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  1. Dear fellow trials riders. I am reaching out to ask if anyone could assist or help me in my wee query. I have a couple of chips - scratches on one of my stanchions which I want repaired, they have damaged a fork seal so it needs done. Filling and poishing the scratches just doesn't do it for me. So does anyone know of any reputable companies or people that repair stanchions? I would also like to get the pair re done with the black nitrite coating as well. I have searched the internet but there is none that do what I am wanting. Original replacements are £360 each stanchion so I would like to think repairing them is going to be cheaper. The forks are Paioli from a Beta Evo in case you ask. Thanks for any help in advance.
  2. Yeah instead they gave us ******* Achintee. Give me leanchen any day of the week. Wonder Boy
  3. fhtrucker - You have to be in you early teens because I know someone that was just like you... Me ... You also don't relies that your posts make you sound more and more like a tit. The SSDT runs on the support of everyone involved be that the committee or spectator and if they ask people not to take their bike round during the event....well just do what they're asking, it is for a reason!
  4. Nope doesn't matter which way round the wires are ( black and black/white Evo 2012 so should be the same). Would just cut all the wires and fit female and male push connector crimps that way you can still have access to disconnect it if need be.
  5. wonder boy

    The Rules

    Question for you John - What if the rider dabs outside of the marker. Like you said if you run outside it is a 5 witI'vee bike, but i've heard....now let me repeat that forI'vee people... i've heard of observers giving people 5 because they have dabbed outside of the marked route with there feet or other parts of their body. Whats your view on this As for the Six Days its up to each observer what he marks you. But you would hope at the marks each person "firm but fair" for the whole of the trial.
  6. Lock your handle bars left, twist the throttle to full and then let it go, listen to hear a snap from the carb. Do this on right hand lock as well. If you don't hear the slider snap back then you know its sticking, or the throttle cable could be getting pinched or not seated right. Check where it enters your throttle housing on the handle bars and also where is enters the Carb. Would pull out your reeds as well. It one of then is cracked and getstuckuk open this will cause the bike to stay in high rev's Hope you sort the problem. But check the easy things first before you strip the bike do.
  7. wonder boy

    Evo rear disk

    Me personally I would be getting back in touch with Beta or your importer about this.... on a 2012 bike as well???. Never heard of this happening on a bike about snapping the bolts. On the other hand have heard about rear disc's being broke and snapped and at
  8. Drill a tiny little hole from the inside out on the cover at the bottom ( 2 or 3mm ). But you need to sit the bike flat or leave it leaning against a wall to the right. At the stand is on the left it wouldn't let any water out that is in there. All the local lads do this to there bikes and also during the SSDT.
  9. Looking forward to it already...got a new set of waterproofs ready cause its going to be a wet one..
  10. Cost a few million... but that was stumped up by the good old tax payer/government grants. As well as the cycle path and 2 bridges that got put in and for some unknowen reson some cyclalists dont like to use that path. Another timed run!!.... never mind that ever day is a timed run and your already sort of it....hahaha
  11. If it aint borken why fix it.......got told this by very wise people on here.... ..... Think people should also stop criticizing the SSDT ballot and maybe try and give some positive inputs instead
  12. Was just wondering if there is any way of making your clutch lever feel a bit more progressive. Right now it
  13. I'm pretty sure that out of the 3 bolts for the water pump one of them is slightly longer than the other ones. On you tube there are a list of videos that will explain things alot better ... You Tube videos Hope everything works out for you.. Wonder Boy
  14. Well people would like to hear your thoughts on what you think the weather is going to be like this year or what your hoping its going to be like. Wonder Boy
  15. Still prefer this one, has a much better sound to it. My link Wonder Boy
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