rl250 - 1975 Model Questions

    I'm going to plan on replacing the mains while I have the bottom end split. It will make a good project for this winter as I will be off most of December after hip replacement. I think I will go ahead and pull the motor before that and get it up on the bench where I can work on it. Meanwhile, I'm going to try to squeeze in as much riding before the surgery on one of the other bikes. Thanks for the advice.
  9. I have the US silver engine model. Once I got this project running, I noticed a few things: 1.Bike smokes quite a bit, even at 60:1 mix of MC1. 2.Lots of engine noise. I used some rubber blocks between the head fins. Helped a little. 3.Bike took a lot of warm up time before I could shut off the choke. When I'd try to soon, it just wanted to die. I figured maybe the old carb was bad, so I got a new OKO from Mid Atlantic Trials. Same place I got my 199 carb. Bike still starts second kick and is acting the same. I pulled the head when I first got the bike and found a bad head gasket - replaced it. Piston was shiny new, but I didn't pull the cylinder to check for wear or broken ring. Bike also idles irregularly. When revved it takes a bit to return to low idle. Engines runs very strong when revved and does not lack power. The mid range power seems more like an enduro. Low end wasn't great, so I hoped the smaller OKO would help. I'm guessing bad crank seals. Can the seals be changed without splitting the cases? Any ideas on something I could be over looking?
  10. Rl 250 Best Mods

    I took a look at the parts diagram and saw the cylinder head rubber inserts. I remember those. The diagram also lists a cylinder rubber. Can anyone tell me where those go and how many they require? Hope to take her out for a shakedown ride soon.
  11. Rl 250 Best Mods

    Here are the photos
  12. Rl 250 Best Mods

    After a long delay the RL is nearing completion. I found a steel tank with a couple of minor dents and decided against the bondo / rattle can repair. Instead I went ahead and used my powder coater and slapped some yellow on it. It's a bit cobby to be sure, but for a rider / loaner it suits me and is durable. The yellow also perfectly matches the new fenders. The frame cut makes for a nice, sharp turn. The silencer isn't standard and a bit on the loud side. It starts very easily and runs strong. The motor puts out a lot of noise, though. I was thinking of some rubber between the fins like my 199 Bul. Didn't these RL's come stock with rubber inserts between the head fins? The top end is new and tolerances what they should be. Here's a pic. Sort of reminds me of the 1975 RM125 tank and graphics.
  13. Ossa M.a.r. Silencer Question

    Greetings After spending the better part of my day following my riding buddy's MAR, I politely asked if he could find an alternative to the obnoxious Skyway type silencer he is using. This thing sounds like an old RM 250 or worse. I'm guessing Skyway as it looks exactly like the ones we used back in the day. He has repacked it but it's still rather loud. It's not the pickle style that I've seen as stock issue. What's the hot ticket for these bikes? I have a small Super Trapp - 1 1/4" inlet that I thought about giving him, but I think that maybe a WES unit or something similar would look and work better. It's really important that we keep our bikes as quiet as possible where we ride. Thanks for the help. Herman
  14. Mar Kick Starter

    Hello all- Is there a trick to reassembling the '72 MAR 250 kick starter lower and upper. The two small springs and bearing are giving me fits. Sure don't need any more of those! Any help appreciated. Herman
  15. 1981 Ossa Gripper 250

    Thanks for the info. Turns out the bike is a 1980. Riding buddy's research shows that the 250's were not imported into the US and only a handful of the 350's were. According to info from the previous owner, only two of the orange 250's are in the US today. We think that possibly his bike came over for the 82 world round in Texas and was ridden by a minder, but we're not sure. Any of you historians know anything about this theory? At my insistence after viewing this beautiful motorcycle my friend has retired it to his in house museum. I did get to ride it a bit, though and was quite impressed! Thanks! Herman