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  1. I don't think the Beta carb problems - ie leaking fuel through - extend down to the 50 & 80cc models. I've had 2 x 250's (2003 & 2006) and did the carb mods on the 2006. I've also had a 2003 50cc and a 2003 80cc for my son - both of which ran rich and ended up spluttering oil through the exhaust pipe which would spit out onto the mud guard and drip down onto the swinging arm from the joint into the silencer. In both cases, I re-packed the silencer, dropped the needle, adjusted the mixture screw, swapped to an Iridium plug and went onto Castrol synthetic 2-stroke oil. This made the motor run much cleaner (and better.) I can't really remember the tick over being a problem though.
  2. Copemech, I never thought to check the jet sizes while I had the carb off and split to clean it ! May lift the needle a notch before the bike goes out again (and check the jet sizes at the same time) just to be on the safe side.
  3. Hi, recently bought my lad an '05 125. After messing around with it last weekend, I found it was spitting a bit of oil out of the exhaust and smoking when reved. Since then, I've drained the fuel that was in the bike and replaced it with my own super unleaded with 75:1 Castrol TTS mix, cleaned air filter, set needle third from bottom and set mixture screw to 3 turns out. Took my lad out today and once he'd got it warmed up, I gave it a fistful up a 3rd/4th gear climb, before giving it 4 or 5 five second blips with the throttle about 3/4 open. I then set mixture screw to 2 and 3/4 turns out and watched the exhaust while he rode about. The bike no longer looks like a traction engine, but I'm now paranoid that the bike may be running too lean. So can anyone tell me the correct needle height/mixture screw settings for this bike?
  4. gwrev3

    Big John

    There's also a drive thro' chippy in Outwood near Wakefield, West Yorks, that's been open a while now.
  5. Not what I'd want to hear from a dealer I was buying a new bike from! With this kind of attitude towards customer satisfaction, what chance would you have if your new bike developed a fault after a month or so? I firmly believe that you shouldn't have to stump up any more cash for the bike you have ordered, this cost should be absorbed by the manufacturer. If the
  6. I bought a Vee-Rubber rear from a firm in Bradford about 2 years ago for my '03 Rev 3 and in my opinion, they are not as good as the Michelin that came with the bike.
  7. I'm not the most prolific poster and I'm not clued up enough on broadband to be able to qoute my connection speed etc. I am, however, pleased with the service provided by T.C. and the invaluable advice/infomation I have received from it. In addition, I feel there is a certain sense of irony in the fact that people may get frustrated by a website performing slowly, when they're prepared to wait ages in a cloud of 2-stroke fumes to ride a 45 second section! Please don't bite my head off, I'm not having a go at anybody, and I realise that Andy is doing a bit of research to find peoples perception of the site, but for me, it's all I need.
  8. Surely that's make it leaner!
  9. .....and there's me looking for the local sewing factory in the background somewhere!
  10. I've only been into trials for about 5 years, so I've only seen Dougie on a Montesa and up until the 4 stroke era, he always seemed to be that bit better than the rest. Although I feel it's sad that arguably the best trials rider in the world ever, has left the biggest manufacturer, I always hoped that Dougie would get back on a 2 stroke (prefferably Beta) and return to winning ways, so I'm qite pleased that it has happened. Now all we need is for Dougie to take win no. 100 and maybe even another Championship! Good luck Dougie.
  11. How about these trousers?!!! click here Nice eh? On a more serious note, I've had Hebo, Xc-ting and 661 gloves in the past, but the Hebo neoprene I'm wearing at the moment are the best. Slightly thicker than normal, but they seem bullet proof. Clothing wise, I've had Xc-ting, Clice and On&Off, don't think there is much between the first two, but the On&Off is thinner fabric more suited to summer riding.
  12. My 03 didn't rub, but my 06 does. I know at one time a guy on bay was selling thicker shrouds for the shock.
  13. gwrev3

    Mikuni Carb

    ....oops! Meant to say the flow of air increases!
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