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  1. Professor Funk (Shoulder Doc) https://www.shoulderdoc.co.uk/article/240#staticlink has a private pratcice in Manchester but also holds a NHS post at Wrightington hospital near Wigan which is a dedicated orthopeadic hospital. Funk has performed surgery on several high profile sport stars including I think Cal Crutchlow. Wrightington (Prof Funks team) replaced my left shoulder in 2011, AC joint excision, ACJ decompression and Bicep tendonisis, putting right the butchery of my previous surgery.
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    Serial number

    It's a Techno, you should be able to determine what year from google search images against yours?
  3. Hi Sandy, I may well do, I've just sent you a PM. Steve
  4. Does anyone have details on what us required to fit the 335 exhaust? I have one but its not a straight forward fit. From speaking to a lad that had one it appears to be cut and rewelded near the spark plug. Can anyone confirm?
  5. Hi, looking for some advice, I'm currently rebuilding a 330 Montesa and can't find enough detail in the manual to solve the following: • what is the arrangement with the lower rear shock mount? I've replaced the spherical bearing. Is there a bush that fits inside this or a shouldered bolt? • does anyone have simplified wiring diagram? Does the pink wire from the stator go to a kill switch then to earth? • is it worth moving condenser up to underneath tank? What's the best way to do this? Any help appreciated. Steve
  6. What size are you looking for?
  7. The brake plate with the external lever is from a YZ so it would follow that YZ shoes would fit.
  8. Thanks again, had a quick look at the forum, there's 5 pages of tales of lower than expected MPG. That said, my passat doesn't achieve anything like advertised either! According to the brochure the LWB DCIV Max load length is 1944mm dropping to 1906 at 1.2M bulkhead height so a trials bike on lock should be OK but my KTM EXCF is going to be too long. Like you say a trip to a dealer is going to be the only way to find out for sure, I'm not giving up yet! Cheers.
  9. Cheers, Dealers are useless up here! Firstly the commercial sales only work Monday to Friday which mean staking time off work and nobody ( tried 3 dealers) has a LWB DCIV in to try. Looking to run one as a company car so I can get rid of my van & existing company car, so MPG will be a big consideration and will need 40mpg to make it viable. I'll need to try a bigger dealer in Glasgow.
  10. Does anyone know whether the new Transit Custom DCIV ( double cab in van) LWB will take 2 trials bikes? I know the standard custom will but I need to the 5 seats. Any other general feedback, issues to be aware of? Thanks hughesy
  11. Its pretty pointless me trying to tell you how much better my 14 is than my tricked up 06 so all I will say is try one you won't be disappointed. I honestly believe that Honda are really missing a trick, when Bou wraps the championship a round early they should take 6 crated up standard bikes and get a member of the public to chose which standard bike Bou rides. He may not win but I'd put my mortgage on a podium. Me, I ride one because I appreciate the build quality and riding it puts as smile in my face!
  12. Well I finally got out today!! I had a pretty trick 06 4RT (Laia Sanz Map, S3 Ti pipe, HRC Silencer, Nissin M/C, flat tank etc) previously so any comparison is made against this. I fitted the S3 pipe before going out. After a gentle run to loosen it off I started riding the same sections I've ridden before. Immediately I noticed how much torque the engine seemed to have, (gone is the bark), it seems soft off the bottom but more powerful. One section has a 90 degree turn left up over some rocks with wet peat in between and this was where I noticed how much easier it was to find grip. Suspension and brakes were excellent as before ( no need for the Nissin) I have to say that I was initially a bit underwhelmed (despite the looks) before I'd ridden it and doubted that I'd done the right thing but having ridden it I'm delighted. I'll try and post some pics later and maybe some Gopro footage.
  13. Still not able to fit the Repsol headlight unit supplied with the bike as there is no lower mounting bracket and no replacement front brake hose guide supplied. I've now emailed Honda UK to see what is going on. I'll post pics on Saturday night once I been out, don't see the point of posting pics of an un used bike you can look at them on the press release pics. I've spotted quite a few changes when compared to my 06 4RT.
  14. Erm, well yes unfortunately! Its not all beaches and bbqs here, I have to go to work for a living! Ride planned for this Saturday. Repsol rim tapes and bou /fujigas tank stickers in the box.
  15. Didn't manage to get out on mine, very wet up here and i didn't want to upset the farmer at my local practice ground by making a mess of land plus the burns were in spate so not rideable. It came with the Repsol headlight unit in a box but annoyingly it didn't come with the bracket which mounts it to the bottom yoke or the replacement front brake hose guide! ( As can clearly be seen in JJ65's avatar pic) Mickey Oates have already been back to Honda, I advised them that these parts obliviously exist they are on the press release bikes. Spent the day transferring bling on to it or at least bling that fits. So far found that I had to slightly shorten my S3 titanium pipe to get it to fit and that my Hope top yoke is approx 11mm to thick for the new steerer stem which has a nut now instead of a bolt. Interestingly the motor does sound different particularly on over run, don't think its in my head? Looking forward to getting out on it on Saturday come Rain or Shine!
  16. I officially now "have" one. There were 3 x standards and a further Repsol sitting in the shop all with sold stickers on as far as I could see.Looks like they were sent early enough as mine is a low number i.e single figures. Too wet to get it out the van yet but hope to get out for a blast tomorrow.
  17. Well its in and pdi'd ready for collection tomorrow at 09:00!
  18. Went for the Repsol, gave the dealer a call this morning for an update and like I said earlier, hoping to collect on Saturday, fingers crossed.
  19. Heard today that mine should be in on Friday (Mickey Oates in Glasgow) and hopefully able to collect on Saturday. :banana:
  20. In simple terms and from memory, remove the pump from the bracket cut a "V" in the bracket to allow the bracket to bend over and weld back up. I have pictures of this done somewhere, if I can find them I'll send or post on here.
  21. All the above is good advice, the front will never offer disc level performance. A YZ front brake plate with the external operating arm supposedly increases performance although despite having one I haven't tried it myself yet.
  22. Ring BVM and they'll supply a Sherco Front Wheel spindle with a longer shoulder, no need for any spacer.
  23. hughesy

    99 315R

    I put a PHBL26 on my 97. The air filter hose and the inlet /reed valve housing are available for reasonable money. I bought mine from Pidcocks although I'm not sure if you can still buy from them or whether you have to go to Craigs Motorcycles Jet wise I can't remember but I recall fitting the upgrade D47 needle,bike carburates perfectly. If you search on the Mont forums for PHBL jets I'm sure they've been posted before.
  24. I Just thought I'd post a brief update after having my final review with Prof Funk today and being discharged. In summary I had the op August 2011 ( aged 39), they found a lot more damage when they went in resulting in a Bicep tendonisis, AC joint Excision, AC Decompression and a Shoulder resurfacing ( Copeland Cap). Initial progress was very slow and extremely frustrating, I was off work for 3 months. After 6 months I binned the NHS physio as I was getting nowhere and after trying different private physios luckily stumbled on a chap called Rob Wilson who was ex Leeds Rhinos physio. I then started making real measurable progress increasing strength and range of movement on a weekly basis. I started swimming (breast stroke) at around 5 months and this helped developed strength further eventually leading to a reasonable front crawl. I started messing on a mountain bike at around 6 months and was on my trials bike at 8 months and competed in my first trial at 10 months. At 12 months I was able complete a full days offroad riding on a 450KTM EXC F in Portugal whilst on holiday ( highly recommended by the way) I'm not riding to same level I was but I have a smile on my face and I was no Toni Bou anyway! I'm now 15 months post op and was today described by Prof Funk to a student Doctor as an example of an excellent Shoulder resurfacing with the range of movement I now had. The bad news was that when I told him what I'd been doing, MTB'ing,trials etc and that I was planning to buy an enduro bike he pointed out that with careful management the replacement could last a lifetime but if I was to abuse it then it would lead to premature wear and require rework. My advice to anyone about undergo a similar procedure is that it is a long slow process and requires LOTS of physio which is repetitive and boring but ultimately will pay dividends. Also have realistic goals and appreciate what you've got instead of dwelling on what you haven't. Finally,thanks again to Billycraig for his advice which I did my best to heed.
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