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  1. Hi guys ive just bought myself a ty250 mono but the dreaded Z spokes are well rusty and need replacing does anyone know where i can obtain a set i need front and back, Thanks Scotty.
  2. Thanks Tony ill check the jets out are the specs you supplied for the TS250? Scotty.
  3. Hi Tony, Do you know what size the pilot jet is? I cant make out what size it is on the one fitted to my bike, By the way the slide and needle all look in top condition with no visable wear marks/ scuffs etc! the main jet is 120 and the clip is in the middle of the needle, anyone else out there can help to shed some more light on this?
  4. Hi All, Ive just recently purchased a silver engined 1978ish Suzuki Beamish from fleabay as the bike was around 150 miles away unfortunatly i couldn't get to view the bike before auction ended! on arrival the bike started but only for a few seconds as there was poss only a cupful of petrol in it so couldn't really asses the bike properly, Anyway after getting the bike home I put fuel in it but the same thing it only ran for a few seconds, so off with the carb and airfilter and cleaned both through I also removed the silly 50cc scooter race can that was fitted on the end of the exhaust, Now the bike can run without stalling it can also rev out well BUT the bottom end pick up is woolly and the bike seems to hunt and runs on a bit after shutting the throttle ive raised the carb needle up to the middle groove and this has helped but she still dosent pick up very good and the engine labours a bit on the overun if you put the choke on the bike runs great for a few seconds then returns to poor running! Also the top end is very noisey as in piston slap even though the previous owner assured me that its just had a rebore to 2.0mm o/s and a new piston fitted by Fred Brown engine builders in Halifax plus new seals bearings etc! surely these silver engined bikes wernt as noisey as this normaly? I had a 1980 black engined model that was very quiet with hardly no piston noise at all, your comments please gentleman Scotty
  5. scotty

    Early Ty250

    A mates selling his TY250A i think its a 74 model (white/ yellow tank and has TY embossed on the engine case) its bloody light and pulls very well i was wondering as this being the 1st or 2nd model TY250 that Yamaha produced was it competitive back in the day when pitched against Sherpas, Ossa MARS,Cotas etc! and would it be any good now?
  6. Thanks Lee, Worked a treat! Had a go on the old girl today was thinking of selling it but can't bear to part with it, the Beamish would have to go first if i had to sell one
  7. Yes its called good customer service something that Falcon shocks no nothing about!
  8. Just based on the crap service alone from Falcon i'd go for Rock shocks!!!
  9. scotty

    Falcon Shocks

    I bought some Falcons for my Suzuki and got nothing but grief from them they didn't fit properly and after much calling and complaing they said i must have a non standard swing arm fitted to my bike (how ridiculas!!!) so after returning them they reworked them but still wern't happy with how they fitted to the bike, NEVER AGAIN!!! Customer service is non existant how they stay in business is beyond me.
  10. Thanks everyone i will give it a go at the weekend!
  11. Hi guys, I haven't used my ty250 majesty for ages and now the clutch wont disengage! it was working perfectly before but i think the plates have stuck together ive tried using the bike clutching it now and then but it still wont work do i have to strip down the clutch assy to free the plates or can you ride the bike a certain way to unseize the clutch assembly? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi Wayne, Ive found Charlie Harris email address, if you send me your email address i will forward it to him, Thanks Scotty.
  13. Yes Charlies is still about last i'd heard he was living in France but when in the UK i think he stays in the redhill area as he must have connections there as ive seen him in pic's/ features in old bike mags over the years riding trials in and around the reigate/redhill area, I last talked to him at the last Malvern classic dirt bike show 2008 (a real gentleman, not to mention a dam good rider in his day) I have his email somewhere if i can find it i will pm it to you, Scotty.
  14. Thanks for the replys guy's, Is the bike really worth
  15. Hi Guys, Im interested in a AJS trials bike on Ebay item number 200317965961 it states its an ex-Peter Pykett bikes is this correct? if so did MR Pykett leave the std fixed footrests and the cylindrical tool box holder and 19" rear wheel on the bikes? please cast your eyes over this and give me your honest opinions. Thanks Scotty.
  16. Hello does anyone out there know the part numbers for the kickstart (crank) and the boss (swivel joint) many thanks Nick.
  17. Hi Everyone, Doe's anyone have the number of the guy that used to cast the majesty igniton covers it was posted on here ages ago but not sure when? cheers!
  18. Fit a new sparkplug , Ive had the same problems as described only to find it needed a brand new plug! after much points/timing adjustments thats all it was! good luck.
  19. Isn't that the same as a 32a villiers you have to remove the entire clutch assy and chain to change the bloody front sprocket! the Japs got this so right when they designed there 2-stroke singles!
  20. Has anyone got anymore pics of these mono hybrids? the one on the specials thread looks like a scorpa/yamaha 150 chassis with the mono engine installed (bloody short wheelbase and dare i say it steep FORK ANGLE) can't see what hells chance most twinshock riders are going to have against bikes like these! Granted Chris Koch is a superb rider that could/can win a trial on almost anything, but get two average trials riders on one special and on a fantic/majesty/tlr the specials going to have the advantage! that Yam mono engine is a killer in perfomance as well against any of the pre 83 trials engines bikes!
  21. Sorry havent been on here a while so missed the specias topic on a slightly different note i was at at trial last summer at fresham vale and saw a guy there on a (i think) Armstrong 310 with a yamaha mono engine in it looked bloody nice too!
  22. Anyone seen the RTX Yamaha mono engined bike Chris Koch was pictured on in last weeks TMX news i think it was a John Bliss RTX chassis with a Yamaha ty mono engine installed? and by the looks of it a majesty tank? anyone seen it in action?
  23. Anyone out there getting classic dirt bike magazine ive looked in four W H Smiths now and cant find it anywhere? issue no5 was ment to be on sale from November 15th!!!
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