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    Bultaco M80

    could it have had a pursang engine fitted at some point? or another alternative motor?
  2. Ashwicke classic trial. A massive thankyou to Jon Cull and all that supported him in laying on a most fantastic classic trial today. The trial catered for all abilities and the experience of the course plotters shone through with some really creative sections. Best of all the proceeds all went to charity! Thanks again Jon and the team for memorable and thoroughly enjoyable day.
  3. don't forget waltham chase beginners only trial at alderbury on 25th november
  4. i recently had the pleasure of riding the swcta dartmoor 2 day, rode round with Jim and the drayton team for most of the 2 days. so much fun.
  5. yep, i know Harnham. PM me i can definitely help out with somewhere to ride/tuition.
  6. sorry should have read first part of post! where abouts in the salisbury area are you. somerton classic put on excellent events and monos are allowed. i am in the salisbury area east side just of a36
  7. in my opinion you would not go wrong at all trying wilts & dorset mcc Roger Painter runs the club. series is called "rider friendly series" 3 routes usually held at Chicksgrove. Roger has been around trials for many years and with his band of loyal helpers puts on some excellent friendly events. Give Roger a call on 01985 216992 explain the situation and he may be able to help. just had a thought what bike do you have?? No monoshocks at Wilts and Dorset.
  8. yep could not agree more, he is a sterling chap and a true gent, not to mention a wicked sense of humour. anyway to the point, I have not repacked mine, however i think Ian Peberdy did, he felt his was packed a little tight so cut a hole in the back, removed packing and then welded it back up. he reckoned it helped with the low down performance. i am not a good enough rider to notice the difference
  9. hencam

    BSA Frame

    personal humble opinion here - but the faber otter is a very different beast to the Drayton, I can speak from personal experience as I own both. The faber otter is better suited to 'open traditional sections' the Drayton will cope with anything you are capable of throwing at it tight fiddly nadgery sections as well as the open type section. a further word to the wise, I would checkout Charlie Prescott website the BSA Otter http://www.bsaotter.com/ for info. the original harry foster Otter was very good, later copies were "long", affectionately known as the "long dog" later versions i believe were shortened and again in my opinion the drayton has the advantage of a NON Oil carrying frame.
  10. try contacting Rex Caunt. he is very helpful and knowledgeable, just follow his instructions for calling time on his website, after 18:00 i think? i had a nasty experience with mine, somebody skimmed the head, knocked the big end out after about 12 trials, found a standard head and it had a 2.5mm upstand/gasket face. mine had been skimmed almost flat with the bottom fin.
  11. Some very valid points, however in my humble opinion section severity is an issue, not sure i like the word severity, as personally i think it is more a problem of the gulf that exists between a rider starting out, a more mature rider who is somewhat careful as they don't mend as well as they used to, or someone recovering from surgery or just getting older etc and the other end of the scale an experienced fit and healthy regular rider. This coupled with the fact nobody nowadays wants to drop a 'cricket score' where as years ago you put up with it. so should a club put on more routes to give everyone something they are comfortable with or do they put on two routes and risk putting newcomers or those mentioned above off? I have also heard complaints of trials being too easy. One of the clubs I ride with regularly with has just ran an event in Devon, a super piece of land with traditional Devon stream sections, but only 30 or so entries. I listened to comments on the day as a number of the people not riding were observing and i chatted with quite a few who felt it was too challenging for them. however if the easier route had been made easier the top chaps/chapesses would have probably not dropped any. the other down side to low entries is less chance of finding 10 or 12 observers, more riders, more chance of observers for what it is worth my twopenneth, you cannot mix the entry between modern and classic, at best it will be a poor compromise with both camps not really happy, however there is no need to refuse any entries but if the moderns turn up at a classic trial too bad just ride it put up and shut up and vice versa for the classics turning up at a modern bike club. 3 ride in my family, i am fortunate to ride most weekends so have built a fair degree confidence, my dad has been recovering from a shoulder Op and is building confidence but does not want to 'hurt himself' or set back the healing process, my brother works for the mafia (a superstore every little helps) and cannot ride as often as he would like due to working sunday so confidence is lower. A two route event does not provide sufficient breadth of ability coverage. I have to hand it to our local clubs Somerton Classic and Wilts and Dorset for running with 3 routes where all three of us can ride and have a good day. The British Bike trial at Priddy attracted over 100 entries for each day, the same is true of the SWCTA 2 day events and the Eurocup, so somebody can get the recipe right! I also notice quite a few clubs in the South west centre are putting on introduction to trials routes, or 5 sections separate from the main event, i have seen the numbers steadily increase, this weekend there must have been 10-15 riders all 'learning' and enjoying our wonderful sport. I agree we need young blood in the gene pool but this should compliment those having ago at any age. my personal view - more people will return if the event is 'too easy' than if they go home disheartened with a high score or worse an injury. all views are based on personal opinion, observation and from chatting with fellow riders.
  12. depends on bike but if pre-65 britshock or twinshock then somerton classic always good, very friendly, i would also recommend ashwick trials club, ran by Jon Cull, is on forum as Jonv8
  13. very good, i wanted some to go over my boots rather than tuck in. my only criticism would be the pathetic nylon zips at the bottom, lasted about 2 trials, thankfully they have velcro as well but even that has given up now, time to approach a sewing person and get some proper zips put in. i would give them 8/10. because in my view a manufacturer like hebo should know better than to put a zip in that you normally find on some persons 'make up bag' especially given they are £100 ++ hope this helps
  14. hencam

    199a Front Brake

    never mind that - what are the lottery numbers!. joking apart yes i agree about the cast iron liner, however my mate did his using a brake disc/drum hub off a 4x4 that had the handbrake shoes on the inside, it may have been a Terios?? your liner suggestion is better, far less machining and as you say one liner will probably do 2 pairs of hubs.
  15. hencam

    199a Front Brake

    hey Oldjohn, there seems to be a bit of telepathy going on here ...................... what are this weeks lottery numbers??
  16. hencam

    199a Front Brake

    is it a stainless liner, most that were relined by well known Bulto specialist were, as i said this was better than the useless grey linings on a stainless liner but still not great, i appreciate dismantling the wheel and machining the stainless liner out (some come out with warming to 200°c and tig tacking something to get hold of onto it) is a bit extreme but having a plain mild steel liner really does make all the difference. a mate of mine went a step further and used cast Iron, hey presto the mutts nuts of drum brakes. stainless is used because it is cheaper and easier to get hold of than cast mild steel tube of a similar size! also have you replaced the brake arm with the longer clutch one?? if so my recommendation would be to swap it back for the shorter original type, as the long one flexes too much. better still use a steel one! sacrifice the look and lightness for something that works. to match the shoes to the drum which i did on one set because of the error i made when giving Steve at VS my dimensions was to machine a mandrel the size of the wheel spindle place the brake plate with shoes fitted on the mandrel and skim to the correct size 125.00mm using the sharp HSS tool bit. once at the correct size they should slide nicely into the hub. i leave them a sliding fit no clearance as they very soon wear in!!!! this is just my way of doing it, not saying it is correct and i am sure plenty will have a different view.
  17. hencam

    199a Front Brake

    Hi TrF, i went with the recommendation of Steve at VS, it is a brown material, very fibrous and has like a very thin brass weave in it. he will know, I think he does a grey material which is slightly harder but still better than the hard, polished grey shiney $hit that comes on replacement shoes. I made an error in my calcs to Steve and given time constraints, I wanted them for the weekend and this was Thursday I had to machine them, it is a bugger to machine, nice sharp HSS lathe tool eventually did the trick. I had the same trouble with my cub hubs in a Drayton C15 and my Whitton Hubs in a Drayton Bantam, even with new aftermarket brake shoes and the top quality Whitton hub the brakes could best be described as mediocre, a quick call to Steve at VS and 2 pairs of shoes in the post arriving next day, before my exchange shoes and cheque could have got to him. they are slightly more expensive than off the shelf ones that don't work but they transform the bike and give you a steady progressive brake that will bite if you want it to. VS are knowledgeable and the service is 2nd to none
  18. hencam

    199a Front Brake

    yes, I what you mean, we struggled all the time we had bultos put grimeca brakes in one. ours were relined but the material was stainless steel (basically to shiney) solved it in the end bought some large diameter cast steel pipe (schedule 80 i think). i then machined the stainless liner out and put my non stainless liner in. this worked well, but to completely solve the brake issue i had the shoes lined by Villiers services. hey presto a brilliant brake that is progressive, but will stop you on a 5 pence piece if you want it to. we also made sure all pivots and cams were in good condition and no slop in the b/plate. on a subsequent build, i did not want to strip the wheel to reline with cast steel, so i left the stainless liner and just used Villiers services lined shoes and this was good. as 'oldjohn' suggests by far the easiest, most reliable and probably cheapest method is to use a different hub. hope this helps.
  19. Hi, mine is a Drayton 185cc running a standard B175 centre plug head with B7ES plug. 50:1 petrol oil mix using putoline. PVL ignition set 1.1mm BTDC main jet 120 pilot with 2 rings 105 needle jet NO.3 slide seems to work fine for me.
  20. could not agree more Jon, look forward to catching up in June
  21. My brother and I rode a Somerton Classic trial today at Weatherhayes Farm. I always make a point of acknowledging those that organise, set up, observe, clear up and prepare the results. The trial today has to go down as one of the best, really good challenging sections, different lines to be picked if you used your imagination, well supported by observers, virtually zero queuing, excellent weather (not sure how they arranged that), plenty of fun, banter and laughs. 3 routes, 1 to suit all abilities, WELL DONE SOMERTON CLUB, thankyou to all involved for such a great days fun.
  22. I rode the exmoor 2 day SWCTA and as you say it was a exceptionally well ran event, great sections, natural terrain and a lot of fun, much credit deserved to all involved. i read with interest the original post and thought it was just me that felt queue jumping was particularly bad this year, obviously not, the first thing i said on my return to the car at the end of day two was the ignorant queue jumpers seemed to be worse than ever this year!!! Attend the same type of event regularly and i guarantee it will be the same bods - they know who they are, i refuse to let an ignorant few ruin my days fun or stoop to their level of ignorance by confronting them, it will end messy and the last thing our sport/hobby needs is bad press or bad feeling, rise above it, plus as cleanorbust signature block states ' Why pick a fight with an idiot when the best possible result is that you won against an idiot' substitute 'idiot' for whatever title best suits them in your own mind .
  23. Good evening All, I have some MZ forks fitted to a Bantam trials bike, the forks work ok, however I believe they could be much better. They are not progressive and once the initial movement and bounce has been taken up they then become less responsive and it takes a significant force to move them down past about 2 to 2.5", basically they become too hard to quick!!!!!! it is due to the springs as i have tried different weight oils. ordinary 35.00mm fork springs are too big on the diameter, I have tried some Sherpa ones. has anyone found a progressive spring that fits the MZ forks or any other suggestions that will improve the action?
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