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  1. elemetal

    Scorpa SR300 FACTORY 2018

    I put a new o-ring (.020" thicker) an set it in oil proof silicon when re-installing. So far (10 hrs, 1 event) it's been fine and looks to be solved. Time will tell but it doesn't seem to be a big issue that can't be solved easily. I'm liking the bike overall; seems well made and put together.
  2. elemetal

    Scorpa 2018? Yay or nay?

    I put a slightly thicker Oring on it (about .020" thicker) and set it in some fuel/oil resistant caulk. The plastic will deform more if you just put a bigger Oring so my thinking was slightly bigger to get better pressure and let the caulk help seal. Working so far, if it fails again I may just go the Jitsie route.
  3. elemetal

    Scorpa 2018? Yay or nay?

    Ha,ha,ha....its mine! Oring at the tank/petcock interface is a joke but I was warned about it before I bought. Too funny, Lineway; you nailed it.
  4. elemetal

    Scorpa 2018? Yay or nay?

    Well we got to sit them together and ride 'em for about 1/2 hr or so. The Sherco is still bone stock save a FWW, Scorpa has no FWW and I've played with the damping setting a little so they weren't exactly the same. Here was our initial impressions... It felt like the cockpit was a little smaller on the Sherco (maybe the pegs are a little higher?) and the front seemed more stiff/stable. We both felt like the Scorpa was more lively in the bars but that may be due to suspension, he hasn't done anything with it yet. Scorpa motor was noticeably more snappy but that could be the FWW or the ignition setting, mine is on sun, his wasn't hooked up so it could've been in either mode. The turning on the Scorpa is tighter but not by much, we both noticed that. Frames are pretty identical save what they do up at the head, trusses and down tubes are slightly different. Both bikes rode very well but there were some subtle differences. Will post up some pics later.
  5. elemetal

    Scorpa 2018? Yay or nay?

    Thanks for the info on the history Oni, you're right I don't know much about them in the past. My riding buddy is supposed to get his 2018 Sherco this next week and we will be able to do a real comparison of the two. Both are 2018 Factory so some of the differences that worldtrialchamp mentioned (suspension mainly) won't be there (both have tech Al forks and Reiger 2 way shock). A couple of us are very interested to see what differences you can feel riding them etc, I'll make sure to post up some of our comments afterwards.
  6. elemetal

    Scorpa 2018? Yay or nay?

    Maybe in the frame and parts, my Scorpa motor actually has Sherco cast into the lower case.....but says scorpa on the clutch cover. I think the plan is similar to what KTM has done with Husqvarna; Husky is the development platform that then gets brought to the larger KTM platform after the bugs are worked out. However, the Husky motor is all KTM.....
  7. elemetal

    Scorpa 2018? Yay or nay?

    Like mine quite a bit, suspension is great, handles well with good power. Carb access is easy, so far I've got zero complaints.
  8. elemetal

    Front brake wont lock on 2018 Sherco factory 300

    Try putting the lever under compression with a zip tie overnight. The continuous pressure forces all of the last bit of air up to the reservoir; braketechs on my Vertigo were giving me some of the issues you mention and this trick worked even though I had bled them relentlessly.
  9. elemetal

    Has anyone registered a Sherco in California?

    Had to stick the new VIN plate over the number engraved in the frame. EU VIN series doesn't match what CARB wants so the importer has to verify the bike with them then they receive the new CARB compliant VIN, then you can reg it. I think the 8th is a 3, regardless it got a red sticker (she could only run the VIN through when she selected 2t from the DMV menu).
  10. elemetal

    Has anyone registered a Sherco in California?

    Got my sticker yesterday, no big deal. Make sure to bring the bike with the paperwork, they want to do the VIN verify stuff.
  11. elemetal

    Has anyone registered a Sherco in California?

    I just got the new CARB VIN for my 2018 from Kevin a week ago and have an appointment to title/reg it tomorrow at the DMV. Currently just have the BOS and MSO; I'll report back how it goes but expect no real issues. Scorpa/Sherco are now players in the CA market. Lineway; I was checking section 12 on Sunday and Timing section 11 on Saturday. People looked like they had a good time, scores showed it to be easier rather than harder trial. I only saw one person on a TRS, last name started with "D" riding clubman (pretty sure). Was that you son? He seemed to ride well in my sections and looked comfortable with the bike.
  12. elemetal

    batteryless kit harder to start

    When I had mine converted the dealer said the 1.x versions of the software won't work with the battery-less system and the 2.x map won't work with the battery system. If you had the battery then completed the battery-less and did not upgrade to the 2.x map that is the problem. Mine (battery-less upgrade, 2.0 map) starts every time hot with 1-2 and cold 3-5; always.
  13. elemetal


    Replaced both springs so the bike is more fitted to my weight (220 lbs), that has helped with turning in the rough some and allows me to store more energy for big ups. I can also get more weight forward to drive the front end in full lock, makes it track better. Front hopping is smooth with the vert due to the low center of gravity, rear hops I find dropping my weight down in my knees more than I would've thought helps the back come up a huge amount. Remember not only is the C of G low in the vert but also back quite a bit as opposed to a regular non efi bike. My friend's TRS seemed to hop better but the bike didn't feel as planted as my vert. GG don't turn anywhere near as tight, not even close. Check your linkage bearings too, mine were pretty dry on grease, cleaning and re-greasing helped the back move easier. The low C of G also means you get less pull on the bars when holding pressure or using the bike to pull you over the top of big stuff, less scary but you have to work a little harder.
  14. elemetal

    Spark arrestor

    I use the fancier one that Lewisport sells, machined, anodized aluminum as opposed the the steel one (Spanish fly). The screen can be removed and cleaned which is needed on a regular basis, works well; have one on my wife's gasser too.
  15. elemetal

    Electric 2017 OSET 24.0 RACE

    SR48 300 or 400. Have to double check motor amperage (300 of 400 corresponds to the amps); 48v (max 65v peak). Looks like it will fit the frame OK. My electrical friend likes to put a small toggle on the bars for on the fly power mode switching (going up a hill and you realize you don't have enough juice half way up..) and the Alltrax will allow for override input like that.