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  1. I bought a hardtail 29er recently, mainly to use for cross train, commute to work and fitness.. Seeing huski's comment, I found this video of all the ones about hopping was more realistic to trials with obstacle approach and unweight the rear . I chose a MTB as the longer wheelbase and heavier bike makes you work the technique more harder, relates better a an actual mototrials bike.
  2. tee_why


    What are Golden Tyres like, our importer only has GT555 rear, and GT355 fronts, what are they like?
  3. tee_why

    Beta California Registration

    I did find mine on my '03, cant remember, as at work now, but this search might help: http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/25327-engine-numbers-beta-250-rev-3/
  4. tee_why

    The Michelin Chainsaw!

    I know that pulling the choke on usually kills the engine when at idle, but not sure if would work for WOT? Never tried it.
  5. tee_why

    The Doctor

    I agree with you there Woody, it was Rossi that rode like a rookie with that first lap lunge with cold tyres, poor judgement and nearly outing a couple of riders. He did redeem himself like by riding like a champion with the catchup to the podium finish. The rookie Marquez showed real talent, going to be a closer season of competition this year, not a lot in it between the factory bikes.
  6. tee_why

    Larger Airbox For Ty 175

    Pretty much my version also removing center, used Beta EVO filter, cut out inside original lid the spider arrangement inside top of lid, drill a couple of large holes on the sides of the lid, trying to maintain at least some water resistance!
  7. tee_why

    Rev3 Engine Number?

    I can find the frame number on my bike plain as day, but cant seem to find the engine number, only find some printed stampings on the casings near the countershaft sprocket and swingarm? Someone give me the heads up where to find it please?
  8. tee_why

    Shock Preload (twinshock)

    My comment to this with my Falcons with 40 pound springs, standard height feels out of sync to the front end,as they are stiffer to my weight. (havent experimented with lighter oil yet). Compared to another bike I rode with 50 Pound falcons, standard length, they were stiffer, but felt ballanced to the front. So what I am saying is the reaction rate is equal, but never got a chance to try the borrowed bike for traction test. My 40 pound springs are set up correctly as above post, the front end is skitterish (rebounds too fast) and something I havent had time to sort. Any suggestions here for the front end (standard springs, 10wt oil) ?
  9. tee_why

    Ty175 Kickstart Woes?

    Since repairing mine some time ago with more or less the same problems experienced here, my suggestion to starting is: PROD the lever with a small sharp kick, dont kick the full swing to bottom of stroke, or let the lever snap return back. Its a small bore engine with low compression, no big MX bike here, does not require a brute force of atlas to start, and can be hand started easily enough! Now you will save the mechanism from premature failure, also let any friends riding your bike to be aware of this.
  10. tee_why

    Ty175-Dt175 Crank Shaft

    Hi Goudrons, sounds like you found out the hard way. I have a DT and TY from '76, yes different in taper and length of taper. The smaller flywheels tend to be different, but similar tapers, then there is the keyway to match up. It is going to hard to find a compatible match. As Feetup has mentioned, the later DT with the 5 stud head, did accept the TY flywheel. The other thing is the Primary ratio gearing, thats the drive to the clutch. Again, the older DT and TY are the same, but the later DT is different. Maybe one will turn up on ebay or somewhere, hope you find a TY one.
  11. tee_why

    Say Hello, New Member From Thailand

    Looks as he rides a Montesa under the avatar. Could not find the website, but on YouTube was some clips, looking at the real deal with bikes and riding apparel. Interesting to note to self of another possible holiday destination that rides trials!
  12. tee_why

    Ty175 Rd Kickstart

    I tried one off a RD350, its longer, heavier, and teds to fall back, and worst of all that when standing on pegs, it hits you knee! Only good part about it, the design in the pivot shaft is better than the TY175 one. I heat bent mine to try and clear after market pegs, ended up going back to a new TY one.
  13. tee_why

    24mm Flat Slide

    I made a13mm reed block spacer fitted with Boyesens, and the response was not what I expected. The bike was so bogged down and would not rev. Rode it once and removed the spacer immediately, lucky I never bought the damned thing.
  14. tee_why

    24mm Flat Slide

    bestrcpilot, up to now what what carb have you been running? I have a rejetted Mikuni round bore carb on my stock bike, that alone made a huge difference. I will be going along the way you have in terms of mods, but not the 200.
  15. tee_why

    Twinshock frame mods

    How much of this applies to the TY175 frame?