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  1. try moving youre neddle,mine was the same so was my mates.just cant mind whitch way ,sorry
  2. jimpo

    Evo Gearing

    Will have a look when i can defrost the paddlocks on the shed
  3. jimpo

    Evo Gearing

    just put a ten tooth sprocket on the front . standard on the back .
  4. jimpo

    X-bloc Nightmare

    Put one on for the Scottish in may and just took it of the other week ,hardley a mark on it.
  5. The next club trial has been changed from the 19th of October to the 2nd of november at Todholes farm Fintry,11am start.
  6. There is a set on ebay,[serch 4rt]scroll to bottom of the page.
  7. Good luck Mairi,i am sure another 274 donations will be on there shortly. (164)
  8. Cheers . I have been at Stevo already think it might take a year to talk him into it.
  9. where can i get some info on the french 4 day trial ?would like to look into it for next year .
  10. Its a montesa mate point it and go !
  11. Go to the lochaber club website they are on there.
  12. Where do you get the billet brake pedals.
  13. Thanks for that Stevo ,i would have done it but i would have had to call you first.
  14. Iam looking to buy and ride a twinshock bike,anyone help with witch bike to go for ,is anyone got anything for sale. (BIKE THAT IS )
  15. The trial is a clubman trial ,one route for all .if the weather holds out it is a good run round.On saturday youre best 2 laps count so if there is time you can try for 3 to better youre score.On Sunday there is 2 longer laps.Just remember this trial is aimed at clubmen so dont come looking for a hard route.If anyone wants anymore info go to LMCC.co.uk.
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