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  1. I recently spotted this "hand-made" Saracen on ebay and at £4500 it didn't attract a bid..there's a surprise! The frame may originally have been Saracen but little else is period 1970 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Historic-Saracen-Highlander-off-road-motorbike-Honda-engine-trials-scrambler-/323929875143?nma=true&si=z1xH0WvUkucAixtoPain0iCw94g%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  2. It is with sadness I convey news of the passing of DOT club stalwart, BMCA trials organiser and Trials Central contributor, Al Usher. Known to many for his "Hammertight" musings in the DOT Club Journal he will be greatly missed by many and our thoughts are with his family.
  3. ..thanks for all the advice, I've tried a few things but ended up back at the dealers. They tell me it needs a new "motor", which is odd as I can hear it moving. Anyway, it's booked in under warranty thankfully so should be sorted when the parts arrive.
  4. Has anyone had trouble with the rear door central locking? The rear door locks ok but then won't unlock on the button.. it's then necessary to release it from the inside. Not easy if bikes in the way. Is it a common problem? Is there a fix?
  5. Hi Christyboy, are you sorted with the engine yet? I'm not too far from you either and may be able to help you out as I have "a few" DOT's with various Villiers motors. I've sent a pm with my number.
  6. http://www.dansmc.com/explodedfork.htm May be of interest to some here with exploded views of Marzocchi's, Ceriani and Triumph forks amongst others..
  7. ..absolutely have the same problem, plus mine are also Reactolite so struggle riding in and out of shade too. I've found one particular old pair are best for riding in so maybe try a new prescription and ask the optician for advice on lenses??
  8. ..it does look remarkably Saracen like
  9. westyfield7

    Cota 242 Gearing

    Hi ikb, are you still riding the 242? What gearing did you settle on? My own has the standard 10/38 but feel it's too high for modern twinshock trials.
  10. ..just refurbing a 205 and seem to have a couple of bits left over from reassembling the forks A copy of the exploded view of the right way up Marzocchi's would be helpful.. thanks in anticipation gasserguy jbrook53@gmx.co.uk
  11. OTF has been looking in my garage I think! Saracens with 125 and 200 Sachs motors, another 125 Sachs in a 1970 Sprite and an unwealdly looking Minarelli DOT. The 125 Saracen is very low and lacking power for todays classic trials whereas the 125 Sprite with it's iron barrel seems to have a bit more low down go in it but the wheelbase is very short. Although the DOT steers very nicely I can't get the Minarelli geared low enough and it has a strange power band but I guess thats how they were in their day. I'm thinking that my 200 Saracen Invader may have to be given a run out in this new series
  12. ..another picture I took of Mick on the Douglas in 2009, on Pipeline of course with a bemused Sammy MIller looking down..
  13. Last year I had a pair of Montesa forks re-plated for £150 here, near Mansfield, Notts.. http://www.hardchromeplating.co.uk/
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