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  1. Cool to have you on board, Beka! Can't wait to get out with you and M for some rock work. You took to it very well and your height may be an asset, lower center of gravity can help sometimes, I have to move myself around quite a bit, good to be able to do but can catch you out as well. Also want to ride that TRS you're getting, those are supposed to be nice, only ridden a first year 250 for a little bit. PITS event in Sacto on the 31st then the season is over. There will be plenty of wet riding down near me and in the gold hills...
  2. I can help with this if you want, bring the bike by the shop and I'll add weld to the bottom, will only take 15 minutes or so.
  3. I've had and ridden most of the bikes in your group; 2017 Vertigo, 2018 Scorpa Factory, 2020 301RR. Vertigo was fine once I got it dialed in but had to deal with fuel pump, maps and batteryless upgrades; spent about 20hrs drive time back and forth to the dealer to get al this resolved on a new bike. The newer ones are past these growing pains but put me off FI (had an Ossa before so was ready to deal with FI) Got the 2018 Scorpa and loved it, simple and keeps going. Friend who rides his stuff hard had 350 trouble free hrs on his and I could see daylight around the head. Had a leaky petcock at the gas tank; pulled the petcock and put an oring between it and the tank, no leaks since. 150 hard hours on that bike and still in great condidtion Buddy got a 2018 Sherco factory same time I got the Scorpa; he's had zero issues and the bike is really nice. Rides a little less snappy than the Scorpa, tuning is more stable but a good bike for sure. Got a 2020 301 and tried to make it work for 20 hrs or so. I'm not a 4t guy and am selling it; had two of the worst trials in my life on it, just can't get the timing right and don't feel the need to take the time it needs to figure it out. Bike is very well put together and smooth, clutch is amazing; left side case cover has a pressure oil passage sticking out in the breeze that is an Achilles heel. Smashed it in a minor tipover and DNF'd, first DNF in 12 years. Cover was $380.....If you want to mention the leaky tank on the Scorpa you gotta' mention this. Just took delivery on a 2020 Scopra factory a couple of weeks ago so you can tell where I ended up. 2t's feel like a Gazelle to me where as the 4t is more like a tiger; one is bouncy and flighty, the other wants a directed leap.
  4. I hope you're right Lineway. Newsome said he didn't see gatherings of more than 10 people happening this summer. People are holding off on announcing cancellations in hopes it may pan out but I'd be surprised if our local club had any more events this year the way things have been going. Wonder if reg has closed for El Trial, have to check it out, show hope.
  5. Really sucks about the COVID-19 shut downs; both the El and Ute are at 50 and those were going to be great events. I know our club (me included) did a bunch of work at the N. Cal location over the last year to get it ready. Oh well, I guess it's all about next year now....
  6. That was my first thought too, Huski. The guy is reaching out to Jim I think, if anyone is in the know about this it would be him.
  7. Good suggestion, Mark. Do you still have the brass piece as that is what he needs, may be able straighten it. Did and interweb search and found this pic...from you from ADVrider when you did your 2010 a couple of year ago. Small damn world aint it?
  8. Would hacksawing a screwdriver slot in what's left work? There's an oring and orifice in the 1/4" long section that is missing in the pic, I don't think you can just re-slot that end. Hey Mark, that info you got from the Scott's valley dealer was the same I got from Marzocci USA in LA a couple of years ago. They had some stiffer springs for my forks but said all the parts they had were the only stuff they were going to get; all of it was switching to MTB only. Didn't know that about the Scorpa, will have to cal RYP and see what's up; my factory has techs.
  9. Thanks for the link reggie. When I look on that Marzocci site they don't list any dirtbike forks or any 40mm stanchions. Will try to email them.
  10. I've got a friend who does suspensions here in the states and took on the rebuild of a set of 40mm Marzocci's off a 2012 txt pro. Somehow he managed to snap off the flat blade screwdriver end of the aluminum insert at the end of the compression damping rod. He was unable to find a replacement here in the States and asked me about it as I ride trials. Last time I called Marzocci USA about parts for my 2014 GG enduro they were of no help and soon to discontinue supplying forks and parts for dirtbikes. Anyone out there have a good source for replacing that damping rod? Thanks in advance.
  11. Have Braktec on my Scorpa and had an issue just like you're describing. Noticed the brakes getting hard from excess heat on one ride and had to hit a stream to cool them down; only happened on long downhills but brake action slowly got worse and it was bugging me. Flushed, bled, pads etc, no real difference and the only thing I could think of to cause this was the back bleed hole to the master wasn't open enough to release pressure on the pads when off the brake. Took the master apart; there's a washer that goes around the stem on the master piston that is held in the bore with a circlip and it keeps the piston from backing all the way out. Turns out that washer had a warped depression on it right around the ID, this caused the washer to have a bigger thickness (depression held the piston deeper in the bore) which was causing the back bleed hole to be partially blocked. Weird part was that since it was oddly shaped the depression only had that effect when in certain positions. That led the brakes being fine for some of the time and overheating at others; take a look at yours. I just hammered the washer flat and put it back in, no problems since.
  12. Since it seems in good shape look to things that would cause poor fuel flow from sitting. The three that come to mind are: clogged carb vent; crap in the petcock; crap in the tank filter that leads to the petcock.
  13. This is the response about all of this from Mark Berg; head of Tarrot North America off the GasGas riders forum. Gives a little more depth to what's going on at least. Hello Everyone, I just wanted to let all of you know if you haven't heard already of an article released in Spain about the "closure" of the GasGas company. This story is filled with incorrect statements and half truths, it doesn't appear the USA is only country that likes fake news or news altered for an objective. There is a MAJOR restructuring going on in Spain that should have been accomplished well over 8 months ago, but with the politics between the two major shareholders, it hasn't gone quickly or smoothly. Black Toro Capital (60% investors) are looking for investors to purchase the Contreras shares in GasGas so they may split the two companies apart and during the intermediate future, they have had to do a temporary layoff. There are three investment candidates right now, and one has had 4 meetings already with a 5th meeting coming, so things are looking positive. In Spain, if you want to restructure or eliminate/terminate employees it is NOT very easy at all. Each employee must be given a severance of 1 month plus for every year they have been employed with a company. When trying to reduce employee/overhead of at least 35 employee?s that are mostly from the Torrot side, but on the same payroll as GasGas, this is not an easy task, nor is it inexpensive. The other real option is to do a temporary layoff as they call it ?put to the fridge?. This way the government must step in and pay unemployment but it isn't anywhere close to the employee salaries, and the effect would hope to be that the employee goes looking for other work. You can now see why that story is so one sided and from the union leaders trying to make a social media outcry. In the meantime, Black Toro Capital is continuing the needed restructure and to undo all of what the previous management had done. In the last three years, the old management went from 70 employees to 135 employees. Created a GasGas Sales office in Barcelona away from factory in Girona. Created a Torrot Sales office in Madrid. Created a Torrot Flagship store in Madrid. Hired a 3rd party warehouse for parts distribution in between Madrid and Barcelona. Started construction on a new factory for Torrot in Cadiz, Spain. Along with purchasing or acquiring SEVERAL other entities. All of these costly overheads that bring no return of investment are closing and all is going back to Girona. Thankfully! GasGas will become just GasGas again! The aftermarket support team will still be operational the entire time, as are some of the other major support teams needed for everyday operation, which the story left out of course. Also, there is limited production still going on based on Torrot Muvi (scooter) orders and some limited production of 2020 trials in July. Product release is still set for the end of July, with our order period being in August. There WILL BE an official press release from GasGas next week to combat this article release from the unions. I have known of this "fridge" layoff for over 2 months (as I said, things work slow in Spain) and it is finally looking like it will take effect July 1st . This is much needed to slow down operating costs and lower staffed employees. We have been working hard here in the USA in order to do our part, and sadly some layoff's are coming here as well that none of us want. Many companies go through this including Arctic Cat, Harley Davidson and others. We will continue to support all that have purchased a GasGas and love the brand here in North America. We have built a very good new business here in North America and are disappointed in the setbacks, but will survive and will grow again. Thank you again for your continued support, and our door is always open!
  14. If you lower the fuel level in the bowl you reduce (albeit only slightly) the pressure pushing the fuel through the jet. Your symptoms sound like you're lean at idle which would correspond to the change in fuel height/pressure so it sounds like you need to step up your pilot jet a size to compensate.
  15. I put a new o-ring (.020" thicker) an set it in oil proof silicon when re-installing. So far (10 hrs, 1 event) it's been fine and looks to be solved. Time will tell but it doesn't seem to be a big issue that can't be solved easily. I'm liking the bike overall; seems well made and put together.
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