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  1. fetona

    Gasgas 4t

    This is what I was told by GasGas USA
  2. Cool! What software do you use to edit your videos?
  3. fetona

    New Brake Pads

    Hi, I just put new brake pads on my bike. I test rode the bike and was shocked that the stopping power is terrible. I am wondering if this is because the new pads need to wear into the old disc? Does this usually happen? Do people usually replace the disk when they replace the brake pads? I have an event coming up on March 1st and so am looking for a solution quick. Thanks, Ed
  4. Excellent! Thanks. I thinks its going to be great!
  5. Can somebody post the link to that video? Thanks
  6. fetona

    Should I Change

    I have an 01 280TXT. I bought it 3 years ago and it appeared to have low hours on it. Up to this point I have not had a single problem with it, and I have ridden it quite a bit. The engine runs great and has very smooth power. I don't know how it compares to a Techno (I have heard good things about that bike as well.)
  7. fetona


    Yup, great pics!
  8. It looks BITCHEN to me! I hope it does well.
  9. I usually smash into it at Mach 2 in a hopes the bike and I will be hurled to the top. I might try the Mr. Stretch thing next time, thanks for the tip. "World's Largest" can also be read as "Least Competitive". So I guess that says a lot about the ruggedness of the GG321!!!
  10. Don, what are you doing on your computer at this hour? Don't you have an event to ride in about 8 hours!
  11. fetona

    Any News ?

    Hmmm... well if they can make a good 50cc how much harder is it to make a 250cc?
  12. When you say we... do you mean me? I need everyone to teach me the "correct" way to crash......................it was fun working on the techniques last night, the horse padding makes the falls hurt less Ready for the Tuesday crash session,...................should be a cool 97F, See you there! You should start using the WC list to get the latest updates, practice info, and meaningless chatter.
  13. fetona

    Gearbox Oil

    You are correct, it is 750cc dry or 650cc just drained.
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