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  1. it has been known as addingham moorside for many years, so it makes more sense for a club to name the venue as what it is known. starting to rename the place would cause all types of confusion.
  2. Deffinately a personal joke between us yorky centre youth riders
  3. i would personally find the councillor, and have a good word with him . i doubt that the situation would be made worse by it, and you can then tell if he is genuinly upset by the noise issue
  4. i would think that having the carb closer to the reed block would give you in essence more power, might jus sharpen up the pick up etc NYL
  5. dont no if you'v tried trialsuk.co.uk they say they are stocking them soon soo av a look
  6. simple, use tie raps!!!! cheaper
  7. Who said i was in A class and who said i spent 3/4 of an hour looking at the first sub!!!!!? the reason i was out of time was because of A class riders clogging up sections which is what was being discussed, so therefore not my fault
  8. i have never been to a national before where the B class riders had to do a full lap in that order, why did the club not allow us to do half a lap and then complete 2 full laps before having to do are last half lap, the planning of that area was very poor, A class riders are renound for taking too much time and i lost 35mins waiting at the start of a section, and the people behind me lost even more as the older riders pushed in front of them. i also had to take fives and was still excluded even though the girl that signed me off said i had 5mins left, the fact that the person who handed me my last card said i had a 6 hour time limit is what has frustrated me the most, i had ridden the last part of the trial believing i had some free time to relax before the sections when i had no such time at all,C***
  9. my bike seems to be fine and revs cleanly up until the point where it should peak and then it fluffs and has to be cleared out before it will peak. do you now how to solve this , i've heard that the exhaust port in the barrel isn't large enough is this true also.
  10. :D nah it wasn't me really!! good idea though!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. my profile has been hacked recently so i am just warning the rest of you to watch out for these n*b heads!!!! -it wasn't me posting those crap topics
  12. Jack Challenor (sorry about spelling ) has one, buy it with the tick over screw on the right side though!!!!
  13. It's off the B6265 Pateley Bridge to Ripon Road. We go up the A1 to the Boroughbridge Exit and follow the Ripon signs,(takes you up alongside and then back over the A1). Then pick up the Pateley Bridge Signs which take you around Ripon Town Centre. From Bradford You'll probably be best heading to Pateley Bridge Via Blubberhouses. Take the Road to Greenhow and turn right towards Pateley Bridge. Go thru P'bridge and follow signs for Harrogate until you come to Glasshouses where you turn left on the B6265. Fellbeck is on the left about 2 miles down the road. I've linked to Multimap to give you a better idea. Fellbeck
  14. The reason Doug had only one person challenging him at a time is because compared to the other riders he was miles in front and there has only been one or two riders close to his standard, Tarres (from what i've heard) only beat his competitors because of his mental strenght + determination, not essentially because he had more skill etc than the other riders witch doug had. Doug also has alot of mental strength but also he had a higher level of riding than the others.
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