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  1. Google earth has a lot to answer for, find where you live, then find all the ways in and out,
  2. Tong is a great place, run well by the owners, thousands have been to tong with no problems,bear in mind it seems the latest most expensive bikes are targeted.
  3. greg

    Another Ebay Gem

    thats why it needs electric start!!!!!!
  4. but if the thieves are taking part at the trial/ spectating etc. bike rack, trailer, van,horse box, it doesnt matter , when they watch it loaded up they know what to follow.
  5. its a theory , been going on for a few years now, if you look through the stolen bike forum tong creeps up all to often. I think bikes are stolen to order, if they're at the trial it doesnt matter if your in a van, the bike is already spotted. I live in epworth not far from you, and im 99.9999% we were followed. its only 45mins. I could be wrong , but i think tong is the "spotting ground"
  6. primastar, had two, lwb and swb better spec.
  7. same thing ,as its from a bike shop , twice the price.
  8. Search "Henry Krank alarm mine" or also known as gamekeeper mine . legal provided you use blank cartridges! local gunshops /country stores sell them, P&P on black gunpowder is expensive!!!!!!!!!! tie wire for steel reinforcing works well for wider gaps as fishing line stretches too much, and dont forget the dog.
  9. They dont sell last years model cheap, no dealer to take his cut, no loss to gguk.
  10. we always went with riding time, (i know thats not the question) but approx 3 hrs on a gasser.
  11. we've booked to go see the premier league darts !!!!!!!!!!!! they said each seat has provision for drinking and eating
  12. No, I sold my 08 gasser and was waiting for a 12, had the nod from her,no probs.(Bearing in mind i've had 5 new bikes and 5 used bikes in last ten years, boots ,helmets etc.etc.)I couldnt get to grips with the price,the response from dealers i've known a long time was poor to say the least, so bought some new golf clubs and a hot-tub instead and quite enjoying them. It is difficult though missing keighley gate, bob owen , hills boro xmas trial,shrimp hill trial,fisher trial etc. Maybe i'll pick my dummy up and get another this year.
  13. not when its cancelled!!!, fisher trophy trial would be the place to be, hawks nest.
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