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  1. Sold the sherco (125) about three years ago and can't remember exactly when I spoke rathmells' but I was using fully synthetic at the time and they told me to change to semi. Asked the same question to lampkins when we bought a 80 in 03 and again in 06 with the 125 and 250 with the same advice. The best thing to do is call and ask Beta UK, they have always been very helpful and free with advice.
  2. The uk importers of Beta and Sherco have both advised me in the past to use semi synthetic and not full synthetic. I'll stick with semi!
  3. Don't use fully synthetic, trials bikes don't rev high enough for long enough to burn it off properly, you will just end up with black gunk in the exhaust which will probably drip out somewhere and also clog up the exhaust packing. Use any semi synthetic premix.
  4. I bought some from express signs, very thin, not good quality at all. Didn't even bother to put them on the bike.
  5. I'd be interested in red, but would like some idea of how many shillings.
  6. Sent to me by email so it may well be doing the rounds but for those of you who haven't seen it
  7. Thanks for the replies. Exactly the info we where looking for
  8. Looking for some help from the Honda experts, a friend of mine is interested in this Honda on ebay Clicky but my knowledge is limited with Hondas and I couldn't offer to much help. The bike looks gorgeous and the description of the work done is impressive, but we are not sure of the value of the engine modifications. Our uncertainty is born from ignorance so would appreciate your views. Thanks in advance.
  9. Try the ELF HTX 740 expensive but has always cured a sticking/dragging clutch on all the bikes I
  10. fantic156

    Newbie Sorry

    Waltham Chase run a series of beginners trials and practice days and are always keen to encourage newbies, check out there web site for dates and contacts. I'm sure they would be ok about bike sharing. You wife might not be the only female either, there are a couple of girls who ride in the centre.
  11. If you have a look through the montesa forum there are quite a few discussions on the best oil to use in the 315. My recommendation is use the honda/mont recommended oil, ELF HTX740. If the rest of the clutch is ok (plates not badly worn or warped, springs the right length, master and slave cylinder seals and bores ok and it's adjusted at the lever correctly) there should be no drama selecting a gear when cold. also use semi synthetic 2 stroke oil. Fully synthetic wont burn off properly in relatively low revving trials engines which can then clog everything up with black oily deposits. Hope you get the bike sorted.
  12. The braking twin caliper is a straight swap. Malcolm Rathmell Sport supplied the one I put on a 97 315. The disc guard will need to be altered. Other than that, it was a fit bleed and ride.
  13. Dougie riding through goodwood house was good but this is sooooo funny Click here!
  14. First is the adjustment screw with locking nut in the arm then a short rod with an 'o' ring, long rod and finally the ball bearing. How much did you extend the arm by and what difference did it make?
  15. Try contacting Waltham Chase MCC email the club sec, they run some practice days near Southampton, also one of their venues which isn't to far from blandford may still allow practice, it use to be
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