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  1. Few comments Remember that the D6 class structure is more or less different from the other places of the country. An INT D6 rider is almost always ADV somewhere else. A good D6 INT rider is fine with support. A new to INT class rider should probably go with Clubman. Just my .02 as a former D6 rider that lives in TX. I ride ADV/EX level here and would probably still be INT back in D6.
  2. Why would you tell Danny A that you were going to help with tech? This national is being hosted by CTTA of Austin, not NTTA of Dallas. If you wish to help with the national, please Message me and I will get you in contact with the right person.
  3. Since we are starting to get some questions from people about the location already, I will post a few pieces of basic information to hold people over until the official information is out. Texana Ranch is near Blackwell, TX. Going to google maps and typing "texana ranch" into the search should find it. It is on Ross Rd. There are lots of RV hook ups on site. The information on how to reserve will be provided in the rider info when posted. We encourage people to bring their motorhomes/campers. There is not a whole lot of hotel choices. There is a local hotel in Bronte, TX (14 mi). The camp ground in Robert Lee (26 mi) has some rooms, and there are hotels in Sweetwater, TX (37 mi). There may be others, but a local guy is working on that part. Smokers: No cigarette butts will be permitted on the ground. If the owner catches you, you will be escorted off the property. Bring a bucket with sand to dispose of them if needed. Some will be provided on site. Airports: Midland/Odessa- 155 mi; Dallas/Ft. Worth- 230 mi; Austin- 241 mi; San Antonio- 205 mi. http://texanaoffroad.com/ If there are specific questions, I will be checking this post periodically
  4. They make aftermarket seats. The number of big bike riders riding trials is quite large in TX
  5. I went to college in WV through 2004 and I was the only trials rider for miles. I put on a few MAVT events, but no one else would travel that far, so I stopped doing them in 2007 after 2 years with only 17 riders. The club I joined was in Waynesburg, PA, only about 30 min from Morgantown. The club was called Mason Dixon Riders Association, MDRA. In the past, they have been the motorcycle club that has been involved with Mountainfest. I do not have much contact with them anymore though. They do have about 200 acres to ride on, just over the WV border though. There used to be a few trials riders up near Pittsburgh, but I haven't seen them in years. Other than that, Ohio Valley BSA in Toronto, OH has a few vintage trials guys, and the Trials Inc series holds an event in Toronto also. As of 2009, there were one or two riders in WV looking for people to ride with. Dennis with Overland Trail Cycle Shop would be a good contact up in that area. Hope this helps.
  6. I put a Mikuni VM24SH round slide on my 123/172 and it is very reliable compared to the Amal.
  7. Smarty Jones Sherco in PA got a 250. Kenny tells me he loves it more than his old bike. My 250 is in the next shipment. Hoping to have it at Tish.
  8. It's everything the 09 was plus: Better stopping power More balanced Lighter front end, which helps increase the bike maneuverability Great motor Easy to turn Looks better in person than the photos show Frame is narrower along the neck than I expected Overall: 2 thumbs up!!
  9. Hi all. I got to spend a little time on the new Sherco down in Kentucky today. I found it to be as much fun as Pat looks like he's having.
  10. Hi, I ride all the local series, at least until I move in November. I suggest a bike in the early 2000 years to begin with, unless you can find a barely used bike that is older. Things are more likely to be worn on old bikes and would require more work to keep it in good running order, hence defeating the purpose of spending less. But you will always want to look for a bike that is well kept. Most of the bikes being run in this area are 2000 and newer, with the exception of the vintage guys. Most series follow the NATC (national) rules. Focus on Section 6. Most other sections of the rule book do not apply to local events. No section time limits either. http://www.natctrials.org/ Click on Rules to the left.
  11. I'm waiting to see Chase and Logan battle it out in the HS class one of these days. Logan was trying to get back down to TTC for the Youth National, but I guess things didn't quite work out for that. He has grown literally and as a rider so much in the past 2 years. Astonishing part about it is there are a few more coming up through the ranks in D6 that are following right in Logan's footsteps. He will certainly be a good contender in any class he rides. Hopefully he will ride HS before the season is done.
  12. Just make sure you don't get oil on your brakes. If I change the fork oil with the front wheel on (I'm small, taking the front wheel off alone is tough), I put cling wrap around the brake disc, etc. (Hey, don't laugh, it works) Otherwise, take the front wheel off. Then take the caps off the fork legs, then take the drain plugs out.
  13. I suggest getting your hands on another carb, and see if the bike has the same issues with that one on. If not, then you know its the carb. I had a similar problem with my 07. I think it was the needle and seat (seed?) that was bad. I put on a carb from another Sherco and it ran fine. I got lucky and got another carb, so I never was 100% sure the needle and seat combo was the problem, but I think that was it.
  14. I use the light weight Maxima 75wt
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