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  1. I did this fix on my old 2016 and it made a difference, let's say enough to make it like my 2021 Evo 200 Factory but still with some cold drag. I think @nhuskys is onto the real fix with Surflex plates and the oversized clutch cylinder (Hippel racing or otherwise).
  2. I don't see that you got any replies. I am using the No-Spill gas containers. I am finding that the spring is rather strong and it is not that easy to depress and hold everything in place. But I bought like 4 of them so far (2.5 gallon for premix, 5 gallon for the AvGas/E0 fuel fillup trips) as they are the best I've found so far. What did you eventually buy?
  3. I'm finding that there is value in getting used to covering the brakes but also learning to move my hands/feet to get to the controls until it is automatic. For example the rear brake, if I ride covering the rear brake I sometimes find I have been inadvertently dragging it. So I try to move my foot and when I need the rear brake just move it back into place as I need it instead of riding with my toes on the brake all the time. Same with the front brake - I tend to ride covering the front brake but see it necessary to remove that finger consciously for some obstacles. Eventually over time I am hoping it all becomes subconscious.
  4. That is a really good point. I will have to make an effort to go scope out some of the other channels/forums here. So far it has just been this one and trials training technique. I'm sure there are other forums that will be interesting too.
  5. Slowing down now.This forum will be back to sleepy town any minute now. Notice there is zero new content posted yet? Just everyone checking in here and likely to disappear for Facebook or wherever else everyone goes nowadays.
  6. The online videos tend to be a bit of a slog. It is partly like going to a party, listening in on a few conversations but not really knowing who/what they are talking about (sometimes people going to their school) but then hearing a juicy bit of info between the gossip. Pearls of wisdom buried in lots of sand, but that is what it is. I really like the concept of RSG, want to give it a go when the weather warms up a bit from the below zero temperatures (*C). I have access to a ton of local coaching as well as friends who are pretty good coaches too, so I don't think I'm going to spring for the paid online training, at least not yet. US$160 per year isn't a bad deal if you don't have access to a coach and you don't mind filming yourself and then getting and synthesizing the feedback a little bit later. In fact filming yourself and then getting to watch it and paired with the feedback might be something valuable over in-person coaching just in itself (where I tend to get overwhelmed, latch onto one specific thing and the rest is forgotten).
  7. This is more traffic from the USA than this place has ever seen! 🙂
  8. Awesome, glad to be here. Hopefully we can add to the US specific volume here as well.
  9. 200 pound newbie here on a Beta 200. Absolute goldilocks bike as far as I am concerned. I got a chance to ride a 125 and it was just a bit too high strung for me. The 300 was way too susceptible to whiskey throttle. I didn't get a chance to ride a 250 yet, maybe that is also a good size. But the 200 has more than enough for clubman type riders. I know a few intermediate riders on them and they love the size too. I just don't think anything larger than 200 is necessary unless you are at elevation or already doing massive splatters.
  10. fprintf


    So glad to hear that this fixed everything. So @danbillam you did the upgrade kit (I see it on splatshop), both inner and outer bearing and various seals? I'm trying to get my shopping list together, I had a high pitched squeal develop this past weekend that sounded like it was coming from the water pump area. I'm thinking of replacing the bearings but want to make sure I get everything I might possibly need since the parts need to ship from the UK. (here in the US the bearings are like $25 apiece, which is nuts for a sealed or open race of bearings)
  11. Thanks guys. Really my only concern was the drag that mostly occurred during the cold but in my case it was still a problem even when hot. Now there is only just a little cold stick, so I think it is doing the trick. Now that we have that sorted I can take my time getting a little lighter pull and the engagement where I want it... though I am still learning where I might want it since I'm new enough at this game. The good news is it works so much better now!
  12. Just did part 1 of the clutch mod, cleaning out the glue between the pads using a dremel and a soft grinding wheel. The bike still has a tiny bit of cold stick but it disappears after just a minute or two during the first ride. I have some washers on the way and then after that I'll see if filing the tabs is necessary. I must admit that my dremel wheel wasn't as accurate as the file and microscope/magnifying glass method but it only took me an hour instead of 4 - 8. I'm sure I shortened the life a little bit of the clutch since I have a tiny pile of dust on my workbench now and there were a few times I just nudged the edge of the pads but I'll take it for the improved low idle clutch performance. More to come when the washers get here!
  13. #1, you live in a great area for trials. There are lots of folks nearby who are absolutely eager to have you join the ranks of trials riders. #2, with regard to balance I figured out pretty quickly that the only solution for getting better at balance was time on the bike. I tried the balance board, standing on one leg, riding my bike slowly, calisthenics all of that and it didn't seem to make one bit of difference other than improving my overall fitness, which is always helpful. What helped was a few local club members getting me on their bikes, engine off with the wheel turned all the way and they put their boots on either side of the front tire. As I would be trying to balance the person would say "more on your left, more on your right, a whole lot on your left etc.". That gave me the basics to where I wasn't leaning as much on their feet but eventually I just had to get on the bike, get comfortable with how sensitive the throttle was and just practice.
  14. If an electric bike came with a second set of quick change batteries that could be quickly recharged while I was on my next circuit that would be ideal. Having participating in radio control electric flying I know the rules about charging to know that this is not an easy engineering problem to solve for... stuff about power, heat, amperage, and battery life. The things is, I have a place to ride but neighbors who don't appreciate even the lovely noise of a trials motorbike. They'd not even know I was riding a bike if it were electric, and would have no more complaint if they did see me than if I was riding a bicycle. And trials clubs wouldn't have any noise complaints either.
  15. Just awesome video, thanks for sharing. Man, I love this place!
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