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  1. have a look on shercos web site
  2. dont get what your all laughing at and add were and spy were thers none did a check before i posted this and it was empty
  3. jamie stokes


    sammy millers your man 01425 616446
  4. the avalable physical memory seems really low compared to what its acctual memory is yet i only have bt yahoo broad band (1.1Mb) and msn (msn is an extramly small program )installed on this computer no games no pics no saved word docs ect
  5. hi (and i dont no what this meens but should my computer be so slow with these urmm system things) ? so its got this spec.... mircrosoft wondows xp professional version 5.1.260 service pack 2 bulid 2600 processor x86 family 6 model 3 stepping 1 authenticAMD ~807 mhz total physical memory 128.00MB avalable physical memory 18.47MB total virtual memory 2.00 GB avalable virtual memory 1.96 GB page file space 307.41 MB and a AMD Duron prosessor 807 MHz 128Mb of RAM if any of this information should not be avalabe to every one please tell me and ill get rid of the inforation that should not be up so if you no what any of that meens and if it meens my computer is good then should it be running so slow (it takes 11 min to load the trials central home page (this one www.trialscentral.co.uk) or is my computer c**P ? what would help me get it to be faster .?.?.?.? and i no there is a post obout a ''slow computer'' but i have my system info so if any one can help then that would be much apriciated thaks jamie stokes
  6. just admit it pinks your favourote colour
  7. all rite scot i sold the tl and am getting a tlr 200
  8. so it seems there mega reliable (sp?) thats good
  9. same with the wd40 get that on the brakes and you have had it
  10. i just think its so stuipid of him ! what the hell is he going to do with it ?lol and lol@ what betarev 3 said
  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/hampshire/6234445.stm hehe tell us what you think cheers jamie stokes
  12. it seems its the 125 ill be getting then and i love them borrowed one for a few days and didant want to give it back i really like them ! allthough i ride better on a 4RT than any other bike but lack of money meens ill go for the next best thing cheers jamie stokes
  13. just noticed what bike you ride mad and you get mudguards new for
  14. welll thats good that its real because its amasing .So my question if what would she be like at riding a trial bike ? the person obiously has amasing balance .
  15. you may be right you may be wrong ??lol
  16. ok well how much would new sickers cost ?
  17. well its the new year so you getting a new bike mate ? cheers jamie stokes
  18. i take it they must be rubish ? as there has not been any replys ?
  19. :agree: :agree: :agree:
  20. you can get a tank which you strap on to were the number board would be a must for long rides !!! cheers jamie stokes
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