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  1. Drayton Frames do not have a website, contact Rob 07828 159628 or Pete 07855 685548, they will have a stand at Telford next weekend.
  2. Front plug in swinging arm is filler for chain oiler, plug by rear sprocket regulates flow, there is a short metal tube below rear plug with short flexi pipe attached so oil flow is close to chain. thats how it was on the 247 I had many years ago.
  3. dave_t

    Trials gloves

    Most towns have a Wilkinson store, full finger cycling gloves 7.50 a pair.
  4. I agree that pilot jets are probably blocked, had a '99 bike some years ago exactly the same. Taking it that bike has original carb it has two pilot jets one behind the other in a recess, bit of dirt or water used to get between them. Needs a really good small screwdriver to remove them to clean properly.
  5. Results on Facebook ''The Midland Centre ACU'', have to go down a bit as it was posted late June
  6. Hope the wheel works out for you. Certainly is a small world, I am about five miles from Stourbridge but spent approx thirty five years with gaps working in the town.
  7. When I had a 349 in the mid eighties the front hub cracked and Dave the parts guy at Sandifords suggested I buy a 242 hub which I did as they were cheaper, the difference I recall was 349 was magnesium, 242 was not, otherwise identical. May give you another option to obtain one.
  8. dave_t

    Advice 315r

    Bike is a 1999 it has Paoli forks, 2000 had Showa. For repair not too far from you, you could try Vinny's Motorcycles Telford or DL Motorcycles Cannock, not sure what they do repair wise but both ride trials themselves and have Facebook pages. For trials spares BVM at Stroud (01453 297177) have good stock and give great service.
  9. Bit late but only just seen it. My Bantam has D14 engine with B175 head and runs fine on either B6ES or B7ES, Petroil mix on full synthetic 40:1
  10. Definitely Alan Wright, used to be at Shirley, Solihull, now in Stratford-on-Avon area, for many years had largest stand at SSDT and many more events, will almost certainly have a stand at Telford Show next month.
  11. The Midland Centre Clubs are mainly run by people who have done it for many years, no younger people want to take it on, there are plenty who will help with marking out but do not want to deal with the most time consuming job, the paperwork which has increased over the years. I was trials sec for twenty five years, had to give it up due to parent health problems, and have no intention of doing it again now I am wrong side of sixty. I do agree that the fixture list is not always accurate and would benefit with ongoing management where clubs unable to run on date taken inform whoever would manage it for deletion and add extra events etc. But then we come back to the question who wants to do it? The majority just want to ride without putting anything back in.
  12. The fixture list is arranged up to thirteen months before some events, a lot can happen in this time, loss of land, land not available on date, organisers circumstances etc, all organisers are volunteers doing it in their own time. All Stourbridge T.C. trials have for years been advertised on Trials Central calender and TMX news.
  13. Jim Pickering 07850 836571
  14. Tom, Sunday 4th September is also the date of Kinver Country Fair, 2 miles away, and attracts large crowds so A449 will be much busier than usual with a larger Police presence, it might be an idea to place a club member outside the wood to make sure no vehicles are parked on pavement or road. (Late arrivals are inclined to do this).Would hate to see use of venue stopped as it was some years ago because of the parking. Cheers Dave.
  15. Sam, have a look in classifieds, page 3, 4th advert down at moment, Tidy Cub with mods but not OTT.
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